Why do europeans pretend they are not racist?

why do europeans pretend they are not racist?

Why do mexicans pretend that they're not wh*te

They want to look morally superior to Americans, who have usurped their status as leader of the world. Once the Yankee Empire falls, they'll go back to being honest cunts.

The new world has ideas about race, even the very concept of "race", that are different to how european societies think. Outside of the former colonial nations of Europe, there was no social hierarchy or dimension that stupid ideas about human subcategories were applied to, and thus the racial biology shit came and went in Europe without leaving much impact, Culture is a far more important divider. One which skin colour might indicate, but it is not a determining factor.

Racism doesn't exist in Europe. Instead we have discrimination and prejudice based on nationality, ethnicity and skin color. At least historically, lately people have been importing American culture, so there probably are some racists now. But Europe has no history with racism.

All whites are racist, racism is inseparable from white people. In evolution, recessive genes can only survive either through segregating themselves from dominant genes, or by unleashing large amounts of violence on them. Telling white people not to be violent or racist is like telling an animal not to eat.

That’s why the immigration debate is becoming a life or death fight, dominant genes merely existing in the same environment as recessive eventually drives the latter out of existence.

When the big rats come, the small rats scatter and die off.

>Europe has no history with racism
lol, you just proved his point:

This. Even the Nazis had no problem with blacks and Arabs.

Idk I mean I’ve only ever lived in one country, America, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. But in my opinion, Europeans, especially Northern Europeans and such get the privilege of pretending theyre not racist because they’re not nearly as diverse as America, so race relations haddlt matter there. I’d wager if you suddenly made ~40 percent of the population nonwhite, they’d be worse than America in terms of racism. Then again America is a really reactionary country who idk. Sorry if any of this doesn’t make sense I’m drunk as hell.

Because they're assholes who change their minds every week and want the whole world do the same. They do it since Roman Empire

>Even the Nazis had no problem with blacks

Except you literally went there, colonised them, enslaved them and you still rule over them to this day. By you I mean your country flag, not you specifically btw.

we didn't do it specifically because they are niggers, it could have been any other race we'd have done the exact same

That might be putting it a little too simply. I mean there were European scientists, even outside of england, france, spain, portugal and the netherlands, who made theories that outlined the human species as being in different races and colours. They even put them into hierarchies and ranked them.

It's more that in European societies those types of theories didn't make much of an impact, and when they were disproven and forgotten they hadn't affected culture and ordinary peoples lives to a noticeable degree.


Why do you feel that anyone should or shouldnt be racist?
Why do they have to judge you on other things except your skin color?
You spics have your own continent, more or less isolated from the troubles of this world.
I dont like niggers, and im ok with that. Other euroshits dont like me either, im totaly fine with that too, i dont like them either.

People in Norway discriminate more based on culture than American style skin colors. If you look Norwegian and act Norwegian and speak Norwegian, most people will not treat you poorly, regardless of skin colour.

Claiming there was no racism in the colonial nations, the french, english, belgians and that, is probably not possible. But outside of them, there is really quite little in the way of a legacy or history of racism. In thought or in action.

Yes you're completely right. It's not about black or white. It's about conquering weaker nations and expanding onto them and taking their resources. Saying "we have no problem with blacks" is such an oversimplified statement though, when you literally fucked all of their nations over.


well here even if you do look french and act french and speak french most people will still treat you poorly anyways

This, white people evolved to be racist

But people will obviously take skin colour into consideration. I can only speak for myself, but for example, I use many different factors to make judgements about strangers. These factors include language, skin colour, gender, fashion style, body language, expression, behaviour and many other factors.
When I see a gypsy, I don't use their skin colour to judge them primarily. It may be a minor factor, but the easiest way to distinguish them is by their broken English, their clothing style and their annoying behaviour. If they looked and acted Norwegian, I would not judge them, even though they still had a gypsy skin colour.

Were the Romans motivated by racism to conquer the Gauls and the Britons?

Romans defended themselves from the wh*tey menace


Racist Europeans spam the mutt meme

They saw you like you see us. Monkeys who didn't respect the laws, have no culture and couldn't speak latin

I don't.

Good PR, every normie out there loves Canada, but far from every Canadian is like they're made out to be.
Same with Europeans, it's just to sell the idea of Europe, ''continent of racist people who forwarded human technological evolution if the strife to kill eachother more effectively'' doesn't draw that many tourists in

>''continent of racist people who forwarded human technological evolution if the strife to kill eachother more effectively'' doesn't draw that many tourists in
It would only keep the normies out.

yes, so what ? give them more money ? it's like throwing our money down the shitter

europe has given back enough, soon it'll have been a century since the end of colonization, it is time to stop whining and go turn the page
fuck all those demands for reparations and whining from every minority imaginable, this is basically like the versailles treaty, it has to end at some point

(anyways you are from the qatar why do pretend to care about the well-being of blacks ? you probably have a dozen of them as slaves give it a rest)

it's illegal mate

In Italy we pretend to be racist instead

>why do you pretend to care about the well-being of blacks ?

Honestly, I really don't. They have their own politics and I have my own, but I just like to look into world politics in general, even stuff that doesn't really involve me. Out of interest.

>give them more money ?

Nah, cut of all aid. You're right again, foreign aid is part of the reason why Africa's economy and development has stagnated, they depend on it too much. They should be more self sufficient. Countries like China are already taking over there, building schools, railroads, facilities etc. but ultimately the effort to develop their nation has to come from them.

Also nice wh*toid eyes friend.

You can't pretend that you never had a problem with black people, even if the problem wasn't racial. Now you're just denying history.

A lot of european scientists actually studied about different races up close, and they always talked about how simplistic, driven by pleasure and primal they are. Race as a concept in europe has always existed.

you even do it here

Why do Mexicans pretend it's America's fault they're miserable failures when we merely saved Northern Mexico from their instability and endless fuck ups?

Do you think skin color is what Americans are discrminating based off? It's just a lazy shorthand for discrimination against specific ethnic groups and their culture. Literally not different to what you do in Europe.

Based. Do you have a Steam account?
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