How do you predict the impending african population explosion will impact global affairs?

how do you predict the impending african population explosion will impact global affairs?

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Explosion? Isn't the african population at it's historical peak? You saying it's gonna get even more ridiculously big?

check the gifs bro


That's assuming it doesn't stagnanate at one point, which it probably will

why do asians breed so much


That's what I was thinking. Expecting the growth trend to just continue on indefinitely seems really dumb.

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Farmers need a lot of children

But doesn't that mean that whites are a minority in the world

Latin America and Russia will unofficially be brought into the fold of “western/white countries” to counter balance African hegemony, whether they like it or not. Muslim countries may become friendlier with the west, as Africans start pouring into their countries and they look for any allies to help them stop it. As white people go extinct, the definition of “whiteness” will expand to anyone who isn’t black. Black people outside Africa will deliberately undermine the foreign policies of their home countries, as a new era of pan-Africanism drains the planet of its financial resources.

usa is in the latin american group, right?

>a century of stability in Central Africa

no one's saying there will be indefinite growth, just that their population growth is predicted to continue for another ~100 years, after which it will plateau

India has as many people as Africa and it is disgusting

Once again, these projections are made by professional UN demographers who are using the best demographic models formed through decades of prior experience.

Even if Africa follows Japan’s low birth development cycle, they will still have 3 billion people in 2100.

>Implying they wont all die when Europe and America stop giving they food.

Africa is self-sufficient since 2012.

It is only some absolute wartorn shitholes that still have food issues.

Why do we keep giving aid?

Because aid helps people and places. The aid is barely much at all in the donor state budgets since it keeps getting cut and in the USA's case they keep flip floping on funding contraceptives and healthcare education initiatives in developing countries.

Lad, all they did was take Africa's current population growth and map it out for the next few decades. If they had Japan's replacement rate, their numbers would hardly change from what they are today.

No they won't because Africans don't live to 89 like Japs. More like 42.

>funding contraceptives
We might as well go back to funding genocide

YOu know that the popaultion will grow regardless because it just started hitting that fertility rate bump developing nations go through due to access to modern animates. Africa is very large so it having more then 1 billion is not strange at all especially since it had very low populations historically.

What Asia and Europe went through is currently undergoing in Africa.

> Africa - Development Aid at a Glance 2016.pdf
Africa receives a lot of aid. It isn't quite self-sufficient yet.

This century is gonna be so wild that you faggots don't even understand.

Why might see the further political integration of Western states and the rise of an Atlantic Union, the Occidental Republic or the United States of the West.

any more specific thoughts?

No, thank you.