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has a woman ever touched you on purpose?


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yeah they slap me all the time


Flag, yes


only to bully or push me but yes :)

Yes. I will never forget one that touched my hand discreetly and gently, way of flirting on the next level, wanted body contact.
She held my hand when ever we walked together.
We would go out, id see other couples with their arm around each other, but for me it felt more intimate holding hands with her

sounds pretty lovely

Yeah, we shake hands and fist bump.

Do handshakes count?

How many girls have you asked on date last year?

>has a woman ever touched you on purpose?
gave me change in stores before

shoke my hand before


>uses female dating strategy (wait and see)
>wonders why he has 0 results

Just get an apartment and rent it to pretty college girls and lure them into debt
You dont need dates, you wouldnt even know what to say or do on a date

why the fuck would I ever ask out a woman when I already know what would happen

I'm saving myself the embarrassment. no point for some people to ever try to get close to others. socialization for me is just trying to ram a square peg in a round hole. it's not ever going to happen.

Practice starting conversations with complete strangers, just dont ask bizzare questions and dont shitpost irl

Yes. Actually, today I meet a friend of my sister. She approached me and we greeted each other with a cheek kiss as it is accustomed here.

>i already know what would happen
Can you tell me tommorow lottery numbers? I could use some boost for my bank account.

If you are social retard (completely possible), then go on tinder and swipe on super fat, single mothers, uggod or niggers and ask on date them. Practice on them. After few failures you will know what to talk about, what never mention and what they generally want to hear. Also you can practice sex on them. Then you can try date somebody who is actually attractive for you when you gain some confidence.

Or perhaps you are morbidly obese to the point you cant see your own dick?

>Practice starting conversations

>Or perhaps you are morbidly obese to the point you cant see your own dick?
Well he is an american

Once in middle school a girl gave me a hug.

>If you are social retard (completely possible), then go on tinder and swipe on super fat, single mothers, uggod or niggers and ask on date them. Practice on them.
I would literally rather shove a hot stake through my face than do this

and I wouldn't get any matches regardless lol




I'm 21 years old

yes, every time i am getting a haircut
also a female cop held me once

Rejection will make you stronger, user. I know it is easy to think that doing hard, unpleasant things have no point, but in this case, it is very important for you to build a character.

have a gf 2 years now but sometimes i really miss being single and laying sluts. i feel kinda bad feeling like this but at least i dont act on it

>Rejection will make you stronger, user.
that's assuming you'll actually succeed eventually

rejection just makes you more callused. less crying posts on Cred Forums and more eyeing up the handgun.

I got punched once.

>1st worlders have anxiety
heh, weak shit

I think you should give it a try anyway.

don't worry, I won't

My physician.

damn alpha male

Only if the mouth counts as touching

Yes, I even got forcebly kissed
Too bad I'm a fag

2 times happened that a girl touched my butt in night clubs and 4 times happened that a girl massaged my shoulders without asking. Im virgin.

Damn, I hadn't considered this. Chad lifestyle, here I come.

Flag, yes, a lot, things here are easier, if a girl thinks you're beautiful she will probably make body contact herself.

Sarrada reversa, meus caros macacos, é ótimo.

Yes but im a beta fuccboi and overreacted
still virgin to this day

I was one time got groped by a female senior in high school (freshman year, like 5 years ago). I think that counts as molestation.

She was pretty hot...

It was weird...

I kinda like it.

A young woman randomly touched my face from behind once while I was taking a walk in the city. I turned around and looked her in the eyes, she smiled, rubbed my cheek for a moment, and disappeared into one of the crowds
Still dunno what that was about

>hey becky, I dare you to go touch that weird guy's face
>ewww him?! ok fine...

I'm touching myself right now


Nah, that wasn't it. I had something like that happen a bunch when I was a teen and had horrible acne, the touch feels cold and they do it as quickly as possible. I'm guessing it's because I was too lazy to shave and someone in my majority-Asian city wanted to know what they felt like.

please be in Milan

yeah, they touch me a lot actually but they just go away cause they can tell i just gonna fuck some pussy..

im virgin obviously, and women can tell if you are.

yeah, when she pushed me off


Today I went to the store and the girl in the register touched the back of my hand.
Bye, you pathetic virgins!

Yes, of course. Like all Icelanders I was born strong, tall, beautiful and highly intelligent.

Foreign women in particular find me irresistible, constantly fawning over me and begging me to inseminate them, saying they crave my alpha seed instead of the inferior, weak and puny seed of their own weakling native men.

It's quite annoying as they do this constantly, even ones I've never met before, and they always lunge for my penis. I've taken to always wearing a tightly strung belt, and carrying a long and heavy stick around to slap them off, thus redirecting them to my other compatriots.

I have to buy groceries like everyone else and I can't be bothered with these constant disturbances.

hello cletus cletusson

>Icelandic name


I hugged a girl at a running club once, still jerk off to the memory of it to this day.