Why are blacks so desperate for white people to care abut them?

Why are blacks so desperate for white people to care abut them?

Uh not really? This board isn't a true example of what people are actually like in real life, stop actually taking bullshit posted on here seriously. African americans do have a thing for white women though.

Nothing to do with this board, choc ice

Why do you think you know anything about blacks abeed

Because I'm not white myself either. White people constantly think anyone non-white is just dying for their approval and for their recognition, but the reality is we don't really look at it this way. Wh*te people just think in levels, they always put themselves at the top, then everyone else second. That's why they think we so desperately want their attention, because it's their own mentally ill perception of us.

Then what is it?

You're not black so fuck off.



STFU, McAfee

don't you mind whites stealing your women?

I am though. My dad is a black saudi.

>black saudi.



Dunno my dude, seems to me that whites are way more obsessed with blacks than the other way around, judging by Cred Forums, Cred Forums and Cred Forums

jesus christ, there are no brakes on the intersectionalism train

You forgot /his/.
It's a legit psychosis and back in the colonial years it was very bad lol. I don't know how to describe it to you because the context is hard to describe to a Southern Slav such as yourself. Can I use a dragonball example to explain it?


i love this country

Is he the executioner

he executed my mom, thats 4 sure


I don't understand this blog title.

dios mio....

i thought mulattos were the white people of black people

black people need whites to feel human