Are you happy now?

Are you happy now?
Is this what you wanted?

Ummhh where will they go now?
I hope they go to cripple chan

yes, indeed

That post indeed made me happy

Same. This meme has done a lot of good :)

it's obvious bait retards


That was quality bait then. Still made me happy.

>posting shit from Cred Forums
That isn't really want I wanted. To be honest, I want Cred Forums gone entirely and for faggots to stop dragging shit back from that board like a cat bringing home a dead bird. Please stay there. In an ideal world the rest of Cred Forums would be able to entirely forgot that board exists, just like they did with /mlp/.

la desagradable creatura de descendencia negra del congo que desea suicidarse........................

someone please posts that pic where the amerimutt mocks everyone but get assblasted at the meme at the end

I'm literally 56% (or less) white and this meme doesn't bother me as much as it does other burgers.

Actually, I find it's one of the more creative and entertaining things Cred Forums has created, ever. Right up there with Wojak imo


>Cred Forums created Wojak

actually yeah

Yeah, and Pepe too.



I thought the Irish understood sarcasm.


La abominacion del Walmart...

I love the 56% face meme because it is only hurtful to people who don't know their origins and fear the worst.

fuck off shariablue

I almost wonder if they're aware enough to realize that.


better version

Wojak was drawn on KC by a Polish namefag known as Wojak.
The phrase
>that feel when
was also written by him.

whats next, hitler was polish? jesus was polish?

Where the fuck else would it come from with a name like that?

>Is this what you wanted?
Americans are cancer and should be driven off of this site for good

>Americans should be driven off an American website
Hospital Germans are retarded

that's the butthurt russians under the swiss flag

gookmoot is american now?

>an American website
*laughs and spits on your ugly unwashed mutt mug*

>mountain jew calling anyone a mutt

Why dont you cry to your mom about it muttboi

Why are you posing as a swiss, we know it is you, Ivan

>mutt is so outraged that he's starting to see Russians everywhere again
Absolute state