ITT: We wait for El Salvador to tell us about the time he almost got murdered on a bus and briefly discuss the Czech...

ITT: We wait for El Salvador to tell us about the time he almost got murdered on a bus and briefly discuss the Czech runaway.

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I said he could live in the Nevada desert here with me but I guess he can't make it. I get so lonely sometimes

Can we also discuss becoming slaves on Irish anons farm? I'd be into it.

he replied in the other thread:
Why do you live there?

I prefer indentured servant

he didn't come

R.I.P. last thread

I was coming home after a night shift at hospital. I fell aslept in the bus and missed TWO fucking stops, about 100 fucking meters from my house, into the gang hellhole. I got off as soon as i could, gang kids started to ask me who i was, what i was doing there, they asked ID, put me in another bus that was parked, threatened me with a shitty rusty knife and threatened to bring the gun, more came as they kept interrogating me and wouldnt believe me that i told them i lived in their fucking neighborhood. One bus driver recognized me and they told me they would drive me home, they fucking did and i made sure they saw where i entered, soon after the guy who was interrogating me knocked my door to make sure i answered, i answered and told me if i needed anything they would give a hand or something. I never rode the bus ever since. Alligning with gang is death sentence. Good thing i was depressed at the time, i didnt show fear of death because i already was dead inside.

Im one of the 1 third not in a gang that wants this shithole conquered by mercenaries. Ive never killed anyone. Maybe in the hospital for being a shit med student, but never intentionally. Everyone dies at that fucking hospital anyways.


>thread deleted
Seems like mods had enough fun

ITT: we wait for Belize to say "your mom"

Glad to see you alive and well.

And that's the difference between 3rd and 2nd world
In 3rd world you die if you go to wrong neighborhood
In 2nd you only get beaten and robbed

I'd legit do it if Nevada wasn't so damn hot. Fuck the worry, I've lived in and moved to 3 different countries alone.


Are you getting back at all of the Americans who held Irish immigrants as indentured ''''''servants''''''?
If so, good for you.
Most entertaining Cred Forums thread in ages.
Why tho
Holy shit man, glad you're okay. Did you develop PTSD?

Yeah, good thing they put an end to this miserable thread.

Do you want to move away from your country? Also how much influence do gangs have in politics? I heard some gangs actually have very influential parties.

what thread? i missed it

Nah, only for that say, but thatsa common response. Now that im not depressed i would shit my pants and cry for my life if that happened again.

And what are mercenaries doing there?
Like, who pays them, what they want to archive?

Too bad for you.
14 yo czech poltard killed that got bullied because he's bi wanted to run away from home because he had to file a report at the police station because he didn't help some guy, we doxxed him hard and he revaeled his lies and begged us not to doxx him IRL

Some czech kid telling a fictional story about running away and asking a french user to rape him in Lyone, but then Gestapo german guy got him to confess and other Czech fag and moldovan were harrassing him.

A Czech kid claimed that he was falsely accused of rape and was kicked out of his home as a result; he was asking for a place to stay. A few anons (myself included) offered to help him out. We did some digging and discovered some major holes in his story, along with some dox. He eventually admitted that he's a troubled 14-year-old kid who just wanted to run away because he was miserable at school. We offered him some advice and tried to scare a little bit of sense into him.

>what they want to archive?
death reports


I'm not a fucking German.

What do you think is the future of El Salvador? Is there any way that it'll improve?

I have a few trees for shade and an AC that could be industrial grade so I'm in no danger of heat stroke unless I'm out on my horse
My grandfather owns land surrounded by the Feds and I was working minimum wage and had almost no hobbies so he sent me here to keep an eye on the place. I clear bushes and keep people away (no one has ever trespassed but I could use the company) and make sure the water pump here is still working.
I've got no smartphone or cable tv but I have netflix and I shitpost all day

I don't know, no mercenaries have shown up, but our government is corrupt as fuck and doesnt give a shit about anyone. I thought someone would love to play william walker or something. Don't you want to beat MS13 and found MSF anons? This is your outer heaven.


Where are you from then


>own land

now all you need is a fishing hole and it's my legit dream.

Sounds comfy, albeit lonely. What does the average day look like? Have you tried to find a gf on farmersonly?

That's none of your business, Fritz.

what was the op?

>14 year old talking about sucking dicks and boipussy
is trump actually making anime real? my dick would be erect if it were a 17-18 years old but even my morals haven't yet fallen low enough for this

Right. Deny your heritage. Spoken like a true german cuck.

No future. At least not until a coup or civil war comes.

You don't need mercs for this
Gangs seem to do the job
What are you then?
Nah, Africa sound like more fun.
Anyway, as a doctor you can actually go somewhere abroad.

user, yo...
Mi padre es medico. Así que se que es difícil y emocionalmente desgastador ver morir personas regularmente.
Espero que te mantengas a salvo y que tengas éxito.

>Hello, I'm the Pepík seeking asylum from the week earlier. I went to the police and it's mostly fine, well mostly. I am forced to visit a psychologist. I've hurt my family and have been kicked out of the house. I'm writing this in a library on a free computer. I beg in a small town but people don't give me food or money anymore. I'm going to starve soon. I seriously need someone to take me to Poland and let me live in their house. I offer you learning the guitar, English, German or Czech. I'm really good at history and geography. I can also clean your house and make you food. Please anons, don't let me die.
Shit. Are you planning on staying in the cunt?

Kid is sick,let him live

Gen Z has been psyop'd to Hell from the LGBT mafia. I'm sure with Trump in power now this will slowly die out.

If I had a lot of money I would hire a bunch of mercenaries and come """"liberate"""" you my friend

Where I'm from isn't relevant. Just so it's clear that no German helped shit here. They're all to busy saving their farm sim games and getting into bed ready for an early start at the local EU shilling/propaganda factory. Servile scum

Gen Z has been influenced by whichever platform they were allowed to and did use as a child. This particular user has been browsing Cred Forums since he was 11.

I called his mom and got him scared in the fist place. You're a dirty angl* I can feel it

>all the european scum acted like fucking douchebags AND laughed for doxing him while burgers act kindly and supportive to him

that german retard and the other czech are the worst of them all. grown up “men” harass a fucking kid just to feel better about themselves? geez, pathetic

It's actually relieving seeing them die, since is one less Ambu bag to insuflate. It's annoying to see a new patient come though, becauss it means more paperwork. This shit hospital system desensitizes everyone, so nobody gives a shit. What's saddening is see a patient is left stranded in the shit system with nobody willing to take care of him.

lo borraron, te lo perdiste

Overall, it's a good reality check for him.
Also I doxed him

The only thing you called is your wife to make sure she got paid for that huge government sponsered migrant dicking she took last night. Otherwise you'd be fresh out of schnitzel-bux tomorrow.

>This particular user has been browsing Cred Forums since he was 11.
>Is deviant at such a young age

Checks out. Hope he leaves imageboards all together and sorts himself out.

The kids a sociopathic liar with mental problems and deserves to be berated for his incessant lying, it’ll teach him something. You don’t know how to deal with people who just lie constantly.

Welcome to Europe

yes i know, it was for searching it in the archives
here it is btw if anyone want it

these, hopefully he learnt the lesson

What are some of the challenges of working in an El Salvadorean hospital?
Agreed, can't even imagine what being raised on Cred Forums can do to you. I have some friends and family who had their lives completely fucked by Cred Forums, but even they were in their mid-late teens by the time they started browsing.

I bet a tenner that his mother gets a few phone calls tomorrow.

I hope not. It seems like he's already been scared shitless.

True. He should be glad it was a bunch of NEETs harassing him instead of pederasts wanting his boyhole.

Oh boy, you don't know what that word means.

Come to this shithole, we could teach you a thing or two.

tbf she probably doesn't answer to strange numbers after the last porn shoot

>grown men who get kicks out of bullying people
just sad

In the thread he posted a week ago, he actually offered up sex in exchange for a place to stay. Kid could have gotten into a LOT more trouble than he did, to put it lightly.

shut the fuck up about your kip of a country, nobody cares when you retarded fucking monkeys kill eachother

That's depressing.

Well, if people will continue to talk about him,surely someone will do it.
Do they pay you a least?

36 hours shifts every 4 days, 12+ hour shift every other day. 420 hours a month for a 416 bucks pay. Being shitted on for everything you do, being shitted on for not finishing the impossible to finish tasks, being shitted on just for the sake of doing so. Erry day of the year.

They pay some. They dont pay most.

I’m sorry about my last post, I wish you luck in future x

No one bullied him we were just making sure nothing stupid happens. We unmasked him from potential rapist to scammer to retarded kid in like an hour

Why give us the credit, it was your detectivework stasibro

>What does the average day look like?
>wake up at around 8 or 9
>cold shower, get dressed, eat breakfast,
>feed horse
>feed cat
>do some exercises for arms legs and stomach so I don't get fat
>ride horse around the edge of the plot of land
>check to make sure the corner markers are fine
>go back home
>check water pump every other day
>eat lunch and shitpost
>play vidya on pc or workout more
>check if stray dog comes back again for my leftovers
>sit outside and read at around sunset
>eat dinner
>watch a dvd or stream something
>shitpost more
>Have you tried to find a gf on farmersonly?
I had a gf who worked at the hardware store in town and came to live with me for a while but went back to parents house on the other end of the state because of family stuff

No, it was me.
He gave me his email adress

Goodluck is your suffering
It was frenchfag
Totally not gestapo(tm) guy was only keeping things in check

I mean, it seems it would be better to be homeless in Poland than be a doctor in El Salvador.

at least call me gestapoturk. Makes me sick thinking Germans are getting a good light on this board.

Whats your profession? Nurse?

To be honest I first sucked someones cock at 15 and that was a much older guy off the internet
and this was years before the days of grindr and so on.. In fact I'm pretty sure homo stuff still had a consent age of 18 at the time. First fingered/got a handjob off a girl at 13 or so, too.
And no I wasn't abused or anything, kids be horny.

It is. At least you get to live.

Hahhaahahha ein Türke was für eine Überraschung. Darauf hätte man früher kommen können.

put up some "please trespass, I'm lonely" signs?

I'm not condoning fucking kids for christs sake. I wouldn't. Just saying as a kid I would have shagged an adult and probably thought I was seducing them or something.

>english """"people""""

Intern. 1st year residents have it worse.

>busy getting pissed off with the turk online rather than his wife's turkish son

Good luck, Hans

It was too obvious

Get qualified then move ASAP, for your own sanity. Cruise ships accept pretty much anyone and pay a lot more.


Im not pissed of its just funny. In fact im a quadroon so many german people call me nigger.

This is what happens when you don't have to fear for your life every single day.


>Turning 15 soon in July. Don't judge by age tho. I'm actually pretty smart for my age. I promise I could repay everything

Cant you move away? Mexico seems like paradise compared to your country

brexit will happen, then he'll be no better off than you guys

Checking satan numbers.

El Salvador is small, so you cannot really go innawoods and you don't have Schengen zone like in UE, so I don't know if you can move to other country, but I imagine it's pretty hard.

Don't worry, after graduating i'll sell lewd anime girls on patreon or some 21st century shit.

lmao just come to the desert you can be a mexican farmhand and blend in

Sell organs.
With your fucked up country no one will notice.
Do you even have documentation in hospital except for patients medical cards?

The kid unironically posted his email here. I thought kids were tech savvy these days.

No woods, only sugar/corn plantations with more gangs.


He has been browsing Cred Forums since he was 11, what common sense he may have had is long gone.

All the organs here are fucked mate.

I mean, yeah, everyone gets killed in a bike accident these days, but at the same time half the population has kidney disease, so their kidneys are useless. Also, we don't have enough tech to preserve organs.

Also becoming a surgeon is 3 more years of the hell im living.

Crazy idea: go commando and BURN EVERYTHING DOWN.

Hes from the generation that shares what their turds look like on instagram.

Sorry to hear that btw mate
Surely when you're medically qualified more options will open for you? Better Spanish speaking country, get the equivalence exams then to the Anglosphere.

maras have better arsenal.

>becoming surgeon
Congrats, it's gonna a hell itself.
t. medical uni student
If you manage tho,you'll have a chance

This is true.
Goddamn, that's rough. Do you live comfortably?Doesn't sound lie a bad life at all.

Who said you're supposed to fight them? Just burn their shit down, don't let them find you.

Or burns civilian buildings, maybe you will start a riot if people lose the last things that keeps them obedient.

>but at the same time half the population has kidney disease, so their kidneys are useless.
wtf how

You can’t sustain in that hellhole without a huge amount of drugs and alcohol

when you talk to people only 24 times a year it gets kind of bad. even NEETs have mommy or the pizza guy to talk to

residency in a shithole means shit elsewhere. I still have options, i could USML but i don't like the US. I'll figure a way to become a NEET or something.

Sure, i did before i started internship. Fuck this shithole, this is a waste of 8 years to learn nothing, if i had studied biology id had a degree by last year and be done with it.

>dat homicide rate
Damn nigga. El Salvador makes Detroit look like Paris and Baltimore look like Berlin.

they're too poor to make chilli con carne and so didn't eat enough kidney beans(which everyone knows helps promote kidney health) and now they suffer for it. Oh dear

Why the fuck would you go throw that to become a NEET? Go into a respected academic profession and make something of your life you fucking idiot.

Nobody knows, they attribute it to plagicides but nobody knows for sure.

What do you do to keep the loneliness away?
You could try saving up to move to the US. El Salvadorean restaurants are becoming really popular here.

Or Canada.

talking to you guys
playing games online so I don't have to interact with more computers. once in a while my friends will be able to play after work

Good luck
Academics are shit 2bh

Do you keep in touch with people you know irl, or is it all online?

>Academics are shit 2bh
Very true; it's more or less a giant pyramid scheme, and you're likely to slave away as an adjunct forever unless you're intellectually bankrupt enough to pursue research that'll give you the most funding.

when I go into town I also hang out at the bar and diner so I don't have to talk to cashiers all the time

Nice. Do you ever go to Vegas?

that's a major plothole in this shit, a scriptkiddie that doesnt know how to securely handle an email, what he did is normie as fuck, isnt he supposed to be a Cred Forumsack?

It is just as the british poster said. Years of browsing Cred Forums has fried his brain.

He just posted the email he used online for everything, instead of a burner and not his real "official" email, still very fishy, but a lot of stuff was somewhat off that he said and how he behaved.

And then people from rich countries like Sweden or Canada talk about their "problems"

You have to keep in mind that young teens don't have good judgment skills and that gen z grew up without their parents telling them that internet strangers will rape and kill you + peers who share their whole lives on social media. I mean yeah, it's common sense not to do dumb shit like this, but everyone's an idiot as a 14yo. Some more than others.
to be fair, suffering is relative to a baseline created by your circumstances. But yeah, El Salvador user definitely does put things into perspective.

>over 100% murder rate

Nobody else thinks this sounds like a teenage boy's fantasy?

Come to El Salvador, mate. We make dreams real.

Your life sounds horrible, user. You have my sympathies, for what it's worth.

Kek I watched the Daytona 500 but missed some habbening on Cred Forums

What kind of teenage boys did you grow up with!?

Detroit and Baltimore aren't even within a mile of being that bad. t. Detroiter

>guy lies on the internet
>dox him
>he's the sociopath

I don't mean the details of the story, just the way you wrote it. I'm pretty sure you're making it up.

> missed TWO fucking stops, about 100 fucking meters from my house, into the gang hellhole
what, i didn't understand anything. if you missed two stops how did you end up 100 meters from your house? so you live in a gang hellhole? then what does missing a few stops have to do with that?

I once fell asleep on the bus too. Kept sleeping for a while. When the bus drivers shift was over he woke me up, gave me some of his coffee and croissant and explained the way home. Such is the life in Europe.

I should also mention noone tried to rob or kill me.

Gangs have territories. He went to stops further, and out of neutral territory (his house) into gang territory

i meet a salvadorean guy once, ex-gang or some shit, guy had the whole gear of tattoos including 3 drops below the eyes, pretty sure he was an expresidiary, but he was chill and normal he worked on a corner store and the owners actually trusted him
then one day another guy semi-hobo working near the store watching over the parked cars did whatever dumb meaningless thing that rustled the salvadorean, he went to the kitchen for a 15cm knife to chase the guy

so 2 stops and you are fucked?

Pippa Bacca pls go

>that Czech thread
Wew! The internet is a scary place.

It's like that in Houston too. Move 500 feet in any direction, and you can go from okay neighborhood to murder town.

We have a place called Third Ward that has a 10% murder rate. Luckily only black people live there

i think it works like here in mexico where there isnt actual bus stops but you just ring the bell on whatever place so there can be multiple "bus stops" in 100 meters
>live 100 meters away from death
pretty normal tbqh