Which is more popular in your country?

Which is more popular in your country?

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coca-cola :3

Is pepsi more popular than coke in any country?

probably coca cola is more popular in general worldwide. its extremely well known

When Quebec is independent it will be


>When Quebec is independent it will be
So never?


In Brazil have a theory that pepsi is made with aborted fetuses. By Olavo de Carvalho

>a challenger appears

Definitely coke

The god drink

Is this some generic brand?

Coca-cola, but 7Up is more popular than Sprite

Having a LIDL next door is the true freedom, my American friend.

Freeway is literally undrinkable
rather drink piss

coca-cola and by a big difference

That's it.
Drink THIS

Both tastes similar

That is.......

>Both tastes similar

RC and Moonpies

Decided to give up all soda products and have been successful so far. But as far as popularity, it's definitely coke. In the 80s, america introduced New Coke and removed the original product (which was very similar to Pepsi's formula. This caused Americans to throw a massive temper tantrum that ultimately ended the New Coke fad.

>Decided to give up all soda products
After you've been without it for a few months and try some it will taste like shit.

where are you from?

it's been almost a month so far. I have to say that I feel a lot better and less hungrier than I usually do. I mostly stick to water now

I still drink it when I'm outside somewhere, because I refuse to pay for bottled water. May as well get some sugar and caffeine if I'm paying money for it.
But I don't drink much of it since starting modafinil for some reason. Maybe I used to need the sugar to keep me awake.

this desu

fucking hate moonpies but RC is great

Also does anyone else wake up more from sodas than coffee?
Two espressos and I'm still tired, but 600mL of coke and I'm not. Sugar is a hell of a drug.

>we have Pepsi
>is that okay?

Terrible stuff, RC

815 Coke is most popular in Korea.

i've only ever drunk soda every few months and this is wrong, I don't crave it though as many americans seems to do

Well here Pepsi marketed the shit out of my province so most people prefer it. For example Pepsi made ads just for us, pushing the fact that we prefer Pepsi over Coke

This. How do you know that though?

>Dr. Pepper Snapple
The dark horse

coke...but i love pepsi


Coke... i prefeer pepsi but it's more expensive.

Here is coke more expensive

here's too.

Coca Cola is by far more popular, ad wise and stuff, but people still order Pepsi more. Go to any food joint or shopping mall and everyone has a Pepsi.

>Pepsi flag
>doesn't drink Pepsi

Pepsi deberia de hacer lo mismo que coca con los envases retornables, asi seria mas barata.

this one is better

RC Cola is master race

Probably coke but I personally prefer Pepsi
Soda is the one addiction I’ve fell for in life, other than being online too much. But even normies live on the internet now

Pepsi. And it's not even close.


get off this island at least once in your life user

I tried this one once, and I had a bad headache soon after and my blood sugar went off the charts.
Horrible wash

If there is one thing the yanks can make it's good soft drinks. Cheers lads.

does exist in other countries
it's dirt cheap and delicious
their cola light is indistinguishable from their normal cola

A few, but worldwide coke is the winner.

Where do you buy it?

>cola also means dick in Spain Spanish

>815 Coke
Coke in the West Chicago suburbs?

having Lidl is a curse, fuckers don't even have Lay's or proper brand of youghurts

Drink root beers instead of dr. Pepper

>american beverages

No, thanks.

unironically prefer this over all others, best taste, best carbonation

also classic cola you get in ex-ussr countries is too sweet I think, I liked cola in states more.


Baikal is horrible. Golden nut was much better. Too bad that chernogolovka stopped making it.

>Golden nut


I've tried root beer one time, never again. It literally tastes like mouthwash