Why are they so miserable?

why are they so miserable?

There's another country just to the north of the ones on that map. It acts in a certain way towards those ones. It's a big reason why.

Why does it show that Tierra del fuego is part of Brazil?


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Big stick policies fucked this landmass forever
besides awful politics and catholicism

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cubans are not miserable

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you have one of the highest suicide rate in the world

we are happier than you

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>He believes this

The same proxy fag that creates Arabs and south Americans threads

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they're poor and some live in a literal warzone




and especially whites :^)

Excuse me??


LatAm countries rate their happiness a lot more than many countries. We're not doing great, but calling us miserable is quite the joke coming from a nip.

I remember painting tierra del fuego the brazilian color for shits and giggles and posting it here last year. I didn't know I predicted that Brazil would own it one day.

>Fun, meme answer
They’re poor and stupid subhumans

>Actual (but gay and reddit) Answer
The US has spent the past century destabilizing the region with the help of autocratic local elites, in order to exploit the region while the common people suffer