Is there a more pathetic and irrelevant country than Denmark? This country has never produced anything worthy of note...

Is there a more pathetic and irrelevant country than Denmark? This country has never produced anything worthy of note, the entire country could disappear tomorrow and no one would notice.

>Is there a more pathetic and irrelevant country than Denmark?

You are just a region in Germany if you hadn't noticed yet

At least Russia has won wars. Denmark is so weak that it lost the same war twice and lost 1/3 of its country.

Borgen is literally one of the best series ever made.

t.that adopted kid who never stops shitposting

We're not, Denmark is so worthless that Bismarck didn't even want us in the german confederation despite our king practically begging him to let us join.

There was a good Danish painter in 18th century. Can't remember the name.

Nobody would notice if Ascension Island disappeared, I would think


The king's personal army couldn't even win against a bunch of peasants. I seriously believe that the only reason we're even a country is because literally no one cared enough to try and take this worthless flat shithole.

Don't forget that one time when a bunch of merchants with fishing boats humiliated your king and took is crown as a collateral.

Yes, Denmark has great culture and bro-tier people everywhere. You are probably the most intelligent people in Scandinavia all things considered.

>This country has never produced anything worthy of note
what about lego?

I never studied the history of denmark because it sounded boring, but maybe I should for all the lulz in it.

Denmark makes Sweden eternally butthurt. That's a good achievement

Why would Denmark make us butthurt?

Denmark has no culture to speak of, everything here is artificial and americanized, people have even started mixing english into their daily speak because the national identity is so weak. Danes are extremely annoying and stupid people, most do terrible academically and they are stout nationalists despite there being absolutely nothing about this country worth taking pride in.
Denmark's greatest achievement is losing the same war twice and being the only counry in WW2 to be occupied in literally 1/4th of a day. Terrible country, terrible ugly orc language, literally anyone is better than us and we excel at nothing, anything we do some other country does better. Denmark is a big football nation but has to use african players to even stand a chance because danes are worthless at sports. Everyone rightfully hates us, and those who don't hate us don't even know we exist.

You could be f*nnish


I would rather be finnish than d*nish, finns have a unique language, good military record despite being a small country, you even managed to hold off literally the largest military force on the planet. Finns are strong people while danes are pathetic weak retards who fail at everything.

We are a literal cumtissue to two nations in which we are sandwiched between.

what? it's true, danes are useless people.

>I would rather be finnish than danish
How to spot a larper

Danish kingdom owned Sweden for a while. Swedish anons get all pissy when I go shitpost about it in your general

>Danish kingdom owned Sweden for a while

You are not danish

Kalmar union was shortlived and formed through royal marriage, Denmark did nothing to deserve it and treated Norway and Sweden terribly because danes are heartless subhumans. Luckily Sweden fought back and repeatedly humiliated denmark for centuries.

>You are not danish
I am though

Get over your retarded self-loathing in that case, you live in one of the best countries in the world.

At least you owned something
How the fuck can you get depressed as a dane, you owned lands in britain even

It produced part of the greatest race known to man. The Anglo

Didn't you rule Norway at some point? Finns are the ones who didn't rule anyone.


Denmark is a smelly urbanized shithole riddled with social problems, there is nothing likeable about this place or its people. I would literally live anywhere else in Europe.

north sea "empire" was formed through sheer luck and fell apart the moment the king died, nothing noteworthy at all.

Anglo-saxons are from northern germany and had nothing to do with danes or denmark.

I see you're very pathetic, saying shit about your country just to get compliment.

There's nothing about denmark worth complimenting, everything is ugly, grey and dull here.

>I would literally live anywhere else in Europe.
What stops you?

bolivia has bad ass nature. that salt lake. does denmark have nature?

Norway didn't rule anyone either.

Nothing, I'm working on it.

Danes destroyed all their nature. All that's here are stinky farmland and tiny patches of artificially placed trees.

All nordic countries take citizens of other nordic countries in like with no questions asked. You could move to Norway, Sweden or here very easily, if you think it's so bad there

I've thought about it, but swedes and norwegians (rightfully) hate danes and I don't want to pollute their country. I'll probably move to some country where no one knows about denmark, but I'd have to learn the language first.

Come to Germany, we don't hate Danes. We even have an recognized Danish minority here, so you will fit right in

just like me

its true we're a bunch of pathetic wankers

do you have fjords?

is that right? i thought you ruled some nearby islands.

No. We have no forests, no mountains, no fjords, no major lakes or rivers. Denmark is just flat farmland and heaths, that's literally it.

danes managed to sail to england in canoes a long, long time ago

it's the high point of their history


Rude, I like lego blocks

>sail in canoes
i meant paddle


Oh yeah, maybe Iceland and a few British islands. Shetland recently had a movement to become part of Norway.

>but swedes and norwegians (rightfully) hate danes
enough with your self-pity faggot

it's not self-pity, I'm simply spreading the truth.

Ah Iceland, there you go. I remember it wasn't just some rock but something familiar.
>inb4 isn't island a rock

Sweden > Norway > Iceland > Finland > Denmark

You consistently cucked England for centuries, but then you became Christians and slowly lost relevance

Why are you so mean to yourself Denmark ?

Sweden would be paradise if you can fucking cut out the political correctness that is currently destroying your country.

faroe? greenland?

because we're a flat irrelevant piece of shit """""country"""""

Scandi is cold and miserable enough. Greenland, give me a break.

How is Sweden better than Norway? You have oil. Can't beat that.

Denmark shouldn't even be on the list, we are too shit.

We were never relevant, we were just violent subhumans who killed defenseless monks and pillaged their temples.

Denmark is a useless country that has never contributed anything to Europe, we're the black sheep of scandinavia, ugliest most subhuman language in the world and ugly people.

i mean include them in the sequence for completeness >>>>>>> :D

you clearly have never been to norway, everything is insanely expensive over there

much more expensive than denmark or sweden?

because the romans left england after having cucked england for four centuries, england was really weak as a result and the danes were really poor so they went to and pillaged monks in england, using canoes for transportartion and axes to kill, bunch of savages, barely better than niggers with their war canoes and spears

Right, so how were romans better than the "savages"

That is very rude
People I know who visited Denmark always said it's a very nice country

It's an amazing country, you should not pay any attention to his self-loathing it likely reflects his personal life more than anything else.

they were more respectable warriors, had more sophisticated weapons, and built nice stuff in england that still stands to this day, vikings just shat up the place and offered nothing, just like how denmark offers nothing to the world

The Danes are the only reason England exists. The Angles ad Saxons saw themselves as different peoples until the Danes started invading and raiding. More than a few Danes were kings of England too. Some of them were very good, like Cnut for example.

The English weren't weak at all. In fact the various Anglo-Saxon kingdoms were the most advanced in Western Europe. Danes were just excellent at warfare and shipbuilding. Also, the Anglo-Saxons were never cucked by the Romans. The Anglo-Saxons migrated from Northern Germany/Southern Denmark long after the Romans left. It was the Britons who were cucked by the Romans, the Welsh.

romans built the greatest civilization in europe, savage nigger danes lived is shit huts and stole from everyone because they were too stupid and poor to do anything themselves.

They lied to you, denmark is a boring and grey country, every city is dirty as fuck with ugly architecture copied from german cities.

t. dane in sweden
not falling for your shit, everyone but danes know this country is garbage.

You couldnt name anything because there is no difference, they did the same thing, they subjugated others.

there is only one civilization in Europe

Don't be so rude to yourself, self-hatred brings nothing to your life but even more suffering
I love you Denmark


he has the right attitude

being danish is suffering enough, there's no pride in this nationality. I wish I was swedish or norwegian they are better than us, in fact anyone is.

At least you won Euro in 19?? Was that a big deal? Did you go crazy?

>Is there a more pathetic and irrelevant country than Denmark?

>most do terrible academically

What do you mean? It looks like Denmark beat the other Scandinavian countries on the most recent PISA tests in Math and Science. In Reading, Norway came out on top, and Denmark and Sweden tied. So overall Denmark looks to have done the best.

Danish bacon is reet good

very funny, germany is probably in the top 5 of cultural powerhouses.
you made us your slaves in 6 hours, that is how pathetic we are.

Norway > Finland > Denmark > Iceland > Sw*den

>has never produced anything worthy of note
it produced my gf :3

It's because of their ideas, don't underestimate morale especially early-game

excellent thread

I giggle when danes think they conquered us because of the union.

how about no

You know, you're free to fuck off whenever you like. How about you do it tomorrow?

You guys have very accomplished scientists, like Niels Bohr.

Are you even Danish? Are you just a fucking Romanian?