We Found em

the deed is done


leave him alone

its a virus do not open

its a virus do not open

>Tons of friends
>Every post he makes has likes
>Always looking happy
>Explores the world around him
Yeah good job, now i feel more miserable about my shitty life

he's got a gf and you got nothing faggot leave him alone

His pictures are pure kino

holy fuck all my bitcoin is gone


We found him a long time ago, and just leave him alone.

wow how new are you
also dont bully him, he is a good guy

Why the fuck would it be hard to "find" him you can literally just reverse image search on of his pictures
fucking highschool yank faggot

>has likes
yea my relatives posting shit picture on odnoklassniki and receiving dozens of likes per pictures
its nothing special, this site is full of normies that like everything

It's gonna be like that Japanese-Russian happa girl where he deletes all his social network accounts and the meme dies.


japanes russian racemixing make god tier children
wish i was japanes, instead i am virgin gook

Why do you gotta invade his personal life? Can't your autistic brain comprehend morality?

looks like a nice guy, don't bully pls

this girl is a weaboo

He has the courage of posting pictures of himself online on social media while you are here posting anonymously on this virtual sewage dedicated to perverted Japanese drawings, so shut up.

*courage to post

Found what? I have his profile on my bookmarks for almost 5 months already.


Leave him the fuck alone

and an emo
there is emos in russia wtf

If anyone bullies Sminem I will kill you




Fucking Sherlock Holmes here lmao kill yourself retard.

She is not Japanese. Her brown eyes come from her mother.

And she still posts on her Instagram

What ethnicity is Sminem?

i am her father
not volga german, thats for sure
probably finnis

Sminem's sister is hot

she's not sister, none of these is a relative of him, neither im sure if that was a class for tards as said, they seem quite functional besides sminem and the azerbaijan guy

can some russian translate this for us?

Can you guys stop posting random people's pictures from their social network sites, it's kind of creepy

>you are awesome my favorite guy love you

How could you NOT be an emo in a place like this? I'm sure pretty much everyone in Russia slashes their wrists.

fins def

exactly why being emo sounds redundant

>grugling small
>manmade cave big, tower over grugling
>that mean modernist architecture evil and threatening


a handsome bloke
and you you fuckers says russian man are ugly

Me in the middle

what a chad

he is of finish ancestry, he is not a slavshit

Do you keep browsing the profiles of young Russian girls to find which one you will kidnap? That's creepy Juan.

mexicans are better than apezillians tho

i'm thrilled by russians average day life, is cheesy charming and nostalgic as fuck