Nothing worse than being indian

tfw will never have a gf like this because I'm paki/indian

I won't either, if that helps

You shouldn't even be aware that white people exist, it's unatural for you to be here. The Jews must die for what they have done

you dont try
even if I try I would fail

Why do you want white women Paki?

but you live in Canada, dont you?
Plenty of girls like that there

asian or white
they have good culture and are better looking

yeah but I'm only 7/10 they would prefer a 5/10 white guy over a 10/10 indian or paki


hmm have you tried hitting the gymn?

And if i were to ''try'' what do you think would come of it? Nothing, i would get the same response as you

White guys can't complain. I don't know if you look like an ogre, but it doesn't matter; you can pick up Asian women.

listen it literally doesn't matter, the gym is cope

if you're white you could find true love

I talked with a Canadian guy and he told me that Canadian girls are much easier to pick up than German girls

Like i am not deformed, look like your average person here so not good enough apparently

At least you can immigrate to UK and molest uk children.

not if you're a curry

doubt it, post pic you're probably at worst a 5/10

go away

I think you overestimate what being white correlates to

a 5/10 white can easily get a 7/10 asian or pajeeta

I think you overestimate the standards Asian women have for white guys.

Well i am only attracted to ''caucasian'' facial features. So anything from Europe -> Northern Middle east is fine

stop projecting you fucking hapa-tard.
#1. yes its harder to get girls as a Paki/pajit because we get associated with autistic FUCKS like you
#2. Doesn't mean you can't lift, work on game, and invest in better style to differentiate yourself
#3. stop being a bitch

guaranteed I am better looking than you and that you're coping massively

There are tons of attractive Indian girls just ask your parent for one Jesus Christ.

Unless you're deformed you're full of shit.

all the attractive indian girls either look white or middle eastern, and guess what, they crave for white cock

I know an indian with green eyes, she's sooooo cute, she's been going out with this overweight white guy with pimples who islegitimately a 5/10

whites can get anything

Oh, I am the one full of shit am i?
Maybe i am doing something wrong or i am the ugliest person in history then, because i will most likely remain a khhv til the day i die

post your picture you coward, until you do, you are nothing but a larper

You have an arranged marriage waiting for you.
Feel blessed.

yeah with an ugly pajeeta who will just take my money and if she finds out I am paying escorts to fuck me her subhuman muslim brothers will beat me up wow great

>Maybe i am doing something wrong
Exactly. Stop playing dumb you whiny faggot.

Go back to india and get one from there then. You literally don't have to do any work yourself.

nigga why do you hate yourself so much? Im a 6/10 at ABSOLUTE BEST and Ive still had gfs from all types of races. Dont be so down all the time. Your attitude really goes a long way

A hole is still a hole.
White and East Asian incels can't even fuck any holes in their life time.

massive larpcope


I knew some paki guy who was fat as fuck, showered once a week, and was borderline retarded and he had an arranged marriage to an 8/10 qt

white incels can get asians