Goos morning Cred Forums

goos morning Cred Forums
have you all had a nice meal?


I thought that asians don't ate that kind of food

It's 02:00 at night.

we don't always eat rice you know :)

well, why don't you grab something to eat before you go to sleep

Do Asians eat cheese?

why wouldn't we?

le epic Cred Forums lactose intolerance meme.

I thought maybe they were lactose intolerant..I have really never been around any/got to know any Asians

Just had a homemade pizza and calzone for dinner. Quite delicious.

not so much a meme to be honest

It literally is a meme. I see all flavors of shitskin with milk cartons in their shopping carts. There was an italian user that posted the lactase persistence alleles distribution across the globe, it's not just in Europe.

I am a bit lactose intolerant
but I don't have an issue with cheese at all tho
only when I drink lots of milk (an adequate amount of milk is okay)

> Approximately 75 percent of African Americans, Native Americans, and Jewish Americans are lactose intolerant, as are 90 percent of Asian Americans and 53 percent of Mexican Americans

not very hard to find

I'd love to have a calzone right now
sadly I have to go to a costco to get one (nearest costco from here is like 1~2hr drive)


Ok I'm retarded. I just find it memeish because of that Cred Forums meetup pic. Also I'm kinda shitskinny and I'm lactose tolerant.

It’s simple to assemble only hard part is making dough and pizza sauce. I also can’t believe you have Costco in Korea. What do you think of it?

It's literally an American breakfast.

yeah there's a couple around here
I've visited it a few times for the food, pizza & calzone & chicken bake was really good
I think it offers stuff at a nice price (salmon was noticeably cheap)

I didn't know Costco was all over either...drove by one in Mérida, Mexico last week

I ate two microwaved hotdogs with mustard.
Hyvä :-DDDD

only mustard?
no ketchup?

Daily reminder that Bacon and Egg is a meme created by advertisers to sell more Bacon


>t.Huang Zhe

why do you treat yourself so badly

Full english dates to the 13th century actually. Bacons and eggs is just a more stripped down (and thus lighter and more easily made) version of the full english.

Looks shit and unhealthy.

Daily reminder that food is a meme so they could sell food


Literally this.

All the food you can buy in stores is a meme.

Produce your own food like true patricians.

*cool and good

>Produce your own food
>not hunting and gathering for food

It’s 9pm in here right now but I’m thinking in going to IHop tomorrow morning.


wtf they have ihops in mexico?
also, wouldn't go to an ihop unless it's for a midnight food run with friends

what's wrong with ihop. it is a casual breakfast joint in my mind. omelettes and shit.

I only put ketchup on bolognese. All sausages must be eaten with some kind of mustard.

>there are no physical differences between any races. all such purported differences are "Cred Forums memes"
literally kys