Admit it, decolonization was a mistake

Admit it, decolonization was a mistake.

Not really. Colonialism though, huge mistake.

Yes, it was, but bad colonization was a mistake too

>Spanish Guinea

>Admit it, decolonization was a mistake.

Lol you have opt be a fuckign retard to think it would be clean. There is absolutely no way there'd be a nice split that wouldn't ass fuck the newly independent nation considering the sheer difference in power. The alternative of treating the colonies as equals to the motherlands "provinces" in attention, rights and political say would compelled fuck up state power dynamics..

But where is Wakanda?

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I wonder what would have happened to Africa if it had never been colonized. There's a chance that some areas could have industrialized with neoliberalism without having to deal with the complete turmoil of having been enslaved and then abandoned with zero resources/experience for running a country. Oh well, there are a few cunts that might make it in the next couple decades.

Providing the continent with modern medicine and agriculture was a mistake. Africa should have been kept natural. Beautiful landscape, amazing wildlife, small tribes of cannibals. There's just too damn many Africans.

Africa has always been colonized. Africa was colonized by Arabs and Indians long before any Europeans came there.

It would be much worse. The only diffetence is that now they have writen lenguage and more infrastructure than they would have without colonization. Do you honestly belive they would develop calculus or the steam machine by themselves?

Not the entirety of Africa. And not all forms of colonization are the same. The degree to which the indigenous people were subjugated varied wildly from colony to colony, and in the earlier forms of colonization, it wasn't as much of a 'let's use these people as slave labor then abandon them' thing so much as it was a 'let's integrate them into our empire' kind of thing.

1. a lot of populations are now much worse off after coming into Western contact compared to their original state; usually indigenous populations that get 'civilized' end up in the periphery of society, either doing low-level labor for terrible wages and/or falling into alcoholism, disease, prostitution, etc. The people exploited for cheap labor don't benefit from Westernization, whereas their indigenous societies were developed over thousands of years to adapt to their environment.
2. Colonization isn't necessary for benefiting from technological advances. There's a chance that the non-colonial societies could adopt Western advances on their own terms or integrate them into their culture, or at least not start out with a violent power vacuum and a population that consists of generations of subjugated slaves like most newly-freed colonies.


My country is lucky we got independence late when conditions were perfect: the Brits were shamed about India/Pakistan partition disaster, the Brits were running out of money due to post war economy, the threat of communism and domino theory, an existing educated upperclass of Malays ready to take over and the Brits generally liking Malays. Unlike in many countries with bloody independence uprisings, ours was through committee meetings and Royal Commissions. The Brits gradually let go of power so that we learn the ropes of statecraft. They made sure we promised not to kill chinks and indians and that the ruling government is made out of all 3 races. The Commonwealth also helped us al lot to put down the Communist insurrection and the Indonesian Konfrontasi. Overall, my country is the model for decolonisation done right.

Especially Canada.
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we should've made the Brits trade Canada for their overseas Empire and then helped them defend it

Do we actually have any central African anons, here? I know I've seen a Sudan user on here a few times, but that's hardly central.

I think you will have a hard time proving to me that the overall life conditions of colonized people got worse with colonization. I know for a fact that natives in Brazil and most of south america live better now than they did before the portuguese. And you will find the same thing to be true in pretty much every other country, China, india, japan, etc. The only exception would be Africa. And they probably only started to get worse after colonization ended, just like op said.

>Do you honestly belive they would develop calculus or the steam machine by themselves?

Countries dont independently develop each technology. Technology and capital spreads from country to country based on need. I think that had Africa not been colonized, they would have a better chance at good leadership rather than the neocolonial dictator shitfest thats going on there today.

Africa is not hopeless, they have a lot of resources after all. They need governments that are willing to spend on their own people rather than filling the pockets of the ruling class.

More like colonization was a mistake. Before that, they were fitghting each others with sticks and rocks, then you came and gave them weapons and bombs

if africa was americanized or australianized (native genocide), we wouldn't be in this mess