Why is this Asian women so smug?

Why is this Asian women so smug?

What can she be so happy about?


That guy has a very aryan facial profile

For some reason he also looks very British, at least to me.

She is an agent of the Jew, a seductress. The Asian Female is a soulless demon masquerading as human. She is obsessed with killing off the white race, she is a natural ally of the Jew. White genes are recessive so any child the two will have will be a twisted abomination of an Asian. They will only have half a soul, doomed to madness and depravity much like Elliott Rodgers. Do not fall for the Slant-Eyed Menace's tricks. The Asian Female works with the Jew to tackle the white race, dividing and conquering. The Jew seeks to corrupt the white female, the Asian Female seeks to corrupt the white male. The white race must persevere and stand united if it wishes to survive. We are surrounded by tricksters and manipulators.

autism lmao


t.butthurt white roastie


You prick


o shit

ITT: we summon the amwf spammer for another 150+ replies thread

We also had a WMAF spammer for some time too. Don’t know where he’s at.

post yfw this will never be you

why do they have such beady eyes

>you will never have a qt3.14 korean gf who draws on your face

don't care. cause an ugly chink can't compare to superior white women.

>who draws on your face
For what purpose?

because it's cute

WHy not? You live in Canada...

shes dating Johnny Sinns