Tfw I want qt half gf

>tfw I want qt half gf

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half gf half bf?

same but at least I'm on the way to make one for somebody else

doing god's work

Nothing wrong with that 2bh

thanks buddy

>inb4 I spawn an Elliot death squad

the fuck, is she (he) immortal?

half gf? do you want blowjob or pussy.

Your son


Hermaphrodite with both working sexual organs is truly a gift from god


Your son

>at amp today
>masseuse asks me if I'm half white half chinese

Wouldn't doubt it. I'll try to be less shitty than the Rodger father though.

I am hafu

What is it like?

I'm also on the way to make one.

>pic is my daughter in the future


It’s only bad online cuz the Elliot Rodgers meme
Irl normal ppl either don’t care or think its cool and unique. I barely look Japanese tho
Also I’m mentally stable and shit lol

litteraly 2D in real life

Is it true that WMAF makes horrible kids while AMWF makes god tier kids?

it's the other way around

explain yourself i don't understand that autistic sigles

Rio is my life


Yeah,Rio Hoshiya is an AMWF kid.

Nice. I have a Korean friend that was adopted by Brits. I wonder if he has his own version of a hapa complex.

They are AMWF kids.
Rich and cute as fuck.

Kind of what i expected, WMAF ''''''''''''''humans'''''''''''' are always a bit, special...

bad parents make bad kids

My friend is a the product of AMWF and he's a Chad who's always going out with rich qts.


They’re not any different
I know a lot of wmaf and amwf ppl and you literally can’t tell the difference lmao

Alright, fair enough. Hardly any hapas where i live so.
I just got the impression that AMWF hapas seem a bit more adjusted and normal, both on the outside and the inside, while WMAF comes across as more of the school shooter incel wierdos

brazilians looks fine to me :3

WM can be rejects that scoop up peasants. AM tend to win by skill.

>tfw grabbed azn gf that is more successful and everyone assumes she's a gold digging wife which gets her super pissed

>tfw hafu
Aint all bad. Being in Japanland its fucking easymode. All the cutebois and qts girls are easier to pick up in Japanland than here is burgerclapland.
But hey I dont try anywhere since im too autistic for a healthy relationship.

Yea all the hapas ik (most being wmaf) act and look normal tho, I don’t even think most hapas give a shit about being mixed they don’t really see themselves as different
The race of the parents don’t really determine the upbringing of the kid, wmaf don’t obsess over being white from what I’ve seen lol

>Breed with QT Asians
>Your children turn into sexually frustrated Elliot Rodgers and whores with self esteem issues.

Is it worth the price?

Just get a feminine cuteboi then.
Japanland has so many of them.

all kids turn out like that these days so whatever

no, and it probably started on r/asianmasculinity or something

Dunno, I once saw an AMWF girl on the train, she was with her parents.
She probably was like 16 but holy fucking christ she was an angel.

only happens if the dad is a beta