*breaths in*

*breaths in*

Damn. Argentina truly is white

>only 6 fellow BLACK BULLS and 5 of those are le 44% face wh*Toid mongrels
just shut this ""board"" down

outdated as fuck, to the trash.

yeah but if USA posted half the pics from any of the white countries we'd still get "el goblino" replies

>posted 3 times, still not up there

not a single woman

seems legit

>Argentina whiter than US
can't make this shit up

could I pass as a local in you're a country?

>those goblinos
santa maria purísima libranos del mal

Like half of these are pics of meme celebrities

>posting your face on Cred Forums
I was never added

post feet

lmao you got videodonkey in there

post yours




I'd post but I don't want to be under the German flag. Just look at those fucking autists, no wonder they shill so heavily for the EU

damn the french boy with the asian gf is hot

i dont like his videos because he is black


lmao who the fuck collects these. glad I haven't posted my face, I've come close a few times.

what kind of lunatic would ever post their face on Cred Forums

normie attention whores. see

welcome to Cred Forums, enjoy your stay

Cred Forums is family

that afghan in the bottom 3rd row to the right is me lmao
this pic must be ancient since I posted that in 2013

int was very very small back in the day so people posted their pics more often

he's of puerto rican descent

new version when?

That portoguese boy With long hair make my wewe fell funny


how many of them still post?

>tfw no kiwi dude or somalian canada qt to make me seethe anymore

It was all fun and games before ausmoot came along

No and my country is argentina

No. People would think you are armenian

i moved to oz bro, pic is me

This post is too well put together to be from him