What is your favorite negative depiction of someone from your country?

What is your favorite negative depiction of someone from your country?
I find this particular mutt to be very amusing.

polandba fucking tigers and russia in the ass




this one makes me laugh hard for some reason

I know so many people who actually look like this

The one that looks like a Lovecraftian demon in the darkness is my favorite.

the man himself


he's handsome, boxes, and tumbles down stairs though

Nooo this one freaks me out. Especially the teeth

Yeah everything is great until he opens his mouth.

I never not chuckle at small foamy beers


not sure if Luigi's Mansion or Ghostbusters


Russians is this your favorite?

I like American Bear, he seems so earnest


Why? He comes off as a genuinely nice guy. You canucks don't know how lucky you are.

He's trying to ram a pipeline through my province I do not approve of (even though the provincial government wants it blocked).

Sadly there are no better options.


I miss american bear.

This one always makes me laugh desu

it never fails for me either

we call

La luz exterminado is my favorite. Does anyone have the one with the family tree that gets less white over time?

I don't like any...

Anybody got the abu when a black sweden abu sits in a wheelchair while the rest of the nordics abus are trying to cure him?

amerigabear :-DDDD will always be my favourite, but the mutts are amazing
This one?

that's it, thanks user

holy kek

hey guys does anyone have the picture where the amerifat is laughing at some Vietnam war pictures but gets assblasted at 9/11?

i don't, but i have a couple good nam ones while you wait




el goblino is disgusting to look at, american bear is endearing

What is there other than autism and mongol for us?
First one is spewed so much it does not matter and there is nothing wrong with mongol (Uralic) ancestry.

Bruce trembling at the sight of an emu, I don't seem to have it

Love Mosley posting and how we have gray skin in (((anglo))) depictions

Amerimutt girl is a cute

I think.

She's cute. I would stick my dick in her

and thats how we got this thread

Drunkard downies

Liero :-DDDD

tfw no mutt gf

needs a jew in there somewhere

Do you not see the Star of David on his arm?

Big fan of the Eternal Anglo

shit missed it my ba. totally fucked up

How do you deal with such DPS?

Australian Shitposter barely counts as a negative depiction at all, it's plainly obvious he's a laidback, outdoorsy kind of bloke who just likes having a laugh.

at-at least i wasssss whittteeeee

He's absolutely based. I always smile when I see a pic of him.


holy fucking shit

el goblino is probably the best USA meme of all, and it absolutely triggers MAGA retards

Australians seem to love their stereotype and love to act like it

>I know so many people who actually look like this


Ben Franklin was the first american "you're not white" poster

Not exactly my country but memritv memes are good. Not as good as the mutt memes or most of the other memes however.


you guys have the toppest quality ones, on par with la creatura i'd say

>negative depiction

wtf, is this sh0pped? Are there actually abos who look like that? That is scary, like legit orcs or the amerimutt memes come to life, Can they even breed with normal people?

Abbos are unironically one of the ugliest races on the planet. This is what decades of government welfare, incest, drinking and petrol sniffing gets you.



Oh my god. Have you ever talked to one? Do they operate like normal humans? I'm not even trying to be racist, but I mean... wow.

>ywn show this picture to H.P Lovecraft and read the resulting story




To find the ones like I showed you, you need to go out to remote communities like Alice Springs, although you can find them pretty much anywhere. I remember I was at getting fuel the other day and an Abbo lady pulled up in a beat up old van. I couldn't understand a single thing she was saying despite how loudly she was talking.

American bear, or the crawling russian slav creature


Chinese bakeries a shit, Vietnamese bakeries a best.


Actually got an audible kek

El ogro de las Americas...

partial to the eternal anglo myself

For me it's the kankermongol


and gets knocked out like the fucking glass jaw he is LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

>there is nothing wrong with mongol (Uralic) ancestry.
moreover, there's EVERYTHING RIGHT with it

We need more pig memes ;_;

el cerdo de la noche Nordica...

Thank you :3