Aaahhh, my lovely Norwegian kitchen

Aaahhh, my lovely Norwegian kitchen.

i'll be honest, this looks pretty third world

Did a Polish carpenter make it?

Polish carpenter would not have fucked up the cable seams.
I don't get wasting space with a fridge like that either.

why does your laundry have a stove?

why do you have some plant in front of your microwave?

Norwegian prison thread?
Norwegian prison thread.

Quicker to dry clothes.

what is the box with shrimp pic at left, an extra refrigerator?

That flower pot is not in a very ocnvenient place.

A box to store fish.

I want some shrimp now

>no drier

I'll never understand why Europeans do this. You have tiny fucking apartments without space to really hang clothes, and if you hang them outside they reek of pollen and you have to wash them again. Just get a fucking washer/drier combo you savages.

>these open cables at the floor

looks like drepression in a kitchenform

Most people here have dryers though
>washer/dryer combo
Those things never work.

>they need a bigger box

looks awful

Washing machine in kitchen is absolutely retarded.
You undress in your bathroom, your towels are in your bathroom, you should just wash them there.
Plus kitchen are not always the cleanest places in the house with food or grease from someone handling food as you get your clothes out of the washing machine.

A washing machine?

It's called a chest freezer.
People who hunt or fish need a freezer to keep their meat good.
A man who hunts ONE moose will have enough meat to feed his entire family for a year.

chances are that wasn't caught by one person.
And supposing it was, you could trade the meat for other stuff.