Richest Mexican is Lebanese

>Richest Mexican is Lebanese
>Greatest Mexican actor is Lebanese
>Best Mexican food is Lebanese

Explain this, Mexicans

Australia took the bad ones

Why are lebs successful but their home country is a dump

As in the palestinian refugees who were living in lebanon

but whiter than you mohammed


Milk technical arrive

How mixed Americans look like beasts and she looks like that?

nobody cares whitey

fucking wh*toids trying to divide the sons of Kara Boga

You are not Norway, so I do not have to explain anything to you.

That's not how it works here. Let me explain.
>Richest Mexican is Mexican
>Greatest Mexican actor is Mexican
>Best Mexican food is Mexican
There, FTFY*

moor + jew is not miscenation, they both are semites

this tbqh
most of the lebanese people i met are doctors and loaded as fuck.
They have top qts tho, they dont mind mixing their genes with spics.

nobody gives a shit where you family came from.

I remembered the Indian comments.

Does this mean if I come to mexico, people will consider me mexican?

You probably already look mexican

>It's another episode of creaturas trying to shove identity politics into mexican culture
Feels good living in a country that doesn't give a fuck about your inane race shit.

If you had kids, they will. As it's impossible to not become like us if you grow up here. It would be harder for an actual immigrant, but if you act like everyone else and don't isolate yourself, sure.

Semites thrive when they're minorities in other countries, there aren't many jews or lebs here but the christian palis are usually rich af

Also, you have to bare in mind that pretty much every single immigrant Mexico ever had (not that many compared to other countries), including the one million leb diaspora (almost all of which are already mixed), were Christians, and specifically Catholics.

Having a different religion might change things a bit. There's less than 5 thousand muslims in a country of 130 million.

Sounds about right, Jews here are usually very well educated, wealthy, and there are lots of Jewish elites.

Plus Jews thrived in Europe for centuries even when people were doing everything in their effort to get rid of them.

So how are black Mexicans treated?

Lebs in Latin America are Classical Levantines, a majority of Lebs in Lebanon are dirty Arabs.

Kalimba and the Dos Santos brothers have a pretty good life desu

>I actually posted that in jest
>expected "fuck off we're full" replies
>I actually got serious replies

wew, thnx.

You have Arabs, too?

Just like everyone else, by their accomplishments, connections and how much money they make.
BTW what taco people lack in racism they make up in classism.

We are very racist desu, but if someone was born and/or grew up here it's unlikely he would be seen as a foreigner, even if they get discriminated, like natives.

That hasn't been my experience as a black guy in CDMX.
I honestly was anxious about working here and expected to get stared at a lot, have trouble making friends but it hasn't been the case.

We are at least racist toward natives, that can't be denied. Maybe not as much as, I don't know, the US, but it's there. Things have been slowly changing for 200 years, so yeah, there's also that.
>in CDMX
That's the most "cosmopolitan" place in Mexico, I figure that's why people don't stare (if they do it's simply because black people aren't very common in Mexico aside from a few places)

It depends, there are genetically differences and jews have more european dna. But yes they are both from semitic origins

Where are you from? How Black are we talking?

130 milions mexicans

ay dio mio!

Y todavia faltan mas, carnal