Turks still banned from posting

>Turks still banned from posting

Who even cares?

All they did was post pedo shit, I'm glad they're gone


Why are they banned? BBC spam?

>Turks are massive attention whores who keep making threads about themselves under proxies
>gullible posters on this board still reply to their bullshit seriously


You can't use proxies on Cred Forums.

>Why are they banned? BBC spam?
banned because of Turkey, not Cred Forums

turkish ISPs switched to DPI filtering

So did Turkey block Cred Forums or it something else?

Sultan Erdogan blocked Cred Forums because of insulting posts about him.

You can. Not all proxy IPs are banned. Mods ban them as they discover them.

Turkey blocked Cred Forums

Well I've tried quite a few and it never worked. With PIA VPN, Cred Forums won't even load when connected to the turkish server.

This: , also you can use all rangebanned proxies with a pass.

what got them banned this time?
the quality of the board has certainly improved

i want them back
they were funny

no it hasnt

It was me. No need to thank me, just doing my job.

t. turk

really just want cute turkish girls to be posted tbqh

> Girls

Good. I hope it's permanent.
Thank you.