Blue&purple - Europe

blue&purple - Europe
other colours - not Europe

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we dont give fuck.

>Tibetan Buddhism

Red- going to heaven
Any other colour- hellbound
Say hey to Hitler for me, Polefag.

Catholics and Orthodox don't consider each other heresies.
According to their dogma, both go to heaven

Okay, Ich gehe mit den Deutschen

>the christianity of the byzantine empire
>the byzantine empire was basically greek
>greeks were the ones who created the concept of europe
>this slavshit thinks he is better than other slavshits for believing in muh pope

>According to their dogma, both go to heaven
not really, no

we wuz central europe n shiet

t. John Papapoulous

Darn, they're just Asians that happen to be in Europe. I thought they would be white Europeans practicing Buddhism, that would be pretty interesting.

>>greeks were the ones who created the concept of europe
not really. Greeks had barely invented the concept of being greek before Romans BTFO them. Europe as an actual political and cultural entity was created first by the Rompan Empire and then promoted by the Catholic Church

yes, really, yes

>italian stealing from greeks
so it's true what they say about your people

God is Catholic, you only enter heaven if you are Catholic. That means for people of other denominations having to go through Purgatory if they are saved. Not that most Catholics don't go through it too, but salvation gets progressively harder the further you are from the truth. Orthodox are relatively in a good position all things considered, but you are not ignorant of Catholicism so choosing Orthodoxy anyway is still a dangerous decision.

Greeks were important culturally in the mediterranean but irrelevant in mainland Europe, and they were irrelevant politically except when they had to fight each other in useless tribal squabbles. Pax romana became a thing for a reason.

kek no, it's later than Rome as well. Roman institutions were just deemed "European" in hindsight.

>Roman institutions were just deemed "European" in hindsight.
Wrong on literally all levels, do you even history bro? In hindsight you are still a worthless barbarian.

Testa di cazzo. Il purgatorio non esiste nella bibbia.

The only difference between them is that Orthodox don't recognize the primacy of bishop of Rome. To them, pope is just one patriarch among many.

nobody cares

Just read this. It's too late for me to lecture you.


you have to go back

They recognize the primacy, they don't recognize supremacy
>To them, pope is just one patriarch among many.
No they believe he had a symbolic primacy. In truth when one looks at history in early christianity the Pope acted in a different way, they only got butthurt about it for political reasons when they felt they were better than Rome because "muh bizantine empire".

>(((jean-monnet centre)))
Fuck off kike

Non sono protestante. Non credo in un benemerito cazzo. Sei un coglione. Il purgatorio lo ha inventato Dante.

btw actual Orthodox don't believe in the Penarchy either, it's literally a meme. Most Orthodox believe the Russian Patriarch is the most important Patriarch and the others should follow, that is because the overwhelming majority of Orthodox are located in Russia.

I like this Italian guy in this thread. Catholics let's unite.

>Non credo in un benemerito cazzo
>Il purgatorio lo ha inventato Dante.
L'educazione italiana sta messa davvero male a quanto vedo. Vai a dormire bimbo che domani hai scuola.

We are already united in the body of Chirst. Sempre sia lodato.


You can believe in everything you want but you will always be a slavshit

>muh race
shoo shoo heathen

umm no sweetie, czechs are godless

Ahh yes, the "slavic" race

t. racist american protestant that believes in flat earth and denies Evolution

Polish cunt, Slovenia is also Slavic, you forgot us.

>believes in flat earth and denies Evolution
No, i'm not catholic

Pretty sure all of you catholic larpers go to church at most a few times a year

do you like pedodaddies in Catholic Church?

>Greeks were important culturally in the mediterranean but irrelevant in mainland Europe
Western/European culture has Greek foundations. Philosophy, science, the fine arts, these are all things the Romans took from the Greeks.

this is actually a meme, they have a shitload of Catholics. This idea originated from the fact that most czechs refused to answer questions about their religion, but this does not necessarily mean the are godless.

What does it matter where somebody is from?

Things that Romans brought to mainland Europe, not greeks, you are not saying anything different from what I said.

Catholic aren't so backward as radical protestants in the US

Even if that were true, Catholicism would still be true. Truth isn't about me, or you, or some other person. Truth is independently from us and our personal shortcomings.

I don't like pedos no matter where they are

Our Queen, she never will let Polish nation to disappear

I don't disagree with your statement it was Romans who created Europe as an entity but we must give credit where it's due, the foundations of the Latin world are Greek, it was their influence even if carried by other peoples and the Romans themselves always did acknowledge this.

I never denied their influence

Fair enough, I may have misread that

in the apocalypse nations still exist, so it's safe to say the globalists won't win

speak for yourself

>the ones who created the concept of europe
those were the PIEs

Individual nations are like families in a great Christian community, it's very important to take care of your family, but you can not hate other families, because everyone has the right to love what they consider their family / relatives. That's why I think right patriotism flows from divine science.


this is why brexit hurt me so much we need as many polish christians with european culture as possible here and not blacks and muslims

God is behind the existence of nations, which is why freemasons are so obsessed with trying to decide the borders of nations themselves, it's a way to try and interfere with God's plans

As I have been observing the reasons for sins in the world and their sources for several years, I must really say that pride is the mother of all sins.

>21,4% protestants
>3,8% catholics
>marking this area purple
>not another colour for atheism

I was waiting for a Muslim meme map. Because muh refugees and shit.

And most people are probably still christian. At the very least, they are NOT atheist. Most people believe in ghosts and magic. And that can't be considered atheist.

No it's greed.

poles are notorious larpers and insecure tits

72% atheists

>And that can't be considered atheist.
you are conflating atheism with materialism.

doesn't really matter, it's still the wrong colour

Just because they aren't members of a church doesn't mean they aren't christian

Sorry to disappoint you but East Germans are literally outspoken atheists. Don't project your Nordicist post-religious attitudes that are riddled with new age esotericism on post-communist societies that had literal state atheism imposed on them.

greed results from pride because it is the realization of our selfish need to have a majority for ourselves. I sometimes like to read the Old Testament, but no one shouldn't take the parables there literally. The parable about Adam and Eve is the most ordinary metaphore. Do you think that the author describing the first humans opposition meant to show the pride as the greatest human defect?

>this was ten years ago

Probably well over 60% now.

atheism is not an inevitability. I know an east-german girl that is still a virgin and attends Church

>this picture
wow, old people are really scared of what will be with them after death

No, they just grew up in a different time. There is nothing in this chart that suggests religion rises as people become older, only that old people are more religious.

yeah but what the fuck with Israel?

Orthodox jews with higher birthrates than secular jews that are passing their religion down causing a shift in demographics.

>using the strongest year of new atheism as proof of anything

since 2010 atheism has been dying pretty fast everywhere

New Atheism is a mostly American phenomenon, retard. New Atheism doesn't exist in mostly irreligious societies because being irreligious is not considered edgy or rebellious. It's the default state. Only idiots in religious societies think otherwise.