Half Korean girl


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Wich one?

:3 cute

Literally soulless eyes

youre mom is soulless

>youre mom
he probably has two dads


They look 100% Asian.
Maybe r/hapas was right.

Assuming that's the mother in the back she has THE most recessive genes in human history, the kids look 0% white


Yeah, she looks 100% Asian.
Pretty good-looking though.

I literally can't tell that they're half asian. Are asian genes just really strong or are wh*te genes so weak?

Hapas being good looking is a myth. Most hapas are ugly or average like anyone else.

literally down syndrome

Asian genes are all-powerful.

They're the ultimate human form.

The last word in evolution.


The girl already has a round face and squashed nose

taco sushi family
removing the whitie virus from the bloodline
we wuz ancient chinks and shit


Hapas are only attractive if the father is the white one. If the father is the asian then the kids come out asian. It is science.

.... evidence??

My gf is Kazakh (50% Mongol and 50% white) both of her grandfathers have green eyes. What will my children look like? Will they just look like Slavs or Finns or something?


why do you keep spamming? What do you want us to do?

It's literally the opposite. Typically AMWF hapas end up looking more white.
Inb4, it's not ALWAYS the case, but generally that is the trend.

>all this pseudoscience bullshit
its completely random, but 9 times out of 10 the children are going to have those soulless beady eyes

kek taco sushi


That is a man btw.

If you haven't caught on already, AMWF produces normal kids, WMAF not so much, most WMAF hapas are mentally deranged and psychopaths

Damn, korean genes are strong

That’s not true. It’s just really hard for asian guys to get a white girl so it’s usually the top 1% that can get a white girl. Meanwhile any white guy can get an asian girl.

Are you a hapa or asian?

I'd prefer half girl


This is literally american "whites" fault. The 1/8 cherokee will butcher the results.

Wanna see half jew


>two gooks and a russian mail order bride.jpeg

Like this?

>that pic

WMAF produces better athletes than AMWF

Not true. A gook can get a bottom of the barrel white gf nobody wants or if he is rich can get a mail order bride or gold digger who cheats on him with someone who doesn't have a 2 inch yellow micropenis

The mother looks Russian, and quite a few Russians I know have wide faces, small noses...

I got one Russian friend but I swear he has Siberian or Turkic ancestry, he looks like a Mongol with blonde hair

I want her

wud plow if she was a few years older

Boi i can't wait for her to grow up and become a cumslut

It doesn't matter if a person is mixed or pure blooded. If he or she is ugly, it is no good.
If you are attracted to an ugly girl just because she's Asian. You must be crazy.

Maybe she is 10

she is already old enough, silly brit

What's up with middle aged white men and SEA monkeys? It happened during colonisation of Americas, Vietnam war and now sexpats.

all you do is spamming your AmWf bullshit on every board....
the kara buga roach is a god compared to you