How the hell is a Australia beating Finland in the WINTER Olympics

how the hell is a Australia beating Finland in the WINTER Olympics

it's coming down...

hope France and everyone else passes you so you stop making these threads



what is the point of winter olympics anyway?
snow events should be a small part of the main olympics like swimming or track and field

Think of the location, you dumb aussie

Yeah good luck organizing the ski-events in Rio de Janeiro.

Anglos are naturally better than others

ever heard of artificial snow?

We get snow too :)

>snow in July
what the FUCK is wrong with Aussies?

>not celebrating Christmas in July

>american education strikes again

Finns aren't particularly good at anything. It is known

Wow you absolute retard.


This map is more encompassing though

Unironically, I have a few clap internet friends from playing vidya and one of them informed me that at no point in school were they taught that seasons are opposite on the other side of the hemisphere. His college professor brought it up and my friend realized that he only already knew about it because he was friends with me.

that's just really sad tb.h

>people think it doesn't snow in australia

Australia was declared nordic long time ago

fuck Finland

This. They really think Australia is nothing but desert.

They don't study geography in school

I know. We were thought you had 4 seasons just the opposite from Europe. When it is summer in Europe it is winter in Australia so it snows and lakes freeze, etc. but it is not as cold as in the northern hemisphere.

Just see the latitude levels

Does the ocean freeze near the shore?

Wrong this is what the round earth want you think. The truth is Australia doesn't belong to this world

wtf? I'm American and they taught that to me in school. What state is your friend in?


>their flag is basically the British flag drifting away in the ocean
>they all speak English in funny accents
I wouldn't be surprised if Australia was actually part of the UK. And not in the southern homosphere at all.

>What's indoor skiing

PyeongChang is using artificial snow

doesn't matter what state, he probably just didn't pay attention and lied that he wasn't taught that.

i actually tried to come up with something stupidly exaggerated hoping for a poker face but apparently it didn't work.

i remember this place vividly
driving school was located at this place at the german rpg server
good times

its where the final gang takeover location is, hidden on the other side of the map for no reason

oh fuck not thats not the place where the driving school on the server i was
i remember the pier mission, the driving school was located by the aircraft carrier