Will Colombia build a wall?

Will Colombia build a wall?

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Gran colombia should reunite, even if it creates a lot of butthurt.

We should build a wall too

For what purpose if you have the fucking amazon

That would be a chaos

i hear that you can fuck young girls in exchange of a bag of rice

10% of Boa Vista population are Venezuelans and I don't want these guys in my country

That's literally right next the border, what do you expect, we and the rest of South America have some towns with a lot of brazilians too in the border with Brazil and that's normal

Fuck them, Brazilians can't even find jobs or survive but Venezuelans will probably get jobs easily because muh refugee and perhaps even receive gibs

What is the most sad is that their corrupted leader didnt get vaccine shot yet. He need a cure. Fast.

>Boa Vista
nobody fucking lives there, why do you care?

I wish. But building a 2300 km wall is not an easy task for a 3rd world Latam cunt like ours

The worse has not come yet. After April when Maduro wins the presidential election it is estimated that we'll receive 1 million people in addition to the 1.2 million we already have . I wish our government requested other south American cunts to accept a quota of venezuelan immigrants. We literally can't deal with this madness alone

What gibs do you get in Brazil?
Just curious

We struggle for a living and some cunts wanna build a wall

first pick at the macaco soup

just a reminder that these brazilians flag don't represent most of us

You have the sonora desert and that doesn't seem to stop you for trying to build one.

a small income per month
they already are receiving free healthcare even surgeries
I don't dislike them like this guy tho
leftist governments help Chaves to stay in power, we have the moral obligation to help them

And the Big Ben canyon, and the Rio Bravo

And things were improving so much recently, Google even set up an office in Bogota, with many other multinationals moving in. I was fun when Venezuelan women were driving down the price of prostitution, but now even Strata 6 areas are feeling the heat in terms of crime.

your country is a shithole as is, it can't get any worse

Big Bend*

Yet Mexicans still seem to be able to get across it

Yes, by plane...

It can, but walls are dumb, we can't buil then in the forrest and we won't let them stave to death

Illegals don't travel by plane from Mexico

Which is not only outdated data (more Mexicans have been coming back for years), but it is also funny since a wall already exists. Since 9/11
More than half of your illegals entered with a visa until it expired and stayed for longer

We need to send them to Southern Cone, they post here everytime they are European and first world.

And yet Coyotes are still able to make a living

>Brazilians can't even find jobs or survive

t. nordestino who never went to school because he had to work on the fields since he was a child to support his mother's addiction to pinga

Exactly, even if there's already a wall

What the fuck are you talking about? I'm from SC

Don't act like that wall spans the entire border

Quer dizer que a bicha corna paulista quer um monte de miseraveis venezuelanos?

The parts it doesn't cover look like this

wtf dude
you are always spamming "nordestino" as an offence everywhere, I can actually identify you.
You are just ebarasing your self at this point

ignora, é o mesmo maluco de sempre

Or massive deserts which people are still able to cross

>massive deserts
Sounds more effective than a wall to me

>voting for socialists for years
>don't expect they ruin everything

Honestly I don't feel bad for Venezuelans or any Latin American from a communist country.

Send them to Argentina, Chile amd Uruguay, they are aryan first world paradises.

> they are European
Don't fall for that meme lad. Argentina is just a tad more European than Colombia and nowhere close to Brazil when it comes to Europeannes, despite Brazil being much more Black.

Needs both desu

>implying Lula wasn't a socialist

Mexico will elect a socialist this year. Honestly, if he ruins Mexico, I wouldn't give a shit. Mexicans are dumb as fuck. Aren't they seeing South America?

kek, waste your money however you like desu

>voting for socialists for a few years now
elections were rigged for years, maduro didn't won, but who voted for him learned the lesson at this point

He wasn't

Venezuela was a pretty rich country in 70's. No one forced them to go full commie. It's their fault.

Mexico is paying for it. With new tariffs and taking money that illegals are trying to send back to mexico

Plus you could request cheap oil in exchange for the help

Nah. Send a check if you want. Just wait afterwards.

Yeah you guys are paying for it

What are the odds of Mexico electing a socialist? How is he doing in the polls?

Countries should build a wall around us.

>leftist detected


Keep waiting

>a foreign right-wing news site called Lula a socialist, so it must be true

You're a special kind of retard, aren't you?
To be fair in the 60s - 90s, he was in fact a commie, but after he was elected in 2002, he became a centrist, and that's being generous

Not him but I hope he is reelected. Do you think he'll actually go to prison?

kek, I remember some months ago a group of local prostitues went on strike complaining about Venezuelan girls fucking up the market. I think they were charging literally 50% less

If Trump increase tariffs to mexican products in the end, it will be americans who are going to pay

> I don't want these guys in my country
Why not. They are the least of our problems. Maybe they can be our Miami cubans.

Nah it'll hurt you guys in long run as companies won't want to be located there anymore

Might want to look at your neighbor to the north to see what socialism brings...go ahead and vote for the leftist candidate. What's the worst that could happen?

Our goverment is already making deals with China, Europe, South america etc. You'll lose economically in the long run as more jobs fly away overseas instead of being kept in the american continent, but I guess this is not about economics but to fullfill your little ego, so go ahead.

60% of your exports go to the U.S, Who do you think would be hurt more

Not him but Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Colombia should form a trade bloc and help prop each other up 2bh

I'd just like seeing the new world countries succeed more.

They're working on it.

It's over 89% actually, but here's the deal

1. You can't apply tariffs as long as you are part of NAFTA
2. If you end NAFTA, we play under WTO rules, who favors Mexico. We could apply much higher tariffs to you.
3. You would only be applying tariffs to US consumers, like that other guy said
4. Mexico IS one of the most attractive markets in the world, both for its geographical location and wages. That won't change any time soon, even without NAFTA
5. Some jobs would certainly fly over seas, sure, most of them to China, however, which actually affects you

Shoot yourself in the foot if you want

And we are your third most important export parner. It is true we'll get a hit in the short run, but in the long run it will make our economy more diverese and prevent you to manipulate our economy like that again. Furthermore, with this you'll only help China to become an economic superpower.

tl;dr: Is good because in the long run we'll be economically independent of you.

So why would China or Europe want to trade with Mexico when China makes cheap shit already and the E.U has Eastern Europe sweat shops.

You'll be fucked without us

Basically, because even with WTO tariffs (which are actually breddy low for most things), we are next to the biggest market in the world with really low wages. And because we have free trade agreements which just about everyone. Before NAFTA we also exported 80% of our shit to you.

even those who initially welcomed the daily 30k-60k intake of venezuelans for the past 2 years are now desperately saying we need to keep them out due to their sheer number straight up affecting the economy of Norte de Santander.

That trade bloc already exists. It's called the Pacific Alliance. We should let Panama and Costa Rica in desu

They should take back their land from the communist pieces of shit already.

Real estate prices in Norte de Santander have skyrocketed compared o the rest of the country though. Even tho they're like the 2nd department with the worse unemployment an under-employment numbers. Insane.

10.000, 5,000 pesos?

Dunno man, I've never eaten a whore. I'm not familiarized with the prices

They are a plague in buenos aires

In fact it is expected that this year we will recieve more vzs than in any other years.

Even the gvnt is making easier for them to move here

Its sucks because they are mostly middle class inmigrants and end up working in IT a lot, for like 5000 pesos less than the average argie.

Canned hair?

what;s a pinga

That would only create a lot of problems to the countries involved instead.

>We elect socialist (social-democrats) & Cristian democrats (left christian democrats, not your tyipical german DC)
>we have not big problems at all
>others latam countrys do the same
>they start doing stupid shit and falling apart
>Socialist, gommunist scums brhabrahbrah

kek, you willreceiving a lor more soon. IN April Maduro is expected to win the presidential elections and that event alone will cause a mass exodus, initially to Brazil and Colombia, but eventually a lot of them will continue their journey down south to Argentina and Chile. Some will go to Panama, Mexico, USA and Spain as well

>brazilians are actually considering denying shelter to a bunch of poor, starved people who are running away from a tyrannical regime

That's so, so very sad. Brazilians are an extremely petty, apathetic people. It's especially sad to think I'm surrounded, everyday, by people that mean. No wonder why we're in such deep shit.

>a retarded trump supporter detected

In Bogota, they charge the same as locals.

It's a kind of alcoholic beverage, popular in Brazil because it's very cheap and gets you drunk really easy. It's basically, 90% alcohol, 9% water and 1% sugar.

>90% alcohol, 9% water and 1% sugar.
lmao, let me write this recipe down

I guess it has to do with the values held by your society. I remember watching a TV program (last year, if I'm right) where a Colombian reporter went to your country to learn about the way your schools and the society educate children and he was shocked upon discovering that your kids are raised to be honest and well behaved people, unlike kids here that are educated to be unruly and to learn to take advantage of any circumstance.

I don't give a shit. It's their own fault to believe in socialists.

Now go blame USA for your problems

Countries are not closed societies, moron, and ypu dont know what you are talking about.

It's because Pinochet killed all socialist scum from your country. Only the least radical ones survived

Majority of that wealth/jobs isn't going to come back here, they will just be sent to china or some other shithole anyway.

>It's because Pinochet killed all socialist scum from your country. Only the least radical ones survived.
>le pinochet memetard

I will not lose my time with commietards.

If you don't believe your country is stable because Pinochet, just look all of your neighbours. What a coincidence, huh?

You are talking to one of the most delusional posters in Cred Forums. These bolsonaro imbecile even proxies to samefag. He has been posting the same shit, over and over again, every single day, for years. Literally.

They will

>let me tell about your country

Fuck, some brazilians are so fucking retarded. I'm sorry, Chile.

We are included, retarded monkey. Our army didn't killed them.

no they're not you idiot companies are getting payed and maybe subsidized by the government to build the wall, it's coming out of our tax dollars

oh so it's because of le pinochet meme and not because latam people are corrupted as fuck

>le praise helicopter ride.
>proud citicen of kekistan

what next?


>using «commie as a insult»

oh my...

Why don't you take Venezuelans in your houses? How many countries you need to ruin to realize your ideology doesn't work?

bonobo plz

So yeah, I can wait until more and more Venezuelans go to Chile. Certainly Chilean celebrities and Chilean socialists will receive Venezuelans in their homes. So cute!

Not really, but $5 is enough for even hot girls (18+ ofc).

>"venezuela is a socialist country. they never overthrew capitalism, the banks or the upper class. difference between classes still exists and there are private business operating in there and making decisions. to be fair, i don't even know what the fuck is going on in there, but hey, they are still a socialist country regardless :DD"

my god, why are brazilians so dumb? pls america, nuke us. you already did it with japan, you can do it again.


Narnia is the real socialism.

Try getting a job first and then you can argue with yourself about things nobody is saying

>dat projection

Nice bait fampai


let's pray for him, he is a chronic retarded

If you had job you weren't here now

I'm leftist therefore I'm morally superior!


How can it be socialism if they never got rid of capitalism, you stupid son of a hundred whores?

I'm not morally superior for being leftist, i'm morally superior because you're brazilian famalam.

I don't want more spics here. They blame America for everything. Go fuck youselves.

Like clockwork

>another thread ruined by attention whoring mexicans


no, both you and the congolombians should receive them, they are like you anyway and will integrate fast in your lawless shitholes

Nice proxy

We are shitholes. They will be fine in your aryan European paradises.

We don't even speak Spanish and these injuns will adapt very well in your country. You claim to be first world everyday here.

we are not a paradise of any sort, we all have problems, but culturally they are nothing like us and will be better off both in colombia, brasil, ecuador or even panama I guess

Chilel doesn't even have free education, socialism in chile is just a facade to get stupid people votes..

How they are different from you? You speak the same language and all look part injun. You can take them.

>brazilians think they have the right to shit on anyone
surprised you guys havent gotten fucking robbed and killed by now. everyday i wake up and expect to be fed, have fast working internet connection, hell I even get mad if someone doesnt go out of their way to say hello to me. You guys, you wake up and pray that when you go out some street monkey doesnt shoot you over a dollar

I can't understand how people still don't understand this. Our socialists are just words, they even agree with our right wing on core economic issues

>ugly Chileans refusing Venezuelan genes
you can increase the countries attractiveness by like 20%

t. venezuelan



cosmo you here m8?

id take in venezualans over muslims any fucking day


I don't give a shit about what you think, spic. I don't want Venezuelans in my country. It's already shit.

They can go to Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

aww, do you need me to pray for your life tomorrow before I go to sleep in my nice safe bed?



Too bad for you, Chilean 0n. Your own words are precisely what plays against you in this circumstance.
They won't stay here precisely for that. There's nothing for them here (not even for the natives), since this place is a metaphorical arid wasteland: unbearable and unlivable. So they'll go searching for greener pastures, which is when you come into play.

Dear god. Please protect user while he walks through the streets of his shit hole country. Amen.

Where's your leaf, friendo?

Hope you don't get shot too.

>socialism = marxism.

What is British laborism?
what is Social democracy?

the life is not black & white user

quitate el paño de la guerra fría, si en el siglo 19 los socialistas marxistas y no marxistas ya se odiaban a muerte y en el siglo 20 en rusia se llegaron a matar entre ellos, por algo en la internacional no hay partidos socialistas-marxistas.
Por otro lado, la centro izquierda y la centro derecha son ambos liberales, si a eso le sumas un proyecto país y la necesidad de remar para un lado con el fin de llevar políticas públicas de mediano y largo plazo.
Otra cosa es con guitarra, la extrema derecha conservadora (no la centro derecha liberal) y la extrema izquierda marxista chilena no van a coincidir por obvias razones.

Ahora falta que vengan y me digan que el binominal era pa repartirse la torta y no para mantener la estabilidad política del periodo posdictadura.

Venezuela should've been Australia/Norway tier rich. Wtf did the government do with the oil money?

If none of those countries are similar to yours, than which ones are? Peru, Bolivia?

Right on target.