This board is pathetic. These unfunny shitposters and spammers, that can barely speak english...

This board is pathetic. These unfunny shitposters and spammers, that can barely speak english, are free to roam this board and I'm tired of it. I'm out, I'm tired of sharing this board with those savages. Mods, get fucked you fucking weebs.


>This board is pathetic
thats the beauty of online OP. you dont need to be here

Don't like it? Then go back to your third world reddit taringa.

I wish Cred Forums mods ban argies like they did years ago.

Ey weeb, don't you have a wall to jump?

>t. Weak Virgin who never has fight irl.

You only fight to please my dick desu




>Lat*Noid BTFO


>unfunny shitposters and spammers
we are shitposters but not spammers in general
there is only one pesky gaijin spammer in japan

Why do mods give japs a free pass to shitpost? They make the same shitty threads every day.
And what is worse, they blame all own fault on korean and never learn to behave.
Why is this allowed while op is bannable? Many of Cred Forums posters have the same opinion as op because jap posters are actually terrible. Please do something to them before rejecting an objection.

I reported him many times.

But janitor never ban him.
If you complain about these shit threads,
tell janitor in person.

>Strong Jomon Gorilla BTFO weak Lat*Noid

>disguised as japanese
Kim in Japan desu senpai

But he is never banned.
Could he do this alone?

about 95 IQ is needed to understand that he is the one who made these threads

unfortunately, still too hard for most gaijins

F*ck you >:(





Cred Forumsはよほどことが無い限りプロバイダ規制はやらない

you know what? that's exactly the response the spammer wants; he's enjoying seeing you getting triggered and chimping out, so in a way you are literally feeding him now. your third world monkey brain is too primitive to learn and ignore those obvious bait threads kept posted, and the more butthurt you get, the more encouraged he gets. train your cerebral frontal cortex and develop the skill of ignoring, you fucking ape

that's the same spammer and the same netouyo keeping their routine for years

Shut the fuck up, you sub-human nip bugmen. This is white site. Gtfo filthy gook.

>t. literal subhuman poleshit

wtf why are you even mad?




どっか良さげなgeneral か別の板でも探すかな

t literal nip bugmen/fucking loser teaching Eng in nip land

Write in latin alphabet, not bugmen speech.


Op was right. Stop the fucking bugmen threads.

just get the fuck out of here. no one called you

I support OP. Rangeban Japan. Moot should never have sold this site to nips.

Go back to the gas chamber.

why are latinos weak?

this baord sucks not gonna lie

too bad, nobody cares about what third world monkeys and subhuman slavshit say.

more like moot should never have copied a filthy japanese website, right?

Get nuked you filthy fucking sadistic animal. Bomber Tibbets do it again.

And you are not even a nip, just a TSL nigger autist.

hiro is the creator of 2ch (5ch)

You are sub-human you bugmen, not me. You are a fucking drone incapable of critical thinking and with retarded autism.

Slavic people are superior to nip bugmen, they rolled over you in both 39 and 45.

Internet is a white invention nip, get fucked.

Sperg more slaveshit

You are not japanese, japs cannot into pepe, they prefer jacking off to 8 yo loli like sick fucks.

ahahaha none of them was yamato vs slavshit, but just a tiny part of great war
the sole real war between yamato vs slavshit was russo-japanese war where yamato raped slavshit as if it was nothing

yamato > mongol > wh*Te >>>> slavshit (literal slave)

It's cleaning hours, not shitposting hours. Back to the toilet polack.

It's not a serious story.

In 2ch, the administrator do not ban of IP only, but they do range ban.
If there is no report that the contract has been canceled or warned from the provider,
the administrator of 2ch will never release the regulation.

Because the Cred Forums janitor range BAN rarely,
they seem to be able to easily avoid regulation.
(Power cycle the router and change IP)


if the spammer is a phone poster, rangeban is the only way to stop him. otherwise he will keep getting a new IP address. that's why you may think mods don't ban him, maybe they do but he keeps getting new IP addresses. that's what the cancerous leafs do.

英語しか読めない janitor でもわかるだろ

He IS the mod.

Remember to not break Global Rule 7

Are you guys talking about that schizo who keeps calling everyone Korean?
I didn't know it was one guy.

どれのこと言ってんの?w 大丈夫か?


So who is a real japanese here, raise your hand.

Why is a Jap the owner now? When will Mootykins come back?

do you love Japan?

We think so too.
And the reason that 2ch administrator do only rangeban is that.
If Japanese IP do rangeban, some Japanese posters will be banned with him.
But I think that this is the only way that janitor bans this evil poster.

Me (´・ω・`)ノシ

Yeah, also they usually try smaller subnets first. I get the "your IP range was blocked" sometimes when I post from my phone. I just switch to the airplane mode and back, sometimes more than once, and I can post again. Then I get that message again some time later even though my IP hasn't changed and I didn't violate any rules. So it appears that they try to block phone posters at least in my area or maybe a specific carrier, not sure how that works.

>Why is a Jap the owner now?

Hiroyuki Nishimura
Former manager of 2ch(5ch)

>When will Mootykins come back?

I don't know.
He might not come back.

for me i can't post in specific places sometimes because some phoneposter got permabanned there, i can't post at the red robin's near my house for example

No, you fucktarded gook.

Slavs curbstomped your nip sub-humans in manchurian operation, which was far larger than Russo Japanese war.

Slavic people were superior soliders to gook sub-humans. We stopped the mongols, while you were saved by fucking typhoon.

Shut the fuck up nip bugmen. Go back to sniffing shitty pantirs of a loli.

None of them are. They are all TSL niggers.

that's odd, sounds like your phone gets assigned the same ip address in the same location every time? i thought it is a random pool.

ah maybe you connect to their wifi, that would expain that.

>I didn't violate any rules. So it appears that they try to block phone posters at least in my area or maybe a specific carrier, not sure how that works.

Probably, your IP was involved in other user's range banned.

2ch is the biggest board in the world,
so there were a lot of anons who were involved in range ban.

for that reason, the administrator of 2ch gave some boards that everyone can post
to anons who were involved in range ban.

weebs should be shot twice in the head
poles are the weakest slavs
see 1939 and partition

slavs(russians and poles) submit to east asian cock and volga german cock, dumb dirty pshek subhuman

they only """"""""""''curbstomped""""""""" those instant manchurian conscripts meant for cannon fodder to buy time for fortification of korean peninsula where mountainous terrains suit stopping soviet armor and most part of the invasion was conducted after august 15 when japanese armed force ceased act of war except minimum self-defense, not to mention the fact it was in violation of the neutral pact in the first place.
and on top of that, you poleshit have nothing to do with it but you spent the whole war getting assraped by ruskies and germs as always, know your fucking place you untermensch lmaooo

No, you sub-human gook. Russians literally curbstomped over 700 thousand "elite" Japs in 6 days. The war in manchuria did not end untill august 21, you yellow roach. By this time Japs forces there were literally anihilated.

Slavs are superior to nip bugmen and would have taken over entire japan if you havent surrendered like the cowardly subhuman you were.

Fuck off. Nips are sub human.