Adolf Hitler edition.

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1st for Ireland is #1


When's the album coming out?

Need a Japanese or Korean gf to take the pain away.

reminder the portuguese can't be trusted



wee in my bum

How do Asian women get so busty?

would take all you lads out for korean barbecue


very true post

They don’t. Asian women are typically built like pre-pubescent boys.


wish i had boobs as big :(

Fuck Asian food and Asians need to go back.

A recent introduction to the Asian diet?

just feeling anxious about things and kind of sick to my stomach about other worrying thoughts going through my mind.
also had a shit week, friend has used me and ive had a shitty birthday in general

The shopping tomorrow

Large sushi tray
Saussge rolls
Cinnamon swirls
£3 meal deal

Ah yes
The life

Is this the real thread?


Gook women are fucking hideous, I’m really not joking. I’m not even memeing. To me they’re all pigfaced goblins with plank bodies. Creepy white men in particular seem to have some romanticized notion of Asian women. They’re dog ugly and bland.

don't know what to say lad, hope things get better for you

a holy day cometh?

Never really interacted with them.

>mother 3 was good

cant stand the fact i wont get the beautiful smile and whispering in my ear from the manager tomorrow because she's so angry at me now might go in and just give her a big heart felt apology and tell ehr how much i love her even though she;s engaged

How many times are you going to post that you’re buying some crap tomorrow? Is that really the most interesting thing happening in your life


the gf didn't answer me when i asked her how many people she's slept with. she said she couldn't do it in her head and would have to write it down

Graveyard shift lads

alri /r9k/


*discovers your porn*

thanks lad hope these worrying thoughts turn out to be just worrying thoughts and not actual shit thats happened

I'd fuck off and finish my paper if I just knew one person loved me

That just makes cleavage more cleavaged


off to bed, hope the paddies behave

>On 24 May 1921, elections were held for the House of Commons of Southern Ireland, simultaneously with elections for Northern Ireland, nominally under the single transferable vote. In reality however, no contests occurred as all 128 MPs were returned unopposed with Sinn Féin winning all 124 seats which made up the borough and county constituencies and the seats allocated to the National University of Ireland and Unionists the 4 seats for graduates of University of Dublin
wonder if the University of Dublin is still full of uncle toms

men went to the moon with nothing but a slide rule

>settling for used goods
would rather be a virgin forever than eat leftover leftover dinner.

big fan of meetup.com

If anything it’s the /r9k/ that are autistically fixated with what they perceive to be “pure” Asian women. They’re under the impression Asian women are like the pedo anime shit they’ve been brainwashed by.

how are tonight fellow brits?

I love you

Seamus has been drinking.... We're in for a long night............

the only thing i'm consoled by is i asked her if it was over or under 30 and she laughed and said under. so hopefully it's considerably under

I actually only had one drink all week, this being Lent and all.

why isn't it just LGBT+

ty lad, will finish up and get to bed early xx

FUck i really wanted Hitler to have said that

tee hee

I only posted this once before. Are you really going to complain about repetition, in /brit/ of all places? The threads are constantly spewing out the same bullshit so don't you fucking dare criticise me for posting the same post again. If you're offending by me looking forward to the fact that I'm getting some cinnamon swirls, you can fucking fuck off. It's one of the very things I'm looking forward to at the moment. CUNT. Go fuck yourself you little worm goblin cunt cock shit

white night, bit racist eh?

why isn't it just Q+?
queer just means you're a bit off right? shouldn't that cover all of them?

Just apologize

god I,m sof ucking smart

11pm-7am fuck

Jesus, probably still 20 men who have orgasmed inside your girlfriends pussy, who she’s pulled in deeper with her mouth open in pleasure asking to be fucked harder

whatever you do don't apologise

Begging for a brainleting

does anyone else ever think about written language and how weird it is

more like a soy sucking shart

Don't you DARE use Lent as an excuse for your debauchery

she also said she used to fuck with her ex's head (they dated 2 years and she's only 20 so..) and say she was going out with dudes when she was going out with her girl friends to make him jealous. so maybe she's just had sex with a handful and thinks it's funny i'm worried about it.

Cinnamon swirls

I'm honestly obsessed with other mens cum I need to know exactly how much cum my current gf has consumed otherwise I just can't enjoyment in life please does anyone else feel the same?

The fetishization of white skin in the Orientalist tale occurred as early as The King of Tars. The Muslim sultan's black skin turns white upon his baptism and conversion to Christianity. Skin color coincides with already established reader expectations about religious affiliation (white skin signifies Christian identity, and black skin does not)

filthy fucking whore of a woman you're dating m8. fucking pathetic

american milk

don’t post your inane drivel if you don’t want people to comment on t

*raises paw*


the week end is over stay, safe every one

Fucking he’ll your woman sounds like a right slut

I’m my gfs first lay and I know this for facto because I burst her cherry when we were both 16 :^)

the point he was making was your life is so fucking pathetic you think a mundane shopping trip is worth mentioning it's hilarious

*enters primate fear pose*

only come up with stupid shit like this when I'm drunk. How many's it been, lad?

Cinnamon swirls

i think you're trolling. going to go back to playing mario on my switch instead of worrying about this



has to fight
to the death

gotta have thick skin to survive on /brit/

*transforms you into a girl*

this is nithing but the truth,

*transforms into an attack helicopter*


has to kiss

wish my britophile gimmick took off

/brit/ reminds me of science class in school when you had to sit on one of those big round tables with 7 or 8 other lads it was nothing but pure savage banter for 2 hours

nah think about it though. what are the odds of a lanky savannah ape evolving the behaviour of identifying little carved symbols with sounds? why carve little symbols at all? mental odds.

falling out with the woman you love and then doing shit tons of cocaine sure does the exact opposite of taking your mind off it and not getting paranoid and obsessive

Have absolutely no attention span for anything whatsoever, I can barely follow the plot of a 30 minute TV episode for example

If I did I’d be a very dangerous man


very inappropriate video recording here


scrolling through Cred Forums threads out of curiosity
it doesn't feel like the same board i used to post on in 2014.

Bit late for a toilsmen isn’t it lad?

It was raided by mongoloids from /r/The_Donald.

Cred Forums is fucking awful but normalfags have completely raped the site sad to see la

cannot stop lolling at /brit/


*tears you apart with pure savage banter*

I'm of the opinion that Cred Forums users aren't by and large the run of the mill Cred Forums types that have just picked up rightwing quasi-traditionalist ideology as we all seem to assume but actually old people from facebook and working class types

Lad, Cred Forums is unironically chock full of over opinionated intellectually saturated teenage runts

Like, millions of them


man, I hate to sound like some sort of anti-Semite, but this sure is fishy.

want to be an asian schoolgirl

realistically, how long until the technology is developed for me to realize this??

pure hands
*rubs coincidence goyim*

I think so too. It feels like a Facebook group full of boomers and normie Republicans with edgy racist humour

I miss the actually autistic Evola/Deus Vult/NatSoc/NRx types. But I feel like they've all probably gone to 8ch now

VR chat

Bigups to the noseman


anyone remember when Cred Forums was satire

Oh FFS what is going on here?

if you put your head through a noose you can see beyond reality

>if you put your head through a noose you can see beyond reality

Wish I was in the front ranks of Napoleons Grande Armeé

When you google 'Russian prison tattoos' you notice all these guys are skinny. how are you a hard ass gangster when you weigh 140 lbs?

pictures like this really get my cranium oscillating.

Being hard is a mentality, comes down to what you will or won’t do

My English teacher in highschool was Jewish. The only Jew I've ever personally known. She was alright. Could tell she was a bit racist, but other than that she was nice enough.

looks like a woman pleasuring herself with a sex toy to me.

8ch is even worse

An Anglo-Irishman defeated Napoleon.


how much muscle do you need to stop a 9mm round going into your skull

8ch is full of legitimate schizos, don't know what he's on about

I can't imagine reading Savitri Devi and not immediately thinking she's batty

Das Dritte Reich (German for The Third Reich) is a 1923 book by German author Arthur Moeller van den Bruck, the ideology of which heavily influenced the Nazi Party.

he weak Weimar Republic, he argues, will have to be replaced by a new revolution, a revolution from the right. He looks also for a new political movement that will embrace both socialism and nationalism, a unique form of German Fascism. He takes all of his philosophical cues from the work of Nietzsche "who stands at the opposite pole of thought from Marx."

He wrote: "There are many things that can be said against Hitler, and I have sometimes said them. But one thing you have to give him credit for: he is a fanatic for Germany. But he is wrecked by his proletarian primitive ways."
These were the last words he ever wrote before his suicide in 1925.

i'd laugh but then I remember the trillions of photos of Trudeau prancing around in garb infinitely worst than that.

considering it

it's the_donald redditors, people who read thedailystormer, unironic shills, and the rest is fringe people you talked about
the identity of the board has been dying slowly for a very long time


Thunderstorms are a rarity in this part of the world and I’m not too happy about that’s nothing more comfy than torrential rain with some lightning.


The autistic schizos are what made Cred Forums fun. Much preferred them over the idiot MAGA normies Cred Forums has today

The Irish were some of the most important people in the middle-ages desu

unironically think my 50 year old uncle might browse Cred Forums

didn't he accidentally convert to islam?


wish this diversity could somehow help our economy, but oh well, I'm a bigot apparently

hate white traitors

>hate white traitors



Really want technology to one day experience what a female orgasm is like
Theirs look much more fun than ours

If I were to engage in paranoiac speculations, I would be much more inclined to say that the Politically Correct obsessive regulations (like the obligatory naming of different sexual identities, with legal measures taken if one violates them) are rather a Left-liberal plot to destroy any actual radical Left movement. Suffice it to recall the animosity against Bernie Sanders among some LGBT+ and feminist circles, whose members have no problems with big corporate bosses supporting them. The “cultural” focus of PC and #MeToo is, to put it in a simplified way, a desperate attempt to avoid the confrontation with actual economic and political problems, i.e., to locate women’s oppression and racism in their socio-economic context. The moment one mentions these problems, one is accused of vulgar “class reductionism.” Walter Benn Michaels and others have written extensively on this, and in Europe, Robert Pfaller wrote books critical of PC’s patronizing stance and has now started a movement “adults for adults”. Liberals will have to take note that there is a growing radical Left critique of PC, identity politics and #MeToo…

because they eat more western foods now

but Asuka Kishi is fake

Is it weird that I get really jealous of women who look better than me? I’m a guy.

do you need a mobile to verify a twitter account?

Any lads listened to Danny C's HH: The Celtic Holocaust?

it's called a prostate orgasm m8, you should try it sometime.

Have to admire Russia’s long term commitment to bringing down the west but what is their fucking problem, why can’t we get along

>Danny C

is that the big willy English pornstar? If so no

Reich is a German word literally meaning "realm". The Latin equivalent of Reich is "imperium".

Frankenreich was the name of the Frankish Kingdom of Charlemagne.

The Holy Roman Empire is often refered to as the first reich. In the case of the Hohenzollern Empire (1871–1918), the official name of the country was Deutsches Reich.

The Nazis sought to legitimize their power historiographically by portraying their ascendancy as the coming of the third reich.

The Nazis also spoke of enlarging the reich by gradually annexing all the historically Germanic countries and regions of Europe (England, Flanders, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden etc.)

he tries to redpill people with stuff i've seen on Cred Forums, although he's a massive racist so it might just be because he knows people in the same circles.

hello brainlet

why do dorks bristle at political correctness and feminism so much? I don't exactly like it but what impact does it have on your life. why get worked up about it

open your eyes, idiot.

we'd strip mine the whole fucking country in a heart beat if we could

it'd actually probably be better economically for Russians themselves, but we'd probably destroy their political elites and splinter the country further

the good guys lost WWII

Yeah, but it’s like an hour of build up.

But he makes the mistake of implying I care as much about the pre-Roman tribes of Europe than I do the pre-white people tribes of the Americas.

he wanted an answer I gave it to him. what's up, wog?

Hungry but can't be arsed cooking anything

whites typically get what we want, historically speaking.

>why can’t we get along

*prostrates in front of your prostate *

That's Danny D

all of it spelled out in front of you, but just because (((they)) says its debunked and fake you wont even glance at it. pathetic little drones you are

not in the last 50 years really

>he wanted an answer I gave it to him. what's up, wog?

that time is coming to an end
we are patient and can wait another 50 years if need be
we will get what we want in the end
history proves me right

Don't know who to vote for anymore. Everyone is being influenced by the kikes.

North Berwick (/nɔːrθ ˈbɛrJk/; Scottish Gaelic: Bearaig a Tuath)[1] is a seaside town and former royal burgh in East Lothian, Scotland. It is situated on the south shore of the Firth of Forth, approximately 25 miles (40 km) north-east of Edinburgh. North Berwick became a fashionable holiday resort in the nineteenth century because of its two sandy bays, the East (or Milsey) Bay and the West Bay, and continues to attract holidaymakers. Golf courses at the ends of each bay are open to visitors.


fired up the thinking cells

most of european history is about being raped and enslaved though

all of which we freed ourselves from and came out more powerful for it

Couldn’t tell you. Thought that they’d see other whites as their friends in this darkening world.

I think there’s a Russian joke from the ‘60s where Khrushchev calls up Robert McNamara, asking him about a new supercomputer the US Defense Department created. He says if the computer’s so great, why don’t you have it calculate who’ll be the Russian premier in 100 years.

After a long silence Kruschev assumes that the computer wasn’t able to do it, but McNamara responds the computer gave him the answer, it’s just that he can’t read Mandarin.

you could say the exact same thing for any other race though

If the universe is made of strings, who's pulling them?

wage slaves are just a parameter in the big program


not really
the other races are natural savages and peasants


>we shall raise the rate of wages, which, however, will not bring any advantage to the workers for, at the same time, we shall produce a rise in prices of the first necessaries of life
but this didn't happen

wish the HRE never fell

>wish the HRE never fell
alri' Habsburg

"The memories of men are short, and it is easy to forget how brief is this period of unquestioned supremacy of the so-called white race. More than a century went by after the voyages of Columbus before the mastery in war began to pass from the Asiatic to the European. Then the European advance gathered momentum; until at the present time peoples of European blood hold dominion over all America and Australia and the islands of the sea, over most of Africa, and the major half of Asia. Much of this world conquest is merely political, and such a conquest is always likely in the long run to vanish. But since then, all of the world achievements worth remembering are to be credited to the people of European descent."

JUNE 7TH, 1910
by Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States

how are you lads feeling about Afro-Islamic future of Europe

based teddy

need to get your autistic little graph in do you? regardless of the fact you have no idea when this was written or if it was genuine or not? i'd bet my house this is an except from a hundred year old russian forgery called
the protocols of the elders of zion

now reading the The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


The Holy Roman Empire was holy, was Roman, and was an Empire. I'm tired of Reddit twats stating otherwise.

sounds interesting

wish he followed through

good job, you outed yourself as a low IQ cretin. What next?

are hilldawg is visiting new zealand

my dad was my age (19) in 1983
I asked him how the 80's were and if he felt optimistic
he said no

i know it's a forgery and the canadian said where it's from.
the canadian presents it as (a) genuine, and (b) revealing a general plan for all nations.
in those circumstance Britain clearly isn't going to plan.

coke has fried your brain. it's embarassing.

>raining for the next two days

Top comfy

>having such a personal conversation with your father

Next paragraph is pretty good too:

"Comparison is often made between the Empire of Britain and the Empire of Rome. When judged relatively to the effect on all modern civilization, the Empire of Rome is of course the more important, simply because all the nations of Europe and their offshoots in other continents trace back their culture either to the earlier Rome by the Tiber, or the later Rome by the Bosphorus. The Empire of Rome is the most stupendous fact in lay history; no empire later in time can be compared with it. But this is merely another way of saying that the nearer the source the more important becomes any deflection of the stream's current. By the time that Rome loomed large over the horizon of history, there were left for her to contend with only decaying civilizations and raw barbarisms. Yet, unlike Rome, Britain has carried her flag by conquest and settlement to the uttermost ends of the earth, at the very time that haughty and powerful rivals, in their abounding youth or strong maturity, were eager to set bounds to her greatness. At home she has held her own before nations, each of military power comparable to Rome's at her zenith. It is as if Rome, while creating and keeping the empire she won between the days of Scipio and the days of Trajan, had at the same time held her own with the Nineveh of Sargon and Tiglath, the Egypt of Thothmes and Rameses, and the kingdoms of Persia and Macedon in the red flush of their warrior-dawn. "

love the smell of ciggies but don't smoke
wonder how that came about

>are hilldawg is visiting new zealand


Theory: Cokelad hates charts because the lines remind him of all the lines of coke he's send up his nostrils

My dad loved it

The Battle of Dunbar (3 September 1650) was a battle of the Third English Civil War. The English Parliamentarian forces under Oliver Cromwell defeated a Scottish army commanded by David Leslie which was loyal to King Charles II, who had been proclaimed King of Scots and crowned at Scone. Charles was pronounced King of Great Britain, Ireland and France on 5 February 1649. The battlefield has been inventoried and protected by Historic Scotland under the Historic Environment (Amendment) Act 2011.

>not having a good relationship with your father
the state

lol do i

A - respond seriously and have you make a totally idiotic unrelated point then stop posting
B - mockingly laugh at you

A graph starting 60 years after the book was made is excellent evidence though nice work HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

you're the nonce and the radcen aren't you

do you consider me white?

dad stopped being a parent so I stopped being his son

he was very close with his grandfather who died in that year so i think it made him quite depressed
he also started college too

Went to chiquitos last night lads and can’t stop farting now. My stomach is going crazy. Got a flight this morning as well.


you can bark in whatever tone you like, my canine friend. just keep your nose away from my balls.

Western Europe is in a great state at the moment. We are living in the happiest, most peaceful human societies ever and it's only getting better according to the statistics. It's the Americans who need to worry. Anyone who says otherwise is a pessimist.

I just went to type 'agreeance' and it kept getting a red underline. Thinking I've killed one-too-many braincells I tried variations and it was always wrong. Google then told me that it is archaic and has been replaced by 'agreement'. I was born in 1991 and I don't feel archaic.

I do but I wouldn't ask him something like that

I'm every Canadian poster embodied into one. Your worst nightmare, essentially.

this is dave btw


if you've done a dna test post your results

no response to the fact of the graph starting 50 years later than the material being discussed? no? hahahaha

By that time my old man tried college and realized it wasn't for him so he enlisted in the USAF and got stationed in the UK 6 months later after basic

My cat :3


Lol what

what is your race and ethnic background?

Yeah, whitarded lol

Remember to call out all dave posts. His posts are confrontational, often calls you retarded or mentally ill. Very contrarian.

David is a poster identified in December. He's anonymous but everyone knows who he is, because of his distinctive posting style. He posts very long winded, argumentative responses, combined with colourful ways of calling you dumb, like "trogolodyte" and "spastic", he continues long paragraph responses thread after thread. We've come to know him as dave. love are dave tho, wouldnt be the same without him

Dave has argued about the following
1. Cars should be banned because everyone uses trains now
2. Teachers have every right to breakdown mentally in front of students
3. Mac is "better" than Windows
4. Tame Impala is a Beatles rip off
5. There's nothing wrong with asking the waiter to bag your food to take home
6. Beleives the NHS is being "cut" despite constantly being proven wrong
7. Thinks secondary legislation with no report stage or vote on EU directives is "democratic"
8. Thinks tariffs are a bad thing
9. doesn't know what a registry on a computer is
10. Thinks £20k a year is "minimum wage"

Arguing with him is fascinating. Ask if the US or UK is better ? Get a rousing speech about being molded by British streets ? Mention the 90s? Rant about future of Europe!


woof woof woof


no test but I like your choice of art. I legit like the one the guy did thats just a tilted white rectangle on a white background


why are you comparing the actions of the government to what was in their manifesto? the manifesto was published ages ago.

looks exactly like a cat I know! adorable. would you call this thing a calico


sorry dr*mpflet

From the same lecture, a few more examples of his imperialist attitude:

"The man of the British Isles, in his various homes across the seas, and the American, both at home and abroad, are brought into contact with utterly alien peoples, some with a civilization more ancient than our own, others still in, or having but recently arisen from, the barbarism which our people left behind ages ago. No hard-and-fast rule can be drawn as applying to all alien races, because they differ from one another far more widely than some of them differ from us. In the long run there can be no justification for one race managing or controlling another unless the management and control are exercised in the interest and for the benefit of that other race. his is what our peoples have in the main done, and must continue in the future in even greater degree to do, in India, Egypt, and the Philippines alike."

i call
this tune
no one's
from my

once in this thread

where did you get your cat?

lol i sit there watching the shite get posted for ages then as soon as i get involved it's just "dave" and this shite.i can just stroll in here and ruin your autstic party and it upsets you HAHAHHAHA

best day of my life

woof haha

She's a tortoiseshell

animal shelter

i dont know much about art or jasper johns. the little bit i have learned was from subscribing to the (email) newsletter @ us1.campaign-archive.com/?u=e04307946bfd97f987ddef78d&id=77d7f1ed68&e=1550594db0

*teleblocks you*

come to realise that "Dave" is literally anyone who argues with cokelad

Maybe people just think you're an illiterate twat?

my dad and uncle loved the 80s
my uncle joined the marines and got to go to the Falklands
my dad went travelling Europe with his mates, island hopping in Greece and visiting Yugoslavia

better link sorry mutualart.com/#Dashboard

Best part of work is being paid to take a poo

*tanks the teleblock because I'm not shite*

*binds you and runs*
nothing personal, noob

were they a kitten when you got them?

How do you stop them from running away?

shes very cute :3


david posted this
love 'are dave

yes im sure people doubt my ability to read and write or do you not udnersatnd what illiterate actually fucking means? haha

that doesn't make sense
fuck off you illiterate buffoon

Just a few months old, kept them locked inside for a good while to establish the area as 'home'.

feel like pure shit just want him back



really want to shag mary beard

say "sausages" :3

same with mine but i was away for a while and my parents put him outside so he ended up running away/being run over

I want to get another cat but my dad hates them and i'm afraid they'd run away again and finding one young enough to condition it to being a house cat is tough

starting to get worryingly apathetic towards things. only 20 and I'm board of this world already. how the fuck am I supposed to go another ~60 years of this shit? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Stop posting this dog

This one particular Irish lad is here all night every night, usually arguing with beto. Do you not toil Irishman? Why are you nocturnal

going to make the new thread before you runts. it's going to be a black panther edition.

think i've gone schizophrenic

No I'm making the new lads

made the new


That's his son, Teddy Jr. Teddy Jr was a Brigadier General, and the oldest person at Normandy (he died a few days later from a heart attack).

The Roosevelt family had a legendary political rivalry between each other. Theodore's kin were part of the Oyster Bay faction. Franklin Roosevelt belonged to the Hyde Park group.

Teddy Jr made a weak attempt to grab the Presidency from his distant cousin Franklin. When Franklin won the election and Ted was asked just how he was related to FDR, Ted quipped "fifth cousin, about to be removed."

Ted Jr was still a pretty cool guy. He was a big-game hunter and explorer like his father. He and his younger brother Kemit discovered a new species of goat in the Himalayas thought to be only a fable by the locals (pic related)

They wrote about the journey in their book "East of the Sun, West of the Moon" which is pretty good