How the fuck do I leave this shithole for good?

How the fuck do I leave this shithole for good?

Impregnate a tourist and claim for your visa.

Be proud of your country you fuck. You have beautifull women and a great landscape.

Become my gf(male)

Do you suck dick?

i don't like dicks

>great landscape
sure, look at the beatiful vista on the pic. great right?

I would if that would get me out of here


>You have beautifull women

Time to stop browsing compilation instagrams.

>great landscape

Kilometers away from where the average Brazilian lives.

I love Brazil, seems like such an exotic place. Lots of nice tho .

Just move to south Brazil where it's white and has first world standards

Stop being poor in Brazil for being in Europe

Send drugs to america

Bullet in the head

Most of their "women" either have dicks or look like complete butterfaces so they might as well have had dicks in the pasts.
Nice bodies though

Sort yourself. Begin with your room, and then yourself, your family, your community and then your country.


Come to the gulf like all the poo in loos. We like poor people here :)

No, thanks i prefer Europe or Australia.

come to Portugal ;)

kys, the world doesn't need anymore of you leaving the reservation

>worlds richest country
>not good enough for you

Dumb fuck

I can't go to Qatar because I'd get 5 different types of skin cancer within half a year

>No thanks I prefer Europe or Australia

That's what they all say friend. Be smart. Don't fall for the "Europe is based xD" meme.

Doesn't matter if every girl is 9+ if she doesn't sleep with you
feels bad to be not so ugly but not pretty enough

Jordan Peterson's advice only applies to NEETs in first world countries who grew up under mommy's enabling feeder thumbs.

Just kys or kill some criminals before that

Step 1: stop attentionwhoring your country
Step 2: stop eating sopa de macaco
4: profit!

Cross the border

sopa de macaco is love sopa de macaco is life

You are poor. Your will life will suck everywhere.

If you don't have the smarts to leave on your own, no one can help you.
It'll only get you in a worse situation.

Basically this. Except if you actually came here in Qatar and become a citizen, then you get NEETbux just for existing. Only problem is they don't really just accept anybody, they're very picky.


I'm gonna ask for the same advise, but for leaving my cunt.

Be proud of you country. First world is already full of third worlders and nationalism is growing

What is the purpose of being rich and not being able to boast about it? If everyone is rich gets boring.
Unfortunately in someway you're right 15 years ago, Europe are like a paradise in Latin America, now we know the truth
I can't jump walls

Sorry if it sounds bad, but first world is already full of third worlders and the quality of life isn't improving. So be proud of your country and stay there

>What is the purpose of being rich and not being able to boast about it? If everyone is rich gets boring.

Fucking kill yourself. Enjoy living in rags. Its what you deserve.

As meme this advice may seem, life is what you make of it, not what other people make it for you. If you can't make it on your own then you just will never be able to make it no matter how much help you get. You should try to make it big in Brazil by opening a business maybe or try thinking of something. Escape is never a solution in anything. Refugees usually escape because they're too uneducated to make it in their own countries and/or their countries are warzones. Brazil is a relatively stable country, I think you can make it there.

no bunda for OP? why live

You can come visit here and overstay visa. Tons of people do it.