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why there was no /v4/ bread edition

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this country and nation is dying out

is there any country who isn't?

yes a bunch of nameless shitholes in africa and asia and the middle east which is even worse for the entirity of the human species


/v4/ is the best
>tfw you used to play a polski mmo but dont remember 90% of the people you played with

last bump because i have only 6 hours left to sleep

no, fuck sleep. stay here and bump the thread.

yeah and holo is real
oh wait

making rezeň lads

why do orks promote moral degeneracy and want to destroy the soul and body of any non ork human?

i'm playing Gothic 2 for the 100th time and currently rushing to 60 dexterity to have Master Sword(60 dex, 120 dmg, +10% onehanded) before even having a guild and then i will rush archery and make an OP dexterity based bowman character


which one mmo?


never heard of this game

it's a niche mmo, based off of fallout 2(though with a new engine).

i see, it looks exactly like old fallouts
it seems to be a good game for autistic roleplaying

i liked to roleplay in san andreas multiplayer, we used to have roleplay servers there with up to 500 people online like h-rp back in 2010
i know Los Santos map better than my own city

Play something else you autist

Acquiring longbow will make entire game a lot of easier

is it possible to clean the orcs around Old Camp with a bow in second chapter?
after completing Jarkendar first so my character will be level 20+

nah the game is mostly PvP and PvE, but the game does have a few RP features.

really, it's quite autistic, since you lose all of your gear when you die, and items are expensive to grind. it's quite easy though if you're on the winning side of a battle and get to loot.

I used to be head admin on the biggest cops and robbers server in samp

it is but it will take a lot of time, remember that game don't replace orc but spawn more of them so you can kill them in the future

i never liked all these cops vs robbers and mini missions server
i liked to roleplay and the polish servers were truly autistic, nazi moderators, polish character names were forbidden because it was db as fuck when people were running around with names like Mariusz Kakao, we all roleplayed real american city
my best character was a Los Santos News director, i had a Cheetah car and felt like a god among subhumans roleplaying niggers or latinos

I will never understand the reason for popularity of this shit game.

it's a very challenging and rewarding game
Russians are even more addicted to it and they keep modding, they recently developed some SDK called Agama Script Tools and it makes possible to create awesome mods like quick bar, minimap, entirely edit enemies, for examole trolls throwing rocks
people already made mods bringing dual wield, shields, helmets like in gothic 3
and some other group is rewriting gothic to an open source 64bit engine, it's called ReGoth

good times for Gothic


I wanna fucking die.

same tbqhwyf

I wanna fucking live

I wanna live in Poland

wake up dummies

i wanna live in slovakia

what do user?

just finished some reading
might watch a series and fall asleep
where did your flags go?

I turned them off to blatant shitpost anonymously, lel, and because almost no one use them now anyway

fair enough. i just assumed you were banned again

no, but don't say it loudly just in case...

you got it
going to watch pic related
may bump after, if not, brunoc

dekalog is noice, enjoy it user
and branoc just in case

we need a few /v4/ neets here to bump the thread...


thanks for the bump, friendly polak.

forty fourth for ROME

fug R*me


how does kissing feel like

A bag of sand

like licking a battery dipped in vinegar

heh, looks like its not worth it

wake up dummies

>17,6°C in room

it's acacia fire tiem
I'm gona heat this house until there is 28°C everywhere in it


I feel bad for Monday, so much hate for that poor day

lets see if we can do a non reddit thread

Define a reddit thread

people posting things user doesn't like

it's already a reddit thread, ánon

you're here


Hmm it was the opposite for me, roleplaying seemed cringy, tedious, arbitrary and very time consuming

Holy crap that's a lot of stuff, might even get it again myself


I'm thinking about handing my slavemasters my notice.
Not sure what to do after though.

Pretty nice
>tfw it's been 6 years since

>6 years
10 years actually

you wanna quit your job? why?

>handing my slavemasters my notice
what job?

After 6 years I had just about enough.
.NET programmer

>.NET programmer
I'm so sorry


Did you just install extra flags?

aww yis

set them up o a new computer

what do I need for xtra flags I forgot

flaghunters github io/Extra-Flags-for-Cred Forums

and this

Few kg of soy in your weekly food input

I didnt ask how to turn into ma*yar



I'm dangerously retarded

i never understood the hate for mondays until i got a job i hate

>says while browsing redditchan

Also this.

come on motherfuckers come on

I dont want to work today.Send help

>staying in my room
>"tfw no gf maybe i should get one"
>after going outside
>"thank god no gf"

What's wrong with the outside women, Hungary?

Kingdom Come Deliverance already sold 2x more in the first week than Elex since release

congratulations Czechbros!!!


You should just search people's houses for an inside woman then.

nice4 meme

whats elex?

Some shit game.

I hope they make some DLC fast. I don‘t want to wait 4 years for anything new to come out.



Me on the left.

>i liked to roleplay in san andreas multiplayer, we used to have roleplay servers there with up to 500 people online like h-rp back in 2010
>i know Los Santos map better than my own city
I played ls-rp and ac-rp/mż-rp lmao

VERY nice
>tfw found Latvian beer in supermarket right now, it's like only 0,70 €, full pint
>7% alc





I like big tits

Gall bladder


Prefer medium to small desu


I respect you, my enemy

sci-fi gothic.


total shit

good kino

Like licking a lollipop, but the lollipop is warm, soft, and moves on its own


>tfw got an invite for a 'review' tomorrow
I hope they fire me.

Germs BTFO

Why anonku
Isn't our existence already painful enough? Just leave us be in eternal suffering, adding more pain wont help us.

I wanted to ask exactly this

I want to have my 2 years of NEETdom and then kill myself, it's an appealing plan.

On the way home from work

I'm getting bored of life again

Same, there's nothing happening in my life


I want to kiss with someone

damn user

go to festival. Summer is close

I'm getting tired of life, this is hell

the problem is, I legit dont know any girls

Trim that screencap!!!!! Reeee!!!!!!

I don't believe you lad

you do, you know femvak.

I lost all contact with girls I knew from elementary school, now my class is full of boys

You can still get to know girls easy.

this but even if i knew girls they wouldnt want to go out with me and would probably want me as a friend

I only know a few girls only too and I'm not interested in any of them

19 here btw pls dont ban me mods

How many girls have you kissed?

>i-im 19 i swearz

maybe he's studying plumbing

0 (zero) (null)

argie is a grill too

zero != null


I dont know

get your life together

or you'll regret it

there are no girls in the internet except for facebook
women are too stupid to do anything else


Wait until you hit your mid-twenties and you still are a khv. Then the real fun begins. You are still young. For your own sake, please don't end up being a loser like me. I wish you the very best. Change today, and never postpone it for tomorrow or you will be stuck in limbo forever.


what you dont like this frankenstein of a meme

how does kissing a girl make you a better person?

Ichigo is cute

>19 here
h-haha kiddo

Its a shame she literally cucked herself

It doesn't. Nonetheless, it's still an essential part of emotional and mental development. You are stuck being a kid in a grown up world otherwise.

I've kissed girls but never had a gf

borůvka is actually czarna jagoda
borówka is brusinka

even after finally reaching my goal I still feel empty

actually nevermind, borówka is both. Or more accurately it's the category encompassing both of them.

make a new goal and keep going!

Would user kiss 02 or ichigo?

I'd kiss ichigo and fuck 02


I miss her

right infront of ichigo though?

No, ichigo is too pure

id marry her desu and then fugg

Bullying is bad
But fun

after playing through Kingdom Come: Deliverance I have found a new appretiation for Czech people, and I guess I have to apologize about making fun of your native Dynasty being blown out by Rad Rudi.
Does anyone know where all the Hussites went after the battle of White Mountain? Into exile or did they all starve?

Habsburgs were one of the worst things to happen to central europe

it's too memetic

I wish A-H never fell apart desu

fucking obrozenci

Presenting sugar to anyone is forbidden from this day in Belarus.
And how's your day?

I wish I could hug ichigo and tell her that everything is going to be ok

elaborate presenting sugar.

Our state owned sugar industry is getting raped by russian sugar industry.
And so government came up with a law, which says "You can't sell sugar cheaper than 1.5 rubles(75 cents) and you can't give it away for free as a present"


Ironically enough, some Hussites fled to Poland to escape prosecution. They were known as the Unity of the Brethren or as the Czech Brethren. There were some Hussite settlements in Transilvania as well. Most followers of Jan Hus had to face prosecution for years under the Habsburg rule.

time to get rid off sugar addiction

whats not illegal in belarus?

i wish we never became part of it desu. Literally ruined everything. Made the gypsies rights and helped them spread out and breed. Filled hungary with way more ethnicities cuz muh taxes which in the long run ended in trianon.0 Forcefully tried to erase the ancient hungarian animals that we used. Constantly acted like scummy jews.
tl;dr fuck the austrians scum of the earth who should give back őrvidék atleast
Did I mentioned the literal braindeadness of austrian military officers that cost hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives.

suffering and cold bites

>tried to erase the ancient hungarian animals
What kind of animals are you talking about?

Reminder tha Ottakar was rightful Emperor.
Habsburk was shit and people only voted for him because he was weak and they thought that he will be easy to control.


Fun fact, law doesn't applies to sugar packs which weight less than 50g
Voting for government and paying taxes

racka juh because its wool wasnt smooth enough the szürkemarha and these are just a few examples

just kill lukascucko already

Otty was too ambitious and it bit him in the ass.

>labanc in my thread

He has endless surplus of clones

my brothers eyes are fucked and he has to wear glasses

no just cannibalise him with an angry mob and then tell the people

>cuman-rapebaby on my continent

What do you think about restoring monarchy in your respective countries? Who would you like to see on the throne? Male or female? Native-born or an outsider? What kind of powers would you grant to the monarch? What would be the official title? A Grand Prince? A King? An Emperor?

>tfw labanc

He just wanted what should be his

absolutely disgusting

Monarchies are in my opinion unironically cancer and outdated since the late middle ages or even earlier

OI guess otto thought so too, but none of the other rulers shared his sentiment.

Because they were afraid that the most powerful ruler in HRE will get even stronger

because he was never content, too ambitious. That's how the Empire worked, people chose their Emperor, and Otto was made he wasn't chosen, largely due to not having enough friends.

met the guy twice in real life
he isn't the emperor type, loves people too much

her wife was a good dancer, though

good night lads

wake up dummy, it's too early

I feel like I found purpose in life again through flinging shit on int

Fucking kotti going to sleep after vecernicek

>get home after 10 hours of beeing away
>too tired to do anything
Why must I be like this?

It sure feels great to have a mid life crisis in your early 20s

no kotti, its too early.

i had mine starting since i was 18 and is still going on

Ayy it's sakura with horns again


>mid life crisis
fuck off, I had an existential crisis since 4 years old, my parents had to cheer me and distract me from the fact that I will die one day. I remember crying in bed just because I was sad that everyone will go one day.
I'm pretty much ok now though.

I dunno man, it's just that i feel like life completely worthless, I'm so jealous of people that are still ignorant to this fact, I can't even look forward to things anymore because I know that in the end they are good for nothing, all the things you do are futile in the end because we cannot escape death. All my aspirations, hobbies or motivations are just logical outcomes of several thousand years of traditions or biological functions, which are also completely worthless in the end. There are no goals, no hope, no salvation. We are here just to suffer

maybe i should go to a psychologist

If it’s a constitutional monarchy I don’t care, nor do I see any point.
If it’s an absolutist one then it can go to garbage with all other tyrannies.

rate me /v4/ :)
idk why i dont have a gf yet tho :(

that lad probably slays mad pussy tho

Good post, never trust an austrian scorpion

>tfw my ancestors slayed mad pussy by the age of 12
>im in my 20s as khv

They would have a friendly visit of liberators coming to protect the local minorities in a matter of minutes

lad is right, it's 21

and a snow storm is coming, which makes the best time for slumber

i wish i could go back in time and kill the first relevant habsburg in the 13th century

at that time we're having dinner here...
lucky, I can't wait for autumn to come already ;_;

Buenos aires, Cordobita
Get a jeb pls


yo 'Tina, was that really you in that other thread? Was pretty cute.

what other thread user?, I post in many

so guys now that we discussed kissing. Has anyone held hands?

I reckon don't many get a pic posted in it, but have it your way then.

ah that bread, y, that's me

I'm afraid that's impossible in this plane


very good, you can feel good about yourself.

I will only when I get a job and get to live in Poland

Is argie a male or a female(male)?

none of these

come to think of it, I kissed her but never held hands with her


well, good luck with that.

never despair, friend!

>female female
wait but isnt there a male agie neet too?

ye, although he only posts from time to time, at least on /v4/, I think he's a slovakboo

quite a few times actually


argie qt is the qtest!

Don't be ridiculous. Physical attractiveness is secondary to social status and wealth.

>people want an attractive partner

holy shit who would have guessed

We all will die no matter if we're atractive or ugly anyway

t.csanád wannabes

but attractive ones will live better life

Depends what you mean by attractive
I wouldn't want a gf above a certain level

The problem is that everyone has different opinion on what's attractive

There's no need to hold back in that respect, methinks. Factors which decide whether she'll be faithful to you are not that related.
A more attractive gf will have more opportunities to dump you, but what you'll be aiming for is one that will choose you regardless due to emotional attachment.
Ugly ones are not intrinsically any less slutty.

t. theorist

Have you considered unironically finding a job here? With fluent English and Spanish it really shouldn't be that hard

How is this any different with men? I mean sure, it's nice to have a nice personality, but I wouldn't date a fugly hambeast no matter what. Minimal standards are still standards.

It could be pretty challenging without fluent Polish though, no? And legal procedures.

What happened in this picture? Did he bite her or something?

thanks polan

pretty sure they were supposed to only practice the steps of the dance and he kissed her when she wasn't expecting.

gross desu

I suppose it makes sense, but is intrinsic sluttiness really that important? In the end, only the results matter.
In fact, is there even such a thing as intrinsic sluttiness?

>tfw I havent heard from one of my close friends that I used to play an MMO with after he got a gf

lads, what to do?

>It could be pretty challenging without fluent Polish though, no?
In an international corpo every bigger city is full of? Nah, not really.
>And legal procedures.
Yeah, that could cause some issues.

i was memeing anyways since the pepik posted a pic with a chad in it saying we will all make it bro

>call the teacher, he can't unkiss you

Stop playing MMOs, get a gf, and play MMOs with her

>tfw have a friend from another country
>used to play lots of vidya toghether online
>he got a gf and now doesnt play vidya anymore

It's the natural drive to dump the virgin user for a superior chad when the opportunity arises.
My point being - and I realize I'm going on a limb here in assuming your motive - that if you avoid befriending more attractive gf because you fear higher risk of her dumping you, you're already anticipating that your bond with her will be too weak to hold the two of you together in the first place.
Not only are you already forecasting for failure, the result of this safeguard actually coming to effect will be a relationship you're not comfortable with.

On the other hand, if following this logic gives you a measure of comfort, that could also be a stabilising factor making it better for both of you so I guess what I want to say is - just follow your heart.

(as long as it doesn't guide you on path of crime and darkness that is)


is that gta 3.

do you play gta 2 mp?

>19 Feb 2018
>i'm still not living in Buenos Aires

I have no gf goodnight

>19 Feb 2018
>not living in Polska

>made in krakow

make a funny filename for this

Kraków >>>> Buenos Aires tbqhwyk

Should i continue a relationship when she lives over 100 km away and the trip takes over 2 hours?

>over 100 km away
hah, that's not a long distance user

argieqt lives 12400km from me and we are managing

I guess it isn't, but still

how often do people in relationships meet if they don't live together? Once a week?

>how often do people in relationships meet if they don't live together? Once a week?
it depends on how far away are they, if you live in the same city you can meet her 2 or more days per week, in your case I believe you could meet every weekend and spend it together if you have the chance



Well, here's how it is

>met her on Tinder 2 weeks ago
>spent every single evening talking to her non stop
>similar interests and humor
>enjoy talking to her, always have something to talk about
>finally meet up this sunday
>the date goes well, she kisses me me and tells me she'd like to do it again
>our evening conversation dries up, there's tension in the air now
>dunno what to do

I can't tell what is happening, whether she's into me or she's just being kind

*blocks your path*
pshh nothing personnel, seeker

as long as she agrees to meet up again, all should be well.

hmmm I suggest you to not give up yet, try to chat with her just as you did it, then at some point ask to see her again and see what happens

you need to meet up with her and try put benis in bagina :DDD

I wish my country would not be as corrupted and that SUCCsessful people would not leave this place at first chance they got. But I do not judge them, because I would do the same. This place has no future, your potential is not growing. If you are smart and highly capable, you will rule the whole city. But at what cost? Does control of mindless sheep?

so no one here has played this? youtube.com/watch?v=OT_dedho0AM

Well, i asked her today when i could see her again and she just sent me a picture of herself saying that here she is

She's cheeky like that and i fucking hate it, I can't tell when to ask her again

I'm trying m8

just make sure she knows you're still interested in her. maybe ask to meet up on the weekend again tomorrow?

>will be a relationship you're not comfortable with
Correct, that's why I said I wouldn't want a gf that would be "too" hot. I want her to be hot for me and ugly for every other man.
Fug, I guess muslims have a point.

you're lucky lad 100 km is nothing you can meet nearly every day with that

those wore some scary mofos when I was younger.



did you finished watching dekalog, user?

no i watched episode 5 last night. I will try to watch one or two more tonight

breddy gud, do you like it til now?

hey argentinanon wanna have hot gaysex? i can be passive

sorry I'm not your kind, and I'm taken

yeah it is pretty depressing
i unironically want to live in one of pic related

why do you want to live in one of those? why not some bigger place?

I always thought commieblocks are comfy, wouldn't mind living in one tbqh

they are comfy and the areas around them have a nice sense of community

yeah, but I find hearing your neighbours and that they can hear you quite annoying tbqh

i guess. i survived living in dorms tho.
>and that they can hear you
i am a ghost

Nudilo se, co dělat?

I wanna fucking die slightly less than yesterday.

Mornin' V4.

i'm going to sleep

will bump this thred to ded


whats up polak?

desu nothing, I'm thinking about going to sleep

have work/school tomorrow?

wtf did I write, I'm exhausted or really retarded I don't remember that I write desu