ITT : We sign out posts with stereotypical names from our countries

ITT : We sign out posts with stereotypical names from our countries.

t. François Bouchard.

Fuck the french.

t. Adolf Hitler


Bouchard is not really stereotypical

t. Alexandre Martin

Doesnt ”t.” mean ”to”?

it's "terveisin" which means "with regards"

it's short for finnish "terveisin", meaning "best regards"

you fucking newfag

ThisBouchard is more stereotypical of Québec

t. Michel Gagnon

t. stiven andrés rodríguez


t. Anders Hansen

t. Barry Stanton


t. Sven (Svennen) Svensson

t. Ahmad Lim

t. Gregory Hellman

t. Matti Korhonen

t. Darren Winters

t. Jose Hernandez de la Cruz

have never heard these names in my life

t. john richardson

more like dawid walcyzecz

t. Joseph Kelly


t. Wyatt Man

Unfortunately, our version of trashy parents had been naming their kids Amanda, Aryan, Hannah, Daniel and Arianna. It's the equivalent of Jayden, Brayden etc. You would see a stereotypical kampung bumpkins registering their babies with these names. In schools now, there are usually at least 5-6 Danials in one class. They also like to add middle names so that a kid might have 3-5 words in their name but end up being called with one syllable anyway.

this is like, not stereotypical at all
watch this

t. Jean Dubois

t. Rodrigo de Oliveira

White than you Mohammed

t. John Jackson

t. Muhammad Daniel Farhan Ariffin @ Pa'an

t. Diego Rodriguez