>tfw to dumb for grand strategy

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quite like this video

do not click virus



found an offering circular for a mortgage backed security

vile little gremlin


if you own enough land around a wasteland it becomes the color of your country.

redditflaggers are the most powerful race in the world

need a grimes gf

repugnant little goblin

Last post before toil


say that again

Nothing wrong with advocating for the genocide of the brown horde.



no they're not
be quiet

Don't think anyone felt that Tarq SHOULD have died, it's just ironic he got BTFO for mocking someone of a lower class than him

That £30,000 a year harrow education couldn't teach him to keep his mouth shut now could it


love new game



Any Victoria II man in?


so THIS is the power of Greggs, huh?

begone nonce

and it makes you feel better that they have lives you can only dream out so this compensates



probably in the top 5 sandwiches to be honest lad cheese butter and some good bread is bare underrated

that jap ice skater boy was so fit

hello ponce

well I'm a staunch communist so I can't really argue on that front

Often go rorke-bashing outside the pub



es-tu homosexuel ?

clyp.it/ss0yyz14 anyone know the song that sounds like this?

i made a shitty rendition on ableton cus this song has been in my head for ages and i cannot for the life of me figure out which 1 it is




that's a cob

really hate the notts accent.

still don't understand what Cred Forums thinks "anglo" means
like english-speaking? english people?

any new game man in


the killer started the confrontation though

aoba best girl

literal retard

old timey songs lads :)

anglo-saxons is the french term to refer to all that inhabit the UK, and Ireland, and by extension their colonies.


bread in the UK is so dire.
if you had the same thing in europe it would be so peng.

all guamanians should be killed

w2c outfit

Need I even say it?

that's pretty dumb
then why not just say anglo-saxon? also why not just say english for that matter?

as far as I can tell it's white people who speak english natively and have commonwealth membership

i.e canada, australia, new zealand, and maybe some other places like the falklands and shit


dumping classic Brit autism

>then why not just say anglo-saxon?
because anglo is shorter

w2c outfit

Can I just point out that the words "bare" and "peng" have been used in this thread and nobody has expressed their contempt thus far.


see a peng girl then i pose


i gave up


feel like playing ck2 but i'm not sure what to do x

oh my days she is peng af


british culture is so contaminated by niggers and yankism that even the rorke lads here don't bother fighting it anymore



Bare peng tingz round the endz

play a mudslime and have multiple wives

Yeah senpai, pree’d that earlier. My don was on a mad ting yannow looooooool
Rah anyway cuz it’s no long ting innit, just a way of talking bruv, don’t get vexxed


you dare steal in my presence?

that will





the day of the rope will come for single linkers

That is very cute thank you for sharing I think I shall save that image.

For me? It's the Dave gimmick.

>Shirts ironed
>lunches made

Toil approacheth lads

any slags? with nice legs? in tights?




any rosy palm lads in?

bare and peng is just standard british colloquialisms at this point, keep up you wasteman.

>lunches (plural)
fat bastard



no worries

Hush your gums you neeky wetter

fucking HATE old geriatric cunts

Fully read this every time


thank u so much !!!!!!!

mate even made a makeshift bong and i didnt get high aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAA

>generic old man picture

fake af

have you actually got weed you absolute nutter

please don't joke about 9/11. 19 of my friends died that day.


he must be late, and she must be BEAUTIFUL

will never not be the GOAT
was in the thread at the time and fucking pissed myself


not funny


raaah blud.. dassa mading


A comedian called Limmy wrote it to bait Normie yanks on Twitter you mug

imagine being so mentally stunted that you can't understand why someone would say anglo as a shorter meaning of anglo saxon

nigger nigger nigger poo! mi5 is coming after you!!!!

The heart of darkness is the deepest and most terrible part of the mind which we all hold, the ability to exploit and torture others for our express benefit. Conrad thought that our yearning to discover the physical heart of darkness is actually an unconcious attempt to recognize and reconcile it in ourselves. What I'm saying is that that has become impossible for the normal tourist since there is no more abject horror in travel. You are not allowed, or even able, to see the worst parts of a country. They are hidden from you, obscured by the tourist boards and other organizations who look at you like some sort of cash machine always ready to put out. But the truth of modern exploitation is difficult to accept. The reason we can' see it is because we have become the exploiters. We use the suffering and poverty of others as a sort of revitalizing elixir. A vampiric act, using the local people to juxtapose our jaded, upper-class selves, so we can reconnect with strife. So we can go back home after seeing starving children and desecrated ruins, thinking to ourselves "injustice still exists", as if injustice could ever cease. And it is not a true form of injustice either, it is even more sinister. A staged event of grief prevades these "heart of darkness" locales. You're supposed to feel bad, the cambodian government wants you to, paradoxically, for the criminals that they pardoned. No, the true heart of darkness can only be seen in the worst, most glitsy and disgusting tourist operations. Vile and gross places like Bangkok or Havana, which have become completley subservient to their selfie-stick overlords. We have become kurtz.

nowt a pixel

OH MY GOD are you me that is my bio on tinder atm haha




yeh... going now

lets all go down the strand
oh what a happy land


Why yes, i am a comedian, i make fake WhatsApp screenshots all day xD

where the fuck do you even hear all this?

people still use whatsapp??????


I'm Millwall


nope straight

every last scrap of DUCK on the wind



outside like


white people don't use whatsapp

no...... I'M Millwall

round the bits innit

that again

ye we all on telegram now




>no interactions with others



I'm a wall of mill


came within inches of getting in a physical altercation tonight



came within inches of my gf's pussy

i want the man to kick the ball into my bollocks

enjoying medusa by kailee morgue it's a lil generic but her voice is cute enough to carry the song

yes it does

really pleased with my sexual performance last night

the game

told my bf he made me 'gasm but i lied


fucking state of the tottenham hotspurs

the bankers

why was 2014/15 /brit/ so much better


not a fan of the 1%

Doing a think

is that the white heat of the revolution coming from his pipe?

im the exact opposite of this im an absolute pervert who can cope with women coming onto me but also offend a lot of women and act like a degenerate. i was sat at a red light looking at my phone and a semi attractive middle aged woman leaned out of her car and told me to put it down so i just started tickling the window with my tounge in a horrific manner and she looked so humilated and drove off hahah

bernie sanders

doing a think and making a stink



this is one of the worst /brit/ threads I've ever seen

holy SHIT i remember this, ive been on this board for 4 fucking years WTF

trying to lose weight, eating like 1k cal a day feel hungry all the time and don't feel like i'm losing weight, what do?

cause you're in it

>he needs to use a smoking pipe for authenticity and as a prop in interview to time waste

Wilson was shit


hillary clinton is peng


exercise you fat lazy cunt

you a brainlet mate?

>Wilson was shit

is based

i'm trying to find the picture of the lad who would slip Cred Forums memes into conversation with this girl he was messaging and did a chart of how she responded


bernie sanders is based

Business idea: The Pink Panther vs Black Panther

Why won't sueposter just answer my fucking question what her full name is so i can see her Twitter?

want to go to sleep so i'm refreshed for toil but if i go to sleep toil wins. quite the conundrum.

eat a bit more, like 1500 calories. Eating 1000 a day longe term isn't very healthy assuming youre a fully grown man.

fucckkk this guilt cant take ittt

Family are planning a summer holiday.
Ma wants me to come.

We've already been to Portugal, France, Spain and Turkey.
Are there any Mediterranean climate countries other than these 4 that aren't ridiculously expensive?

Obviously Italy is the first thing that comes to mind but I've heard it costs quite the penny.

How about Croatia?

you guys think YOU know cringe? Try this on for size

>be loser
>finally somehow get invited to a party
>show up with nothing
>everyone's drinking and chilling
>it's like 7-8pm
>realize I'm usually at home watching the simpsons on sky one now so that's what I'm expecting to happen
>turn on the TV and turn up the volume
>put the simpsons on and tell everyone to be quiet because I want to watch

It's difficult not to take the blackpill lads


all rise for the best trance tune ever made

Think you forgot the i

I hope the Greggs lads smashed those Yank Subway bastards

i haven't eaten anything since lunchtime on friday but i've had 48 cans of lager in that time and an absurd abount of cocaine so i bet in terms of calories i've got loads

didn't happen fuck off

>show up with nothing
I would kick you out right there and then

>everyone's drinking and chilling
>it's like 7-8pm
wtf underage party is this where it's full at 7pm

>put the simpsons on and tell everyone to be quiet because I want to watch
yeh i dont believe this for a second

bernie sandiers is based

>be le me
>at le party
>so embarrassed!!!

*Pay pay frog man*

sounds pretty alpha 2bh

dont care about being healthy just need to lose some weight gota get that beach bod u know what i mean

I stay up at night wishing it didn't

In for Thiago in the summer

fuck off you vile lying gremlin

>beach bod

This isn't California you mong

just got new creps

know this feel all too well

I hate liars (hence why I use my real name and refuse to be anonymous)



Should’ve got a bigger size

pepe's a girl idiot

Classic Baza

The thick of it is actually pretty funny

Have you seen it?

if you insist, if you have the time you might want to do some bodyweight exercises to avoid losing muscle as well as fat

have no muscle to lose anyway


scorch earth northern egypt and the ottomans will waste so much manpower on the forts. you wont beat them but you can white peace or maybe only lose 1 province

>Left wing humour

how much

Uninstall.exe and get based liquoria or cucksader kings


left can't meme

good idea paddy, will try my best. Damn Portuguese dogs will pay for this.

guys afrobeats on radio 1 extra get the fuck in there alwaysa good show
someone actualy took the time to write this crap

bit too on the nose for my liking

Going Shisha

>why yes, I am Canadian

fucking LOVE the haters


back from swimming with my uncle

hate me cus u aint me

>It took this many people to silence him

she very small

amazing how i go to class 5 days a week surrounded by other people yet some days not even a single word exits my mouth

english accents are grim


please hover on my gif and acknowledge the cat thanks x

same lmao


would drown you cunts in a barrage of fists


Forgot what I was going to post. Probably something about women being scum but I forget what exactly



spent all week belittling my slightly dim manager and making fun of her and upsetting her by absolutely destroying her every time she tried to criticise me but she's a lovely woman who is chubby but attractive and loves cats and is nice and i want her to be my wife and i feel so fucking horrible for making her feel bad i need to make it up to her

911 look alive look alive

What is this called over by you lads?

*raises the age of consent for males to 35*

we call it a "low quality post by a tryhard saffa wanker who's painfully desperate to fit in"

just remembered the anyone remember the cuckio meme meme

These days you say you're english....

>tired, yawning
>"wew I best get to bed"
>brush my teeth, put moisturizer on etc
>get in bed
>wide awake

every fucking time

belter of a post

Didn't happen

>put moisturizer on etc
batty in the thread lads, bums against the wall

reminder that avatarfagging is against the rules


This scene hit me too close lads:

>put moisturizer on

>put moisturizer on

addicted to the internet

> every day he cries
Loving it, lad. Keep it up.

The best places to colonise and start a farm in:

South Africa
Estados Unidos


Sorry janny

fantastic publication this one
giving it my personal stamp of approval

enjoy being a wrinkly twat at 30 benders xx

>2014 was 8 years ago

Fucking hell. Has there been a meet since?

women are vapid

oops wrong video

You take all of this from me,
And I'm still gon' survive

>peep show

bongiorno reddit!

cold sandwich from yesterday's lunch for dinner tonight

>u mad bro xD
grow up lad

im 28 and never used any kind of skin product and my skin is as smooth as it was when i was a child still


what filling

peep show is based you sodding cockmuncher

age isn't a bad look for men


> another daily winner
Imagine a literal African causing you this much hurt.

Start WW3

Peep show is cringey and not funny

Roommates are blasting the TV like it's an IMAX theatre. Wish the TV license would be revoked.


should i wank tonight or not wank tonight and onahole wank tomorrow


pepe show is reddit

me and the gf




corned beef and cole slaw

literally the first time I've replied to you
i usually just ignore you



>tfw can't even drink alcohol anymore
>my idea of drinking now is drinking coke on my bed
>unironically getting fucking old
>spent my birthday alone, nobody except family told me happy birthday

Happy birthday to me

> it's a different Irish that cries about you every single day, lad, not me

>but I can relate
>I get beat up by kids on bikes too

happy birthday lad

*consults my maps*
you should face mecca and prostrate yourself for 2-5 minutes

don't care

wonder if the african has seen black panther yet

Happy birthday grandad

getting as tedious as the nonce tbqh lad maybe rein it in a bit post somewhere else for a while

nah its good actually

you seen black panther yet mate


t. thinks he'll age like george clooney, when in reality he'll age like brendan

seriously, start a skincare routine before it's too late

why cant you drink

reply properly to me or not at all.
not talking to you for 10 minutes starting from now also dont reply to me for 10 minutes starting from now.

wonder if the african has seen black panther


Yes. Great film 2bqh.

Pathetic. Get a life dumb nigger and quit crying here every single day.

thanks mate

you are not the only one

thanks youngling

Don't know. I used to drink lots of alcohol but now as soon as I get through half a beer I already feel bloated and can't drink anymore for some reason

Physical aging is attractive you nonces.


i wonder if the african has seen black panther yet

don't see saffermong as any different to the yanks
boring unfunny twat

fucking fairy
would punch your lights out

Every single day, lads. Every single day.

doubt he has. hopefully he dies.

He’s a kaffer

african black panther

brendan clearly moisturises so i am not sure this helps your point. he just got fat

He's right though.
Even if you have a face that works good for aging it's better to look like you're 30 when you're 40 than simply looking 40 at 30.

people only hate you cos you're such a twat lad. something to think about.

I'm 3rd dan BJJ and have wrestled for 10 years, would have you choked out within a minute if you even DARED breathe in my general direction

is it really worth seeing
i don't like marvel movies but panther is supposed to be the best one yet and the soundtrack is lit

bet you're a shia innit

I don't hate you because you're black, I hate you because you're a nigger.

doesnt help though does it

They just mean it's aimed at yankoid 23%ers

People love me lad. I'm probably the most loved poster across this board.
Black Bond is gonna be a cracker too.

make a new, you bloody worms


if benefits were reddit Universal Credit would be /r/cuckold

>I don't hate you because you're black, I hate you because you're a nigger.

The system works

wasn't asking you paddy mcrorke