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I fucking love Chinese aesthetics and history.

I love (raping) China.

t. Weaboo

Die weeb

what if you like both countries


I used to be a sinoboo until I saw black panther. Now I'm an African nationalist.

It's easy to laugh at human rights protections until you need them.

Private American Polling Corporation

Trust in Government Institutions



Yeah cattle have an amazing amount of trust in the farmer who owns them as well.

>"I fucking love Chinese aesthetics and history"
>Posts a picture in Japanese style

what if i'm a sinoboo and also an ultra-capitalist imperialist

So a few activists out of 1.4 billion Chinese get fucked each year?

Wow big deal

Meanwhile Chinese seem extremely content with this “lack of human rights”.

I am not a shill for authoritarian fuckers (the CCP), but maybe we need to adjust our view of how China works. For some reason most Chinese like the system. Should we ignore their opinions? Shouldn’t they be the ones to decide if their system should change?

Explain India
Explain Indonesia
Explain Singapore

All had as much trust in the government than China last year. Are they cattle?

India is supposedly a democracy, and yet they trust their government more than China in 2017.

Are they cattle?

>So a few activists out of 1.4 billion Chinese get fucked each year?
>Wow big deal
Pretty much the response I'd've expected from a 50cent bot.

Any of those could have good reasons to trust their government and any of those could be brainwashed cattle. My point is just showing solely that people trust their government isn't representative of much.

it's just a meme, like whomever you want friend

I mean, why do American-run public opinion anonymous surveys in China all show high levels of public support for the government?

Are 33,000 Chinese respondents just lying?

Also remember that the definition of "human rights" is carefully written to exclude communist cunts while going easy on capitalist ones. Expropriation of industrial means is treated as worse than having half your population languishing in toxic ghettos with roving death squads.

Except we can clearly see a correlation between governments that are mismanaging the economy, getting into horrible wars, or actively harming their people and the public trust in government.

Notice the US fall in 2017? The Indian decrease because of the Cash Ban, Hospital massacre, and Delhi pollution scandal? The rise in Spain because they punished corrupt PP officials?This survey is done by a private American corporation which has run polls since 1937. These are good reflections of public opinion.
Your argument that people are completely delusional to the reality of their government’s actions is simply idiotic.

If this was true, then democracy is irrelevant. People clearly cannot comprehend what their government is doing according to you.

What people don’t understand is that China’s system is hell for 1% of the population but beneficial to 60-70%.
The question is not absolutes either. It is based upon change from year to year.

“Is your country improving for you”? “Is it the government that caused that improvement?”
That is the basic question.

For China, it is so backwards that even an average government will at least not hold the development back. Chinese people recognize that.
That’s the only conclusion you can draw from these repeated public opinion surveys.

>he most likely has blood relatives who were killed by CPC or starved to death by CPC initiative
>3 generations in a different country later he loves them despite his distant relatives current dreams of attaining green cards and escaping elsewhere

Dude, the chinese LOVE the CCP, and for understandable reason. But please, tell us all about something you clearly only know from memes.

commie scum
go back to china, you don't belong there


lmao you live in a colony, dude. You're the half of Korea that gave up and agreed to be a colony.