A-and then he said he was a canadian

>a-and then he said he was a canadian

>a-and then he said he still rules the world!!

fuck canadians

>fuck canadians

Wakanda but it's real and it's Irish



Everyone else

dumb nigger runtoid cretin shit stain waste of space sissy

bloody hell the yank and the leaf are making fucking awful posts
have I stumbled into upside down town?????

nice thesaurus, must be the biggest one they sell in Canada

Lads is Black Panther any good?

bigger than the one they sell in Ireland I hear.

Ireland is not even a real country.


>ireland LITERALLY believes its not a puppet

Remember to call out all dave posts. His posts are confrontational, often calls you retarded or mentally ill. Very contrarian.

David is a poster identified in December. He's anonymous but everyone knows who he is, because of his distinctive posting style. He posts very long winded, argumentative responses, combined with colourful ways of calling you dumb, like "trogolodyte" and "spastic", he continues long paragraph responses thread after thread. We've come to know him as dave. love are dave tho, wouldnt be the same without him

Dave has argued about the following
1. Cars should be banned because everyone uses trains now
2. Teachers have every right to breakdown mentally in front of students
3. Mac is "better" than Windows
4. Tame Impala is a Beatles rip off
5. There's nothing wrong with asking the waiter to bag your food to take home
6. Beleives the NHS is being "cut" despite constantly being proven wrong
7. Thinks secondary legislation with no report stage or vote on EU directives is "democratic"
8. Thinks tariffs are a bad thing
9. doesn't know what a registry on a computer is
10. Thinks £20k a year is "minimum wage"

Arguing with him is fascinating. Ask if the US or UK is better ? Get a rousing speech about being molded by British streets ? Mention the 90s? Rant about future of Europe!

staggering difference in quality between north american insults and paddy insults

how can Ireland be its own country if it uses someone else's language?

almost as vast as the difference between you and someone who will have sex in their lifetime

this isn't /brit/ lads, check the thread name

the average irish specimen.

did not POO at all today

Ireland's population still hasn't fully recovered from the famine

where everyone at?

Mexico's population still hasn't fully recovered from neighbouring the United Shartstains

>*starves to death*

in 'ere gents