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lol fake map, it must be aldi or rewe



how do they make a profit if each covers only a microcountry? who's the amazon of europooria?

>El Cretura gustar el oligopoly

seriously, oligopolies are beneficial in low margin areas that have no barriers to entry.

also I'm not 56% anything you stupid blockhead

I was surprised when I learned Aldi was international. Every other grocery store I've ever been to has just been part of regional chains.

You don’t have to take the “el creatures” part seriously. Why would a company like amazon be benificial here, though?


Easier and cheaper logistics is a way to indirectly promote small scale enterpenuership and manufacturing. Millions of people make money off dropshipping and hundreds of factories depend on amazon to get what they want

Different subregions have different chains.

But the thing is, Europe isn’t one country and the infrastructure/fees/taxes are all different in each country.
This company would also need to be based in one country. It all adds up and becomes expensive in the end.
Its easier and cheaper to go down to the store and buy your food there. You need to remember that we didn’t fall for the same suburb meme, so stores aren’t rare.

This, I've seen two Aldis for every Edeka in Germany.
Also, I've never even heard of a chain called Crai before.

This map is bullshit

Carrefour exists in argentina


Biedronka is a portuguese company


>His largest chain is a foreign company

Status: conquered

È presente in 17 regioni, sarai delle 3 rimanenti


Coop and CBA are Hungarian companies brah.

it's pretty nice

Actually coop isn’t one company. Almost all countries have their own coop.

The amount of Lidl stores here is actually insane. I used to live in a pretty small city and there were 3 of them there. You'll find them everywhere in the country.

Whatevs, we still conquered Bulgaria. They're best bros

fuck these cunts
one dresden wasn't enough

carrefour is french.
>tries to reach the chilean market
>fucking fails
our mighty local 3rd service won´t faulter

The fuck is cba?

Well, U, Leclerc and LesMousquetaires did a better job outside of France.

it's one of the biggest supermarket chain in the world so it's pretty normal it's first in the country it come from

there's like 150 leclerc outside of france and 168 carrefour for spain only

number of stores doesnt really matter
the little stores in bumfuck nowhere villages doesnt even come close to some huge hypermarkets of tesco and auchan

so yea, the map is right, but its misleading

CBA is not the biggest, this is a meme map
Kaufland is the biggest chain in Bulgaria. Followed by Lidl and Billa. All german.


>tfw croatia's chain is literally called CONSUME

I like to buy musaka and pasta with cheese and spinach from Lidl and than lasagne, those chineese dumplings and mushroom salad from Biedronka. It's my "I don't wanna cook anything this week" survival kit.

Not for goons or chickenmunchers aight?

>Supermarket chain owned by one of Germany’s wealthiest families lent money over past decade by World Bank and others as it expands into eastern Europe

Think I visited a Crai on Sicily this summer, but another supermarket store, Simply, was much more prevalent.

I was also in a Carrefour

I've never heard of Edeka before

Do Romanians beg at their local Lidl or do they go to one in another town?

I'm pretty sure that X5 Retail overthrew them.

>replaces (You)

w-where's walmart

numa in zonele sarace le vezi. in bucuresti doar prin mahalale si in brasov in cartierele de moldoveni

tl;dr, even the germans who are well known scatophiles were disgusted by shartmarts.


Wev, Maгнит is the shittiest chain we have here. Plus they have like 3 times less shops than others.
Two biggest convenient stores here are two local chains: One from my city, another from neighboring. Both have like 5 small-medium stores in walking distance from any point of the city.

I traveled quite a lot across Russia and it seems to be the case in most cities, there's always some local chain.

Пятepoчкa и Пepeкpecтoк.

Every European country has at least one big national chain.

Do you think we are stupid enough to let Walmart come in and take that business away?

>live in a small town
>~25k population
>there are 8 supermarkets
It's something like 22000sqm of floorspace, not counting smaller convenience stores. And they're building another one. It's getting a bit out of hand.

Well, that typically happens in most industries. Surprised retail is so diverse.


they already have lidl and aldi for cancer inducing products
why go to a foreign chain for that?

I only have seen Carrefour in Brazil the others i never really know or see

With a Market share of around 20%? I find that unlikely, when the biggest competitor has around 70% market share.

absolutely revolting

Lidl is fucking trash


Tell me about Marcadona, i have been in one once but how does it compare to others


Been in supermarkets in Sweden, Spain and England recently and i have to say the English ones are absolute shit, ive been to Asda and Tesco and Tesco feels like the worse of the 2, generally shit-tier products like some proto-american junk, whats more the chocolate at Tesco is absolute filth compared to what we sell here.


I live in Italy and has been to Albania. The biggest supermarket chain in Albania is Conad, here in Italy is either Conad or Coop.

K has 36%
S has 47%

More like Albert, that shit is everywhere

They are alright, if you buy there you will most probably buy their own products labelled under "Hacendado" but they have a ton of other things too. Also, they have a catchy song.

rip suomen lähikauppa
>As of 31 March 2017, X5 had 9,817 Company-operated stores
>As of March 2016, the company had 12,434 stores in 2,385 locations. They include 9,715 convenience stores, 225 hypermarkets, 2,337 Magnit Cosmetics stores and 157 Magnit family stores.

Yea surprised that Krasnodar could beat Moscow cancer chain.

Pretty sure Coop is actually the largest chain in Norway as well.

Been to supermarkets in Spain, Greece, Germany and Denmark and quite honestly they all fall short of what we're used to at home. The only thing they do better than us is selling alcohol in the stores.

>Krasnodar could beat Moscow
>X5 - 1.28 trillions of revenue
>Magnit - 1.14 trillions


stupid map
centra is hardly a supermarket, its a corner shop

You have to keep in mind Brits are much like americans in this sense. They eat a bunch of unhealthy disgusting crap all the time and they don't care about quality of their food or fresh produce or anything like that. They also barely have any cuisine except for stuff that they imported ( curry and stuff) and those are sold by pakis. The truth is, you could take a turd and put salt and sugar on it and br*Toids would buy and eat it. Sad but true

>not s

bullshit map

This shit is fake and gay. Kiwi is NOT the largest chain in Norway Coop is.

Also Kiwi is the shop where poor subhumans shop.

Atleast it's not lidl. I kinda like Tesco.

Albert Heijn is unironically miles ahead in terms of quality compared to any foreign supermarket we have.


Bullshit map, it's Coop here in Italy, even Carrefour is bigger than Crai (and it's probably the market leader in Rome)

Todorić fucked us good

Brazil too

you know, i could take this from some south euro flag but i don't know where sweden gets off

That guy looks Arab

but coop isn't a supermarket chain, it's more like a cooperative consumers union (hence the name) consisting in eesti for example of ~20 regional chains

Underrated post

I thought Mega Image was more widespread. I only know of one Lidl in my sector.

fuck kiwi spar where the fuck it at.


I remember going to the big ass carrefour that was next to Vespucio in maipu as a kid. The only thing I remember is that the place looked pretty shitty, maybe my parents went to the closeout sale or smt.

For consumers it's not like a supermarket chain, because it consists of different chains like Maksimarket and A&O, but these subchains don't really rival each other, so from the view of some another chain, they act as one.

i like lidl

Apart from their advertising they are shit tbqh

I'll believe it though, airports and stations have more Edeka than Aldi or Rewe

We also have a place called konsum but they are all slowly changing name to Coop its mostly old people shopping there

>tfw no sexy german santa man to spoon with
feels not so geil man :(

Really?! Dear God, how is it possible?!

>Denmark Netto
>Czechia Penny
>Romania Lidl
>Belgium Aldi

Sainsbury was my go-to supermaket in england. Pretty good.

das right


What the fuck??!!

>Also, I've never even heard of a chain called Crai before.
Ma la guardi la televisione animale? Comunque è vero mi pare strano sia la prima.

They have the best store brand chips tho

some edekas look like a dumpster and some are highly polished grocery paradises

biedronka looks qt!