Why is it such a shithole?

Why is it such a shithole?

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It's preparing to become part of Russia, just like Ukraine did.

please don't insult my future home, it's not rich but it's stable, safe and cheap to live

They spent all their energy building the death camps.

The EU saved them

lol. Novarussiya 2.0 we wuz Samaritans edition

they're elite slav as far as i know

I hope you learned the language well before arriving there.

kek, if I ever get the chance of being there be sure I'll learn at least the basics, on the other hand, my skin is lighter than that chilean so I'll be fine


It's a bunch of hooligans masquerading as hooligans you should know hiro, No Japanese invests in Pooland

oh fuck off iranian, go to therapy or something

Whut. Are you Apezillian on drugs?

>poland and shithole in one sentence
you need to pic one, tyrone

>country full of poles
>shit hole
You don't say

there's an iranian under austrian flag who always chimps out in Poland related threads, sorry if it's not you

why do we get at least 5 thread bullying poland everyday now?

Oh look it's my tax money invested in car thief country

Retarded Ape. Go murder or rob some people or something

Hossein Rezazadah, pls calm down.

ahhh so it's you lmao, stay mad, autistic subhuman

Arabs smell of shit

>Ameridian mongrel mulatto calling the Germanic masterrace subhuman

Hope those anus hair gets cleaned of faces, ape

Why do iranian posters always go on some autistic rage whenever they're called out

>please don't insult my future home
You do know what happens to Latin Americans in Poland right? I'd avoid going there, if you don't fancy being shanked
>it's not rich but it's stable
The government is run by oligarchs and the mafia. If that's stability for you...
Not to you or foreigners it isn't
>and cheap to live
The wages are also shit, so good luck.

whiter than you mohammed
and what happen to fair skinned women?

its that fucking autistic female weeb dont listen to her
she unironically defends polish criminals and murderers

Why do Arab goatfuckers imply Europeans to be Arab goatfuckers when you remind them of their place? Stay mad sandnigger.

lmao, stay butthurt Ivan.

Go fuck a goat or something. Maybe cumming will help you to calm down a bit.

Figures, why apes always want to come here? Arab shitskins now south American apes too? Fuck off were full. We'll kick you out if you come here monkeys

Unlike you, beastiliaty and child molestation is not in my genes, Camelfucker

>fair skinned
Yeah, I doubt that. Everyone knows what counts as "fair skin" in Latin America in Europe can't even pass for Spaniards.

It's not though?

oh look you are not denying it
pathetic, defending criminals and murderers. and i am not talking about actual poles, i am talking about the actual criminals, before you accuse you me of polonophobia

All I want to know is who ruined your day so hard for you to vent about it on here. Did you get beat up by a bunch of latinos?

I just wanted to make fun of Poland.

Stop posting in my thread.

They can bleach their skin. But they can't hide their mongrel LOW IQ ape faces from us.

pale skin and with light features, you know what I mean
very weak bait, take your (You) for the effort

Argentina is _____


>very weak bait, take your (You) for the effort
oh now deflecting and dodging

did a polish immigrant steal your gf or something?, you're anormally butthurt Anton, seriously

>pale skin and with light features, you know what I mean
I do. But what you don't seem to realize is that Euros can identify other Euros from a different country just by looking at their faces.
Detecting foreigners is even easier.
Going to Poland for you would be a mistake. Try Germany instead. Or France.

you should overthink your morbid obsession of poland and its crimanls becfore you accuse me

>the mere mention of poland can cause this much butthurt

W O A H. . . . NICE.

>Try Germany instead. Or France.
no sorry, I don't want to be sexually assaulted or murdered
my obsession isn't even half as annoying as your butthurt
success breads jealousy

meme knowledge Cred Forumstard
oh god worse than mutts, go kys

I don't even browse Cred Forums lol

Good. Stay out of my country you mongrel ape.

I couldn't care less about Iran tbqh

Why the fuck is that Iranian so butthurt about Poland all the time? At first I thought it's a legit Fritz, but then again there are no G*rmans on this board anymore.


i am volga german

No one fucking asked you shit, you inbred mongrel. Stop attention whoring for once. Get the fuck out and do something with your patethic life, better yet, go fucking kill yourself.

t.never been to Poland

Leave our buddies alone.

He's mad because of islamphobia and the way your country treats refugees.

i am on vacation, so i have nothing better to do
i was at gym yesterday

Don't worry argie, afaik Polish racists don't beat foreign qts. They only hunt the males.

*nglos and Germ*nics being jealous again, for whatever reason.

You should learn user that any thread about Poland will bring massive shitslinging with people who unconditionally hate that country going against people who unconditionally love it.

I know poland as the nation of thermal power generation.

It’s actually not. As countries go, this one’s pretty decent. What’s your problem?

Why would I care about that? I'm pissed they've beackstabbed us agreed to take in the shitskins but then getting cold feet at the last minute like a bitch this ishow they repay us for giving them billions of Euros to invest in their shithole?

The fuck would a slavshit know about who is german and who isn't. If oyu knew you wouldn't be so butthurt when we remind you that you're only a poor imitation of us

So now you larp as a German? Another schizoid.

>Why would I care about that? I'm pissed they've beackstabbed us agreed to take in the shitskins but then getting cold feet at the last minute like a bitch this ishow they repay us for giving them billions of Euros to invest in their shithole?

Fuck off. We all know you're the same iranian 'austrian' who has hated hungary, poland and russia on here. Your posting style is the same, your constant passive aggressiveness is the same and your LARPing skills are terrible.

because its full of proud bydlos

When will you people stop bringig up that chilean pianist. He got his ass kicked by some bump, that can happen to anyone.

Meanwhile in the peaceful west:

Wtf I love the West now


kek, finally someone did it.

Shitty people

Cause what ever your touch turns into shit

>defending someone elses whore you aint fucking

absolutely disgusting

*touches you*

into the oven with you



>when krauts do it it's called holocaust
>when poles do it it's called we good boys din du nuffin

>m-muh ebil Russia!!1!!111!!!!
Poland is a mentally ill country with an inferiority complex. Seriously, the whole nation is collectively afflicted by some mass mental disease. I'm surprised that there aren't whole international teams of psychologists, psychiatrists and sociologists studying this phenomenon.

Das right we dindu nuffin we gud bois

gib euros

Polish death camps

Enjoy your death sentence


You'll have to earn them first.


Lol manlet

You're oppressing us.

It has German land without Germans, tragic.

why are Russians so fascist?

Czechia its me shekelgrubberski, please send money

>tfw alcoholic president sucks the jewish teat

why are Poles so anti-Semitic?

On a more serious note, have my condolences. Your government has been pretty retarded, but that last "individual perpetrators" comment got way more flak than it deserved.

it's not Cred Forums told me it's not DON'T RUIN MY DREAM REEEEEEE

t. good goy

there's literally nothing wrong with being a good goy.

Maybe because most of the perpatrators of all the communist terror that came after 1944 and before that after 1939 and before that during 1920 polish - bolshevik war were jews.

Infamous prosecutors of polish home army members who would carry out death sentences were jewish, often saved by poles or jews from the soviet occupation zone who from day 1 would start collaborating with the occupier.

Same thing goes for the 1920 polish-bolshevik war, some villages would be decorated by the jews in anticipation of the incoming red army.

I dont have to mention that these people were court marshalled on the spot and shot as traitors

You make it sound like Poles treated their Jews like shit so they were expecting commies would actually liberate them desu

Many high ranking aswell as low ranking UB (secret police) members were jews, they basicly built the whole system with their NKVD colegues.
Which was imposed to quel any resistance to the new government.

These people escaped Poland in 1968 avoiding any consequences for their actions.
Moreover they recieved large amounts of money back then for any properties they left behind or lost during the war. Yet today they argue that they want reparations from Poland for property lost during the war. (Which mind you back then was worth close to nothing and was a sea of smoldering ruins)

Its that kind of logic that pisses people off, if my house burns down i cant go and sue the fire department that it burned to the ground and that i lost everything to the fire...


Thats not the case.
Back at the begining of the 20th century nationalism was on the rise, something that most zionist jews opposed for the sheer fact that they didnt indentify with the nations they lived in, they indentified first and mostly as Jews, this coupled with the fact that for this reason they could expect backlash from nationalists caused them to seek a counter for nationalism which was Communism or Socialism which was pretty popular among the jewish population since it promoted internationalism ect the complete opposite of nationalism which believed that the wellbeing of a nation is built upon boosting its own people ect.

However in the interwar period jews didnt really get much shit desu. They often were well educated and had high ranking jobs even in administration. I think that our foreign affairs minister was even a Jew. It would be hard to discriminate against them if they were represented in the sejm.

Ukrainians on the otherhand got alot of shit for being terrorist fucks.

Interesting. In either case, it's a shame how it turned out then.


Riiight, was even one of them shaven bald? Was any of them politically inclined in any way? My guess is no.

Also, I distinctly remember you mohicans KILLING a pair of Polish tourists because you believed a child thief running from them they were trying to harvest him for organs. Guess that wouldn't surface since its not part of a narrative.

>thridworlders trying to throw shade on places 100x safer than theirs'



inferiority complex

>Lithuanian poster writes about inferiority complex

I don't know people with bigger inferiority complex than Lithuanians desu

>German immigrant in Hungary

>meanwhile in Russia with the natives

I'm native though:^)

If you google pics of nice city like Warsaw they just looks like developed Scandi cunt.

l m a o
so dedovshina is literally making newbies write your name on their bellies with clay ?

that's cum, whipped cream or shaving foam

yeah i meant shaving foam :D



>Many high ranking aswell as low ranking UB (secret police) members were jews, they basicly built the whole system with their NKVD colegues.
>Which was imposed to quel any resistance to the new government.

Many high ranking Cheka and NKVD members were... Polish.

Dzierżyński(one of the most prominent Bolsheviks, founder of Cheka), Marchlewski, Mienżyński, Wyszyński, Kosior(responsible for Holodomor)

It's funny how nationalists have only partial knowledge of history.

Poles are too nationalistic


He was a good friend.

Elite Slavs are Slovenes and Czechs, the rest are subhuman, especially East and South Slavs.

I don't think you've seen a shithole if you think Poland is one

>implying Polish girls dont get tan as fuck
>implying Polish guys would reject any slightly tan girl with straight hair

>Why is it such a shithole?
t. borderline third worlder

Sorry but only white allowed

>Poland known for the Witcher

>Austria only known for rising Hitler and Arnold

isn't this good enough?

it is, he propably doesn't know you

you'll get a free pass

God I wish she was mine. I can imagine the morning sex ending with a huge creampie deep in her tight pussy.

That's a nice pic

Daily reminder to cut along the river.

They are the worst of Slavs. They forgot their saviors. Fucking traitors.

What are you talking about, America is pretty much the only nation Poles are consistently nice towards.


This is one more reason to call pollshits traitors.


I still don't understand what you're getting at.
You can't possibly be implying that Poland owes Russia even a tiniest shred of gratitude after being invaded, having its officer corps murdered, millions of people deported and worked to death and forced into communist servitude. Not to mention that one episode when the red army not just refused to assist anti-nazi rebellion in warsaw but actively prevented other allies from airdropping supplies in.

God bless USA desu

In the CPSU(B) in 20s there were no high-ranked Russians. Communist repressions were a part of planned genocide. All the current officials of the russian federation were members of the soviet communist party. The genocide of our nation is going on even nowadays.

>Many high ranking Cheka and NKVD members were... Polish.
Few were, but most were Jewish.