Have you ever been to Europe? How was it...

Have you ever been to Europe? How was it? What advice do you have for someone hoping to visit it for the first time soon?

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Gypsies fucking suck


For tourists Italy is the most interesting, as they have lots of things to see and do.
But most capitals in Europe are pretty fine, excluding shit like Brussels and Bratislava. Those are B cities.

And London is a C.

you really haven't seen subhuman until you've seen a gypsie

I've never been to London. But I always heard it was pretty cool.

Please do us Europeans a favour and stay home, burger.

It is pretty cool, but it's also very ugly.

The people, the food or the city?

The city. It's full of postmodern trash.
As for the food, it's not disgusting or anything, just very unremarkable.

but that tourism money

Where are you going?

very expensive
prepare your pocket

>dutch complaining about postmodern trash
Piss off, London was the centre of the greatest empire in the world's history. Better than *msterdam

Whatever helps you sleep at night.


>greatest empire in the world's history

>tfw never left the country besides canada

I have a question. I once stayed in London for a week and there was this store that kinda was underground where they sold a bunch of sandwiches, salads and crisps. Do you know what that store is called?

They charge for water at restaurants.


Not treating Europe like a fucking country would be a good start

Its a genuine question. Pretty nice store, unusual.

Loads of stores like that mate. It could be a Sainsburys, Tescos, co-op etc.

...a convenience store...?

No they only sold sandwiches, salads, drinks, crisps and snacks. Weird store.

Just go. You can grab a flight, nice hotel, and hang out in Paris for a while for only like $2,000, and you'll remember it forever.

Why so hurtful?

Europe is big you idiot. Narrow it down a bit

I went to Paris and did not really enjoy it. Too many niggers. But if you are going to go somewhere make sure you don't cheap out, just save a shit ton of money and do it right. Travelling "economically" is shitty and stressful.

>it's another "Europe is one country" thread
God I hate Americans.

I live in Prague. It's nice and niggers only hang around Wenceslav square.

in high school I went to spain

it was pretty cool. I was shocked by the amount of people dressed up like statues and cartoon characters in madrid though who try to panhandle and charge for photos

I didn't like it. Everyone assumed I was a muslim

no one has said that. you're too sensitive or are looking to be offended

>Have you ever been to the Northern Hemisphere? How was it? What advice do you have for someone hoping to visit it for the first time soon?
See how dumb that sounds.


Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Amsterdam, Zürich, Zermatt, Bern, Nürnberg, Prague, Copenhagen, Paris, Vienna.

Yeah, been there done that.

great cities, filled with awful foreigners.

Europe is a big place. And unlike America, every region has its own unique history and culture, so making sweeping generalizations like "Europe" won't get you very far.

>And unlike America, every region has its own unique history and culture

There is no meaningful difference between Arizona and Maine
Meanwhile, there's a world of difference between Portugal and Spain

There are people who haven't been to the northern hemisphere and want to visit a variety of countries there. Maybe op is country hopping.

Pay toilet

maine is bigger than europe though