How do we fix Japan's fertility rate?


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immigrants, its the only way

and with good timing, theres a lot of people seeking refuge from the middle east and africa.


It will sort itself out. Maybe there will be less Japs or maybe the Japs will be Black.



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Second American Occupation

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The World Bank and many other sources state 1.6 for China.

Furthermore, the birthrate of 13/100,000 is similar to the USA where the birthrate is 13/100,000 and the TFR is 1.8

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Heavily doubt that
Uyghurs are exempt from the One Child Policy and they are still the majority.

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get together as a nation and figure out how to make the cost of living almost literally unachievable for 60% of the population

Japanese are just as fertile as Africans and Mexicans, only they use birth control.

the data from China comes from 2010, for the rest of the countries is from 2016

but whites have a lower fertility rate than Japan, how is that going to even heelp?

Only Germany

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Tokyo's CoL is high as hell. Even despite the big gains in income it still doesn't offset the increase in CoL.

Damn. I need to go to Japan. It's getting lonely here in no man's land.

More like how do we fix the fertility rate of 2/3 of OECD countries kek

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why do you care about that when you have a beheading problem?

Would be like me telling them they should stop their "racism" problem.

>Only Germany
Are you blind? see the Original Picture Besides Germany, Japan has a higher fertility rate than Bulgaria, Austria, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Greece and Cyprus, and this is for the whole country, if we were to count only births by whites, the difference between Japan and white people would be even higher, because in countries like the United States, Belgium, Sweden, etc., the fertility rate is being raised by blacks, Pakistanis, Turks, etc.

what happens in israel? lads

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Israel is literally 20% Arab and 10% Haredi

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It's too high. I would tax parents who have more than 1 child.

Forced Arranged marriages.
Then make it a social obligation to have three kids.
Boom nips have kids again because of said social responsibility

Only a problem if you are an aging boomer or business owner who wants to keep paying workers slave wages. Declining fertility rate is great for everyone else though.

>Tokyo's CoL is high as hell.

Compared to most mega cities it isn't. You can get a house in the suburbs only 20min away by train for $350k.

Except even that is questionable

China’s official 2010 TFR is a retarded measurement because the One Child Policy requirements affected it. If you reported more than one kid as a Han Chinese family you’d need to pay a fine.

The reported local demographics are literally bullshit. After ended the One Child Policy in 2015, China “found” 18 million people. Many more second children are expected to register in the coming years. And if the birth restrictions are ended entirely, third and fourth children will appear.

All in all, there’s a reason the total population continues to expand 10 million a year even though the local reported populations are stagnant.

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Don’t trust Chinese farmers reporting “arrr yes yres onry 1 boy heheh we rur ruse condoms hehe”

Figures, just saying it's funny because there were people unironically going "HORRY SHIT NO GIRLS FOR CHINA, THE COUNTRY IS DOOMED" or something to that effect.

It's a part of the culture to have lots of kids. Sadly, Mongol men can be very controlling of their women so domestic violence is extremely common.

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I think that it is adequate height ...
The average height of Japanese men is about 171cm.

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I don’t want to say there is not a problem

There is.

But the severity is far overblown.
1. The policy was only in place for 30 years.
2. Many people were exempt.
3. Enforcement was really weak until the 1990s.

This is why the fertility rate was above replacement until 1994 and has been 1.5-1.7 ever since.

>I fucked 4 girls in 8 days

Rape is already legal in Japan

It's crazy how the Manchus had to go around killing various Genghis family branches. There was a shitload of them.

what happened in 1996?

Japanese birth rate has increased since 2006.
So it's no problem.

>Fertility rate 1.46

>Not a problem

>Rape is already legal in Japan
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Japan is overpopulation for the land size.
Americans don't know the problem related with overpopulation.
So the going up slowly of the birth rate is rather good for Japan.

limit of Japanese gene was about 171 cm.
As the nutritional status of Japanese people improved almost,
Japanese average height increases stopped.

The chart is 17 years old.
Average height of 20 years old male is 172 cm.

Hmmm.... (;´Д`)
Average Japanese men's height increased 1 cm...

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