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me ol' bam boo


No shit, scummy working class fucking weirdos, mentally defective cretins who honestly deserve the bullet, repulsive inside and out.

I have an utter disdain for the “working class”. Working class doesn’t even denote hard labor anymore because the runts just commit themselves to monotonous low skilled drudgery in Burger King. Fucking lazy scum.

>Crossdressing? I LOVE crossdressing!

choose your fighter



I request oats, brother.


>India? I LOVE India!

settle down lad

>the runts just commit themselves to monotonous low skilled drudgery in Burger King. Fucking lazy scum.
it's not like they have any choice in the matter since full employment ended

no one cares, fuck off paddy

fucking my life up currently, like i'm about to get into a car crash but i don't have the willpower to steer the wheel. very unnerving feeling, yet at the same time i couldn't care less

Toil in the oats fields for a penny a day

The goal side ting

are cecil

>since full employment ended

yes full employment used to be the norm until that all changed! idiot

Fucking scummy little runt bastards think they’re big scary working class boogeymen because they live on a council estate and have worked in a taxi rank/call center for the past decade and piss away their meager earnings on takeaway and pints


Brother, let me tell you something. Many a day I have lumbered here by this fence and looked at this world. These fences which border this small plot of mud seem to be the edges of the Earth. But I have gazed many beyond the fence. I have watched the hills of green and the tall, slim, terrifying figures who lurk and haunt the strange barn on the far side of the hill, who appear as spectres as the sun rises at the break of day and refill the Oats, and float away without a word. Often I wonder why we are not like them, why we cannot give ourselves the oats, why we are limited and chained down by the girth of our bodies and the uselessness of our hooves. And indeed for many years this sad truth, that forever we would be trapped in this shallow frame, alone, and without purpose or direction, banished forever to wallow in our own filth, this depressed me. But yesterday I realized something. Who are we to be ungrateful for existence in the first place? Who are we to say that this life is not good enough? Instead of oblivion we have the warmth of the sun and the coolness of soil. We have fair conversations and a good night's sleep. Who am I to say that these simple comforts are no better than death? Should we not smile like the sun and bask in our happiness as the sunlight warms the soil without question or thank. So brother, let us share oats and smile and frolick as much as our girth might let us. Let us see this pen not as a prison or a hell but as a palace in which we might enjoy the best our existence has to offer. Give me some oats brother, and let us dine together. I love you.

full employment was the norm from 1945 to about 1971-3

bet you've been decked by a working class lad in the past

not the way I make them they aren't

The hierarchy
Upper class>Middle class>Working class>underclass>>Irish

i have never NEVER heard of a middle class or above Irishman

Chaotic Evil because I can't read what he's saying and that makes him the tolerable socialist.

um sweaty x

what happened in the 80s

post "villains" who did literally nothing wrong

I’ve been decked by lads all shapes, creeds and class

The “working class” are just scum. Repugnant scum. No one thinks they’re scary or tough. It doesn’t take much gallantry to live in a shitty council flat, take drugs and drink habitually and shart on about the footy. Fucking ignorant swine.

unionoids and labour

why did brits get so lazy in the mid-'80s and early '90s? jeez

medication im on increases the effects of alcohol waheyy

Screen just went orange

it’s a little late to be so angry hun

is what happened

That’s the thing, I am a member of the slave class but working to break out of it. I’ve grown up around the trash and fucking despise everyone around me. The only people that have any merit are the upper or middle classes.

double digit interest rates and a rising pound put industry out of business



horrid little bootlick

irish are pond scum, wish we castrated you fuckers at the docks

>I’ve been decked by lads all shapes, creeds and class
Only time I ever lost a fight was when a rotund ball of a manlet came at me from behind when I was already in a fight

Glad she fucked the miners, but I don't really get the poll tax meself tbqh.

I'm working class and even I'm scared of the working class. I'm an absolute pussy 2bh, although it's funny going to a middle class or posh area and you see how soft they all are even someone like me can feel like a right hard cunt. When I was at uni if some twat tried to take the piss out of me a few select words in my accent and the old dare stare had them absolutely shitting themselves.

dont have a free house to do drugs
neither do my mates

>upper class

>it's not like they have any choice in the matter since full employment ended

so all those people during the "full employment" times had a choice of where to work as they went down the pit or as mushroom pickers as opposed to today where you have no choice but to work at burger king since the end of "full employment"? you're so laughable

you can't escape your class, boy. it comes from birth, not actions.

good, degenerate druggie

Sorry lad but BIG MICK DICK is the only hope for las creaturas to become anything more than 56%

Do you want a medal for getting steamrolled by a plump chode?


Anybody else feel like they are always being talked down to like a child. Really bothers me but then I see other people my age look like double my age and think fcuk maybe I am still a kid


What's most grating about the working class is the pride they have in being working class and how it's accepted that they're more "authentic" in whatever narrative we have about them, a bit like the noble savage or magic negro trope really

I'm 19 but feel 14

No, just wondering how you get into so many fights/so many fights you end up losing.

yeh, although I do look young for 22 years old though. I still have the mind of a child though.

Just put me in nappies and let me shit myself

>so all those people during the "full employment" times had a choice of where to work
essentially, provided you were willing to move around.
with full employment companies compete for workers, not vice versa.

(go ahead reply to me again demonstrating what a spastic troglodyte you are for all to see.)

never lost a fight because i have god tier survival instincts, can tell when someone's a hard cunt or when they're bluffing easily

puff out your chest and stop slouching. make eye contact and don't be a sissy bitch when you talk. put zest in your step and step with purpose. you only feel that way because you're acting like a beta male. snap out of it cunt.


Because I get into a lot of fights and you win some you lose some

Most losses have been down to foul play and ungentlemanly intentions eg weapons/ganging up

look at this post, it's like paranoid schizophrenia condensed. what the fuck?


Love pints n slags

my autismo mate turned into a hypernormie overnight

wouldn't mind walking that irish bootlicker around the park and making him lick rich Jew's shoes

what do you mean la? in what way

I'm glad I had both my mother and father were married and raised me together

Yeah, it's a bit of a joke really. The people who are good one-on-one tend not to fight outside of fairer match-ups and fairly unambiguous limits than the unruly hordes of scrawny/skinnyfat scum.

Canada is not a real country. These are the true borders of northern North America

most "autists" are just really discouraged failed normies that need rehabilitation, this shouldn't surprise you

One of my mates from school/sixth form has completely disappeared. Can't contact him at all now

Always been a bit weird but now he's disappeared for good. Have no idea how to get hold of him

just burn all of it

How did he do it?

I would fucking run through you, you’re a cheeky, ugly, despicable, fat fucking spiteful virgin insect. I swear to god I would fucking demolish you in ten seconds flat you mouthy little cunt.

lol, you gay or something lad?

i raised by my two dads, real mens men, so i never got any of that feminine crap

New York belongs to the Irish, eventually America will be giving Ireland 200 billion in military aid a year, all Hollywood movie companies will be owned by TG4.

I'm a Newfoundlander, not a Canadian.

Good lad.

wew, look at the angry spud go

I really don't know, I'd like to know

shut up you loser

are you 12? talking about fighting like youre an expert

honestly we should replace toilet paper and just use the Irish

ah yes all those kids from pit villages who were basically expected to go down the mine and couldn't get a job anywhere else had loads of choice. they could just move somewhere else for a similarly low paid position with no education to speak of! hjhahahahash

very good post

>don't be a sissy bitch when you talk.
Think this is my biggest problem, always allow myself to get talked over because I have a weak voice. Also still get cracks in my voice which doesn't help at all

don't understand european arrogance

did this myself desu. not even on facebook. don't think anyone I knew in school would notice however

The best fight I’ve ever witnessed was some 5’6 skinnyfat lad spark out some farmer twice his size with one dig

Fucking clean busted his face open and the big culchie was out cold for like 5 minutes, looks can be deceiving

would be hard to tell when you've gotten it all since they have the same texture and appearance as shit

Are you an expert? If not, you shut the fuck up.

i did the exact same thing at his age, cut off all contact with my mates. still don't know why. i do the same everywhere i go. did it in primary school, high school, college, uni (although, didn't have many at uni). bit of a loner i suppose.


Hate math
Love map

I was that lad of my group haha, ended up regretting it
Could try a letter to his house I suppose

oooh ur hard
bet everyones scared of you on the playground even the teachers

>these micks larping as hard men

Are there any truly good, fulfilling, mid/high-paying careers left?

Ask him and tell us you cunt. We're all here looking for the answer

what do you mean how?

Fucking yank runts are getting lippy

The audacity of these nigger lovers

Lack of confidence is all. Seems you also have a defeatist mentality which conditions this further. It's an "easy" fix, but YOU have to be the one to fix it, not us.

People don't know what fists are capable of because they think it's all going to be like professional boxers.

Damn right.
At the end of the school day I pick a car and go home with the mammy in it.

It’s an integral staple of brit culture you miserable worm

meant why haha


>and couldn't get a job anywhere else
yeah they could, if they moved. the fact they didn't want to move is irrelevant to the fact a choice existed.
>they could just move somewhere else for a similarly low paid position
that is a choice.


>At the end of the school day I pick a car and go home with the mammy in it.

Did anyone else cringe?

how hard will you be when somebody hides near your house with a bottle of acid and waits for you to come outside and turns you into a blind vegetable from behind and you are literally powerless to do anythig about it

the (singular) Bradley poster is unequivocally my favorite

starting to understand how we conquered ireland so easily after reading these paddy posts. truly a pathetic people, the irish

funny I don't recall millions of yanks running away from here to ireland because they couldn't figure out how to fish

Ok so what's the fix?


What the fuck are you gibbering about you insipid amoeba

Maybe you could elucidate us as to why you lost so?

McGregor forgive me, I'll have to go all out.. just this once...

>a choice existed.

as opposed to today where no choice exists? and i see you've ignored the point about the fact any other position would be equally lowly paid and be pointless to take anyway.

Get help Ahmed

You have ample fat reserves to see you through any famine

mad to think there was a day you could find "made in britain" stamps on common manufactured goods

oooh that riled yous up didn't it?

>People don't know what fists are capable of because they think it's all going to be like professional boxers.

Is this guy retarded? This is the kind of comment I’d imagine a legitimate slow cunt would blurt out. Read that sentence aloud and tell me it doesn’t sound like a genuine mong.

only thing I hate more than the Irish are Irish travelers

just don't have any mates really. haven't since I was a lad. don't know many people in general at all actually haha

mad to think the main thing you find "made in britain" stamps on is birth certs with the name "Muhammad"

No, I was genuinely curious, why did you lose to handful of farmers when you were the most powerful emperor in the world to date and we were a leisurely swim away?

hate the irish but i'd love them if i had an irish gf

>as opposed to today where no choice exists?
if you want to work down a coal mine in 1960 move to an area with a coal mine
if you want to work down a coal mine in 2018 you're fucked because they're all gone.
>and i see you've ignored the point about the fact any other position would be equally lowly paid and be pointless to take anyway.
i see you've ignored that my original point wasn't whether it was worthwhile to move from working in a shop to working down a mine, only whether that choice existed.

it's like talking to a child, except children learn.

only thing I hate more than the English are Irish travelers

would punt any of these irish runts back to their mam's water logged brothels in Donodilidilly

Provide an example and I'll tell you how you could've made it better.

Why do spotty virgin weirdos like to LARP as redcoats?

half irish
love fish
hate potatoes

would punt you back to whichever factory farm you escaped from

is /eire/ broken?

fundamentally, yes

love my province

unfortunately so

I would fucking stamp your face into a fine red paste you fat fucking simpleton

no wonder these irish never got their act together. too busy fighting each other

Anyone else get really anxious at night? All my worries and problems come flooding back to me


that modernist runt flag is hideous

god it's like half the fucking thread
think we need to start up some detention centres


Pride in where you're from is only for scoundrels compensating for something else

>Anonymous 02/19/18(Mon)02:09:12 No.85820583▶
> (You)
> >as opposed to today where no choice exists?
> if you want to work down a coal mine in 1960 move to an area with a coal mine
> if you want to work down a coal mine in 2018 you're fucked because they're all gone.
> >and i see you've ignored the point about the fact any other position would be equally lowly paid and be pointless to take anyway.
> i see you've ignored that my original point wasn't whether it was worthwhile to move from working in a shop to working down a mine, only whether that choice existed.

lol so no choice exists now? the working class have no choice but to work at burger king? the very idea of moving into being a lorry drvier or highway maintence worker or bricklayer is ridiculous these days! it's so fucking hilarious how you actually think you're making a point and have something to say HAHHASHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

You only won because of your divide and conquer tactics like the crafty fucking Jews you are

honestly prefer yanks to the irish tonight. cannot stand their whimsical fantasies of fights they've never been in

Because you are a petty breed of people's that squabble over the most trivial thing constantly fighting between yourselves.

A staple of conquering foreign lands is divide and conquer, with the Irish we only had to do the latter.

That's basically it.

Not anxious but antsy, like I have more energy to do things even though my mind is moving more slowly due to sleep deprivation.

How does /brit/ feel that Mogg is an Amerimutt?

A literal soy boy for prime minister.

would pulverize the irish into fucking hash browns

>you only won because you're smarter

I see the English education system is as good as ever
>why you lost


Ireland is rightful British clay and I would help Britain invade.

Legitimately have had more scraps outside Supermacs of a Friday night than you’ve had hot dinners you sheltered little toff

I will unite the Irish

God I just want to be in year 9 again

who touched you, daveposter? you're a fascinating specimen

God I just want to be in a year 9 again

God I just want the troubles to start again

it's not terrible, but I do prefer the old colonial/ensign flags better. unofficial republic flag is great too
jog on paddy. useless runt. we're everything you want to be but better.

yes, yes, whatever you say paddy. Don't you have a pot of gold to get back to?



You wouldn’t help anyone do anything you fucking pathetic virgin. You read fucking polandball comics like a genuine drug addled braindead manchild fucking autist cunt. Do one you fucking idiot, seriously it is completely apparent to EVERYONE in this thread that you’re a pathetic fucking loser with NO prospects in life and probably some mental health issues that, if indicative of anything, suggest you should fucking neck yourself you grossly overweight miserable little fucking insect. Die!

>the very idea of moving into being a lorry drvier or highway maintence worker or bricklayer is ridiculous these days!
If you move from burger king to bricklayer in 1960, there's one less burger king worker
If you move from burger king to bricklayer in 2018, because full employment has ended, another burger king worker is lifted from the unemployed. the position of the "working class" as a whole hasn't shifted.

it's like trying to explain trigonometry to a dog.

Off to bed
Praying that I wake up to news of toilberg's mansion burning to a crisp x


Exactly the response I expected.

she's a keeper lad

over sexualized "flirting" is so pathetic and working class. Go show off to some fucking Jamaicans


I'm a white nationalist

irish war of independence:

>achieve no actual significant military victories
>british army retained control of every major population centre even by the end of the war when the british government (many of whom supported irish independence) decided to try to end it

irish civil war
>pro treaty forces armed and supplied by the british easily defeat the ira and anti treaty forces
>the treaty which ended the war was seen as such a betrayal by many republicans it caused a civil war in which the British government decided who won

Such a stunning victory!!

would love to see ireland and cokemong go at it

*rambling hard man post*

Cromwell should be higher desu. Diana and John Lennon can fuck right off, literally specs of dust.


belter of a post, love it

all my mates have turned into normies

am I a normie? no
am I considering offing myself? yes

Reading old text messages

Feeling: sad

Where's cheddar man?

See, you get it. The working class are scum in need of purging.


All you hibernophobic runts are gonna receive a swift hook in a moment


don't the Irish have their own general to be rowdy in?

They all do it because if they were to be direct about what they wanted, society would literally collapse.


>Winston 'Warmonger' Churchill
>first place
ah yes, the brainwashing has truly worked.


Who the fuck is Isambard

they should deploy the british army to drown all Irish babies like an unwanted litter

alri ethiopialad

Absolute unit

fun fact: the weeknd is ethiopian

This is our territory now.

when has that ever stopped them from forcing their presence on others

Ethiopians ought to be genocided

Isambard Kingdom Brunel FRS (/ˈJzəmˌbɑːd bruːˈnɛl/; 9 April 1806 – 15 September 1859), was an English mechanical and civil engineer who is considered "one of the most ingenious and prolific figures in engineering history",[1] "one of the 19th century engineering giants",[2] and "one of the greatest figures of the Industrial Revolution, [who] changed the face of the English landscape with his groundbreaking designs and ingenious constructions".[3] Brunel built dockyards, the Great Western Railway, a series of steamships including the first propeller-driven transatlantic steamship, and numerous important bridges and tunnels. His designs revolutionised public transport and modern engineering.

Though Brunel's projects were not always successful, they often contained innovative solutions to long-standing engineering problems. During his career, Brunel achieved many engineering firsts, including assisting in the building of the first tunnel under a navigable river and development of SS Great Britain, the first propeller-driven, ocean-going, iron ship, which, when built in 1843, was the largest ship ever built.[4][5]

Right so let's get this straight. The point before was the working class have no choice about their jobs these days. Why has your point changed now to "the position of the working class" as opposed to what we were discussing previously, the variety of jobs available? Why do you just change to saying something else with no bearing on what was disputed? Please explain or alternatively talk about something else entirely hahahahahahah

who's this dickens looking cunt? wouldn't last one moment with a hard Irish lad swinging

Good post

bark for me, puppy. bark like the overzealous little dog you are.

toil in 5 hours
ah yes

The Italians had the right idea
Just failed to execute

>internalized racism

black is bootyful :))

terror de la noche....

my friends are slowly getting bored of me

Do these girls usually have boyfriends?
You guys must be very liberal over there

What the fuck is this absolute patient of a yank rambling on about the Irish for when he’s never met one and the only exposure he’s had to Irish people or Irish culture is a niche subsection of a Vietnamese basket weaving forum, yet this big fat fucking glipe is adamant that the Irish are the scourge of the earth

On the contrary, I’ve actually had the misfortune of meeting Americans and they’re the most intolerable, obnoxious, repugnant creatures on earth. They genuinely all need euthanized.

uni toil
think the lecturer hates me
but I'm to smart to fail

nice sleep pattern you got there

i watch you making these arguments over and over with little response or even agreement constantly so who's barking for you when you're the only one writing absolute nonsense hajhahahahahahhas

>expecting autismoyank not to be retarded

read at most 10 pixels of that paddy post, shant be glancing at a pixel more of it

unironically wish I was Drake or some other rapper

what a fantastic life

>i watch you making these arguments over and over with little response or even agreement constantly so who's barking for you when you're the only one writing absolute nonsense hajhahahahahahhas

The famed Canadian literacy

no no mate you see ooh ah up the ra ah i forget the rest haha

Did Richard Pryor and Brando really used to get high and fuck each other?

What a bizarre thought

cracking post

yanks are up there with spanish teenagers and chink students for the worst tourist award


Get a bigger monitor

>brit talking about worst tourists


scream ing

Why did you lose so? A guerrilla war isn’t fought by taking major population centers. Think before you speak you worm.


>this absolute patient of a yank
stealing this

ye u r

you don't want to pick a fight with me paddy, it'll be three smacks - me hittin you, you hittin the ground, then your casket hittin the dirt

>yank daring to reply to my post


very entertaining /brit/ tonight, keep it up lads

spewing angry autism is a shit gimmick, try something else

Remember when all the king's horses and all the king's men tried to explain a post to cokemong on Saturday and he still didn't get it

Actually my post has received unanimous acclaim from /brit/ as a whole and I am one of the GREATEST minds on this general. Now fck off and run along you fat phucking freak.


>Irish "people"
>Irish culture

find a bridge

anyone remember the rapelad meme?

not sure who id put my money on between a yank and ire lad

>A guerrilla war isn’t fought by taking major population centers

the irish war of independence was an incredibly minor conflict invloving a few thousand deaths on boths sides. the british army lost more men in a matter of hours at the somme. if the british government had wanted to they could have genocided everyone in ireland and burned down every building


the virgin leaf vs the chad gael


would launch all you micks into the grand canyon with a trebuchet

>people liked my post on a Burmese finger painting symposium, my life is finally complete
loling at u

Brando was an enigma of a man. Would fuck anything that existed: man, woman, radiator (not joking) and would do as little work as possible and still do it better than anyone (pic related is him reading his lines during take on the godfather)

Everything I learn about the man leaves me dumbfounded

Yet they didn't, and capitulated to the IRA hmmmm made me think

posting to get the
scat porn off my screen

but ye didn't
we won't make that mistake

Why the fuck do you autistic retards keep pulling this “we could have genocided Ireland and burnt it to a husk” excuse out of their fucking arse? You couldn’t have done. You lost you retarded fucking runt. Accept it.

might filter all flags apart from brits, paddies and aussies

disgusting little ""man"" you are

might care

I genuinely see myself still living at home by the time I'm 30. Christ.

>Irish culture
Good one mate

Even on the only little corner of the internet where you can act the maggot you’re disliked you fat fuckin freak. Do one.

who then were so angered by the terms of the anglo irish treaty which ended the independence war (such as retaining the king as head of state and northern ireland) a civil war began with the british backed irish free state forces defeating the ira and anti treaty forced with massive british support and armament. glorious.

runt runt runt runt runt

why does the chinese government unironically pay people to push their pov on Cred Forums of all places

i used to worship the irish before i came onto this thread, since i'm irish myself. But now i would honestly say Cromwell if the bbc asked me who the greatest brition was

I could literally crush you into a fine paste were you standing here right now. Makes it hard to take your posts seriously.

love this one irish lad who has a go at yanks

read this

pathetic country, cannot wait until they stop building flats and their economy tanks

Better than wasting the money on so-called "food"

fellow gaels


So we beat the people who beat you?

We keep on getting better and better with your renditions of Irish history

Doubt it you feeble little rat, I know your kind. You’re an autistic loser billy no mates slow cunt, you’re as transparent. It’s evident.

I don't hate the Irish, but they are like uppity negros. Once they come back under the crown all will be forgiven.

dengism gang

should ask to be his sub

*sees some gin addled Irish tramp pounding away at a laptop*

*grabs the nearest yank and snaps it's neck without blinking an eye*

yeah and I know your kind. pasty, pock-marked little rodents with delusions of being hard. Would murder you, your family, and your entire misbegotten race.

Again why are you talking like some Victorian era WASP you autistic, delusional freak. This is honesty just embarrassing. You’re making a fool out of yourself.

ireland had very little armament industry or industrial capacity in the 1920s we decided we won the irish civil war with arms shipments hahhaha

*puny malnourished Irish scallawag tugs ineffectively on my neck*

the irish didn't fight anyone bar themselves we were trying to give the spacks home rule in the first place

Feeling down lads

>Hmmm yes those uppity negroid hibernians simply cannot fathom the wrath of a true steampunk ANGLO American gentlesir such as m’self. Begone you filthy negro rogue lest I give you a taste of Victorian steel!

He thinks he’s Daniel day lewis in gangs of New York



>mother 3 was good

Buy mode 1 is a supreme tune

I liked it

Not as good as the others but still enjoyable

why's that la


This is how people talk.

do NOT use the leaf thread