Japanese don't thank their cashiers for serving them

>Japanese don't thank their cashiers for serving them

The fuck is your problem japan?
I thought your nation was all about honour and politeness and shit...

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>I thought your nation was all about honour
That was your first mistake. Japan is among the most dishonourable places you can find. Inhabited by nothing but fucking swine.

what the fuck

During WW2, they would surrender to draw in US troops and then open fire.

The way of the warrior, indeed.

>he's not applause to bus driver every time bus stops

this is how japanese cities looked before the 20th century

this is how their elite looked.

OK, hands up lads.
Who here does NOT thank the bus driver upon leaving the bus?

>Euros are okay with their cashiers being lazy piles of shit and sitting on the job

I always nod towards him when I enter. if it's early in the morning and almost empty in the bus, I also say good morning. that's about it.

I always thank him, it takes a second and costs me nothing.


Bushido was invented in the late 19th century by a Japanese Christian Westaboo who basically copied European chivalry. Bushido is a sham.

is this how the netouyo spammer looks irl?

>burgerland has been raped and cucked


you mom looks like this


Thank the cashier? What?

Why you always have to brought us :3

I say thank you to the bus driver

99% of people don't though

Nice, an uncited quote connected to stock images. You sure got him, Kenichiro!

Clever desu

They don’t have a society based around honor, they have a society based around shame

Common misconception

you have a society based around your belt line.

Wow, you are SO funny. Ha. Ha.

I know right you Americans don't understand comedy. shame


Shut the fuck up you nip bugmen. USA fucking civilized your nation. Be grateful.

British humor is just too highbrow for us.


A golden quote sir. Raping women in Japan os perfectly fine as long as you are not caught. Sick fucks have no sense of shame.

What is this nonce'ery ?

>German heritage.

No, its not clever. Its fucking vile and low. Typical bugmen tactic.

cashiers in Japan are 125 times more polite than gaijin cashiers so everyone knows they don't want customers to say “thanks” every time
that's nothing but annoying for us


I mean that you would not expect it, I agree its lower then low. My Polski brother we would never engage in such tactics. Disinformation and solder-bears are our tactics.

So... they are so polite you don't have to be polite ?


t. Jonas Kim Gook

and will get you executed if captured so not that smart when facing an army you cannot defeat

t. 日系ブラジル人

jap customers are still 40 times more polite than gaijins in general. they just don't say anything, normally.
so cringe

Japans would kill them selfs in the event of capture 100% of time. Something in Shinto, can't really remember.

Oh drop the fucking act TSL nigger. You are not a real nip. Jesus fucking christ, the ammount of autistic fucktarded larpers on this site is way too damn high.

No, jap customers are impolite autistic fuckstains without basic social skills.

Fucking imbecile.

Can you run me over what you do in the situation?
> what gaikokujin dont do.
10,000 Please :)



うっせーよbaka gaijin

Did prv.Bearing escape again.

Jap and Jap culture is all cringe
die bugboy

>gets mad over what he said

Can we include your PM (cuck boi)

Stfu nip.

>the cringe

welcome the cringe club


he's your kind though (anglo)


[cringe's on the inside]

Bit racist calling Serbians animals.

Zitto animale!

if i am in the back of the bus, and there is not so much people, i yell to him

I always appreciate to them in my heart

I do this

bottom my boy and are you all fucks not thanking the people that help you

i only say thank you when someone directly hands me something.

The Nippons would still be wearing loincloths and walking barefooted if not for the magnanimity of Commodore Perry and his compassion for the yellow brutes.


Very. it would also have the effect that your soldiers who really wanted to surrender now wouldn't because the enemy would no longer trust them enough to accept it anyway

good one

wtf??? I didn't know japan looked worse than africa???

In here it's about shame, not about honor
It's Confucianism plus japanese culture
As long as you don't feel shame about it it's okay
Since japanese is civilized to certain extent after war and they feel it's shameful display to do a lot of stuff doesn't mean they're polite at all, they're just feeling bad to not act that way
Hence some crazy person that feels no shame will go mad like those rapists and other criminals like
Since it's actually okay in their mind to do those because they have no sense of shame at all when doing those things

Good lad

Here you thank the driver, and often he/she thanks you. Mutual thanks is such a homely thing.