What happens to ugly people in your country?

What happens to ugly people in your country?

America: it's game over. From middle school onward, you have to put 1000x times the effort to achieve 1/10th what an attractive person gets. In terms of relationships, its just completely over.

la cosa impĂ­a...

We shitpost on Cred Forums.

they pair up with other ugly ppl

they are me


it's over for them (us)

They become gang niggers and die at 15

we call them danes

They get socially ostracized, but apart from that it's no biggie, because we have this ''nanny overseer'' culture if you get treated badly because of literally anything superficial about yourself you can just tune into HR and the person gets all kinds of shit thrown their way

- They marry each other and have children.
- If they are slutty or good for sports/dancing/have money/act like chads _for girls and men respectively_ they can easily score out of their league.

it's over for us completely

btw if you're white you're not ugly, you could put in minimal effort and get laid

you die alone if you don't make enough money

So they bully you then give you money because they feel bad?


No, they aren't allowed to bully you basically

they simply don't come to existence

Nothing cus we all are ugly

become >tfwnogf

Why don't you just go to India? You probably wouldn't be ugly there.

This "finns are all ugly" meme on Cred Forums is seriously making me consider visiting Funland?!?

can confirm

t. drunken loser

pajeetas are disgusting


It seems like they cover extreme ends of the spectrum.

Because then I would be among my people (ugly people)

they die alone

hopefully tech gets good enough in the next ~20 years that I can marry a computer program

who do you think will be the one inventing it? you have really good math brains

I wish being ugly meant being smart

>people, especially young ladies, stay away from me when I get on a crowded train
>I got used to it

We're forced to work in stone quarries. For life.

>tfw a cute young girl rather sits next to a fat anime nerd than next to me.

john sumisu-kun?

Depends on the ugliness, if it's too ugly, eternal bullying and consequentially being ostracized soon from society

They keep fucking and breeding like degenerates. In about 2 or 3 generations everyone will be ugly in this country.

I wouldn't know since I'm not ugly plus why would you trust ugly 4chaners opinions? they have it the worst of both worlds


We join the army of sauron and plan our asssault on middle earth

there's always the black moustache and sense of humor if need be

>tfw it's illegal to wear a mask in public

We get beautiful GF.

Someone send this to that paki incel

Brazil is an schizophrenic country though, things that happen here will never happen in North America.

This happens here too, but it only applies to men in Mexico, though. Every time I go out I see at least one ugly motherfucker with a qt girl, but I don't remember I have ever seen a goblin woman with a chad.

holy shit he's going all out

not bad actually

>not born an attractive female
>not being able to fuck your way to the top

probably a 20+ dude with a 15 year old
that's why I love this country

Try harder. I have 3 girls crushing over me right now.

t. 260 Lbs 6' Fatty in highschool

hello underage

Rule 2
>You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.

get fired from your job because some chick says you harassed her

Fucking hell I feel so goddamn bad for the actual ugly bros out there, getting fucked over in life because of a few mm of bone in your face is just so unfair

if I was born maybe a few dozen kilometers from where I was born I might have had chad poptential

also you are chad: the ethnicity

every nonwhite ethnic group wishes they were you, let that sink in

Wow it's almost like I'm a senior. This is your brain on self loathing

>h-heh guys I'm c-conveniently 18 gotcha :^)

>he m-must be lying there's no way he can be 18

Am i ugly?

I look like pic related
No bully

yes pig nose you are

you live in korea so its irrelevant

I know thats not you, but in all honesty if he got surgery to pin his ears back, got a better haircut and grew a beard or got fit he would slay

fuck off norman

They go on to live average lives


Can i get american gf?

I'm a neet i don't have money for surgery sadly

No korean boys are for the big italian cock

Why am i asian?

I bet you will look good in skirt and make up

they don't get gfs
(i am one)

i like to put the hood on my hoodie up

Well, here youll be treated equally to anyone else. Youll just have toughter luck in the dating game.

Well, I dont think you are.
Should be fine here

>big smoke as a dictator
I want to exist in that timeline

Bullshit. You know man, I've a lymphoden and life is tough as fuck

They post "kys" in every thread.

Arranged marriage. Feel lucky desu. Hang in there bois