Why literally nobody learns my language reeeeee

why literally nobody learns my language reeeeee
i always feel envy when native englisch/french/german speakers can watch in mutual admiration and comfiness how others struggle and toil to express onself in their mother tongue

fuck this country i can't even feel comfy

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No point in learning your language if you don't accept refugees.

but we do
ask those 2 billions ukrainians

Don't feel bad. In 50 years no one will care about French or German either.

they will
i'm gonna make sure that germans will reawake and renew as IV reich

don't they learn Polish?

lol u kidding me? and do your migrants learn german?

says the country losing relevance the quickest within europe

>nobody learns Polish
Fucking good. Foreigners sound terrible when they try to speak Polish. Take for example this
Even when you check lyrics for Polish parts of the song, you can't understand shit.

In 50 years there will be a billion French speakers in Africa alone.

I once out of curiosity bought a book on polish verbs that was unaccountably in my local bookshop, but of course, it turned that you needed to already have some command of polish for it to be of any use.

> No one struggles in my language reeeeeeeee
I bring to you:
Polish Americans who move to Poland


perhaps a command of English would help you, too. Good luck

heres a nigga from Congo speaking polosh and telling about how polish women want him to impragnate them(for real)

>why literally nobody learns my language
>ask those 2 billions ukrainians
Bait or brainlet? Tons of Ukrops are learning Polish.

fpbp, any """"nation"""" without refugees is irrelevant

moi j'ai appris le français, bientôt le chinois va BTFOr l'anglais et alors le français gagnera de poids dans l'occident

>le français gagnera de poids dans l'occident
Le français va jamais dépasser le poids américain.

J'ai étudié le francais an peu aussie

lol wake up mati just try to go into any biedronka filled with ukrainians filth and ask them for anything

the only ukrainians speaking polish are my medicine studying mates and i'm being honest with you

>my medicine studying mate
are you that leftard who was hating on poland the other day?

anyway i'm pure right don't offend me

Germans really are the worst posters

Get stabbed by a muslim migrant Hans.