What happens here? Why do I never see them post?

What happens here? Why do I never see them post?

>Why do I never see them post
I wonder why

They are too busy watching the Kardashians to shitpost

What even is that? Nice colors

They are producing superior breeding material

Long time lurker here. Ask me anything

La goblina...

How about dem Turks, eh?

what is she armenian.

I regret fapping to her now.

rip to my 1.5 million sperms

Can't speak of other armenians but I don't like to cry about them or anything. There is enough problems here to focus on rather than cry about muh genocide.

I was going to shitpost but holy shit you are the one of the non-retarded armos.

Carry on nigga. gn

Fuck off, I personally protect armenian qts fro t*rks

Fuck of back to grozny, oh wait you will be beheaded by ramazan haahahab

Do you or your parents speak Russian?


We speak sometimes depends with whom, also use lots of russian words while speaking our language. I guess it comes from being part of the soviet union. Older generation especially may still speak russian.

it is probably a proxy

Thanks! I have a friend who was born in armenia and his parents speak Russian

How do you feel about nagorno karabakh/conflict. Have any friends or family in Lebanon?

What's it like living in Armenia? What is a day in the life? What are the problems there?

I feel like we can't give up that land after all these events. Would be a big disrespect to those young soldiers that fought/died for it while not even being from karabakh

No friends/family from Lebanon

You can live but you have to put some effort for a comfortable life. Average salary will make your life limited but if you have brains you can still make the best out of it. The biggest problem here is the people itself. We have the merchant type of mindset. Too much jewing here and there. Monopoly, mafia, nigger mindset all of that is destructive for a country like our.


I don't like trickery, dishonesty. If those are the traits of the juice then my opinion is negative. I wish we could get rid of some armenians that are literally like ((them)).