Went into the city last night for the first time in a while it's really surreal you can see your people being replaced...

Went into the city last night for the first time in a while it's really surreal you can see your people being replaced in the open. Full of chinks and barely any white people.

I am seeing more and more chinks too. A few days ago i had to take the "RER" (suburb metro), usually it is full of niggers and you are the only white there
Well this time i was still the only white but it was full of chinks instead

I saw one nigger on the whole way through, and he was an employee cleaning the ground (badly so, metro station was disgusting)

Anyways yes it surprised me, wtf is going on

Sydney or Melbourne?

you'll get used to it

replacing it with just chinks is absolute shit given chinese culture is quite shit overall.

replacing it with asians of all kinds is absolutely fine and i recommend it. australia doesn't belong to the wh*tes and the sooner they are replaced the better.

For me it's the opposite as I live and work in the city. When I occasionally go to certain outer suburb hubs and everyone is white it's surreal. I keep forgetting that this country is 80% white

What are you going to do about it?

Brisbane they all look like fucking sub humans.

Fuck, they made it to Brits-bane too? I've got family there. It was pretty much overwhelming white the last time I visited. Mind you, this was back in 2009.

I think a lot of them are students but I doubt they'll piss off back to China after studying here.

Stupid question, but why do so many Chinese people study abroad? I can’t imagine it has that many benefits and most have no intention of learning English.

>complaining about Chinks

at least it's not sandniggers like in Yurop.

They can't get into college in China, but their parents are rich enough to let them try again overseas.

i thought people liked us

I just saw a white family yesterday with 3 kids playing and practicing basketball on the same court as I was and no one batted an eye. A few years back, Israelis. Regularly played with them. None of them were athletic at all. Thrashed them. White man can't jump after all. In an Indian city.

It's just progress, economically/trade.

get used to it wh*Te boi

They have a shit ton of Lebanese, m8. Although I think most of them are Christian. Also, stop this buying "muh based chinks" meme. Being ethnically replaced in your own homeland is intrinsically unpleasant, regardless of who's doing the replacing.

*buying into this

>I think a lot of them are students but I doubt they'll piss off back to China after studying here.

It's the same with every state capital here now, shitloads of Chinese students, they'll eventually go away after a couple of years but the problem is that there will always be more to immediately replace them and arr rook same.

Actually i'd say immigration from below is better than being immigration from above

From what i hear chinks are non violent but in Canada and Australia they get rich ones who buy properties, businesses, get in good schools, communautarize their money, take good jobs and so on
It's dangerous
Meanwhile sandniggers here are violent but they live in ethnic ghettos, they get the shit jobs, they always fail at school, they are poor, basically slave labour
It's much less problematic since they stay at the bottom of society

Like blacks in usa, compared to say, jews in usa. One of those 2 minorities is more dangerous than the other clearly.

Also this

China has a different education system from the west where it's much harder in early years

And I heard the college entrance exam in China is supposedly really hard

Most probably do go back for easier to find and better paying jobs. Unless the economic climate in China becomes worse than Australia, in that case you're fucked.


There's something about chinks: they not only are used to slave labour, they fucking love it! Try having a fair competition for jobs against people who will work 16 hours straight without complaining.

It's not only that, but I'm checking out the math now for a undergraduate science subject in various mid-top tier Chinese universities (which only have an enrollment of about 35,000 each amazingly).

The average price is about 30,000RMB, so about $6000 AUD a year. Which sound cheap af, but the price of accommodation, meals and board at the university bumps the total year cost to 80,000RMB, or $16,000AUD a year, for 4 years, bringing the total course price with board, accomodation and meals to 320,000RMD, or $63,000AUD . The best university in my city has an undergraduate science course for $35,000 for the full 4 years.

So unless you live super close to your university (which I dont think a lot of Chinese do) and dont require to stay there, it's almost half as cheap to attend a university abroad.

same thing with the spic swarm, my old school had 3 muds, no blacks. now its half mexico and a quarter africa.

My Chinese professors mentioned something similar. Apparently the Chinese education system is structured in a manner where high school is incredibly intense but college is a joke. Still, I wish less Chinese would study abroad in my country.

>$35,000 for the full 4 years.
Did you check the fees for local students or international? Because Aussie citizens have to pay a lot less.

The $35,000 is the tuition for international students.
For domestic students, it's $9,175

Didn't Australia's foreign minister say that letting the Lebanese in was a horrible mistake?

there is nothing we can do about it
its a genocide

the chink shall inherit the earth after all.

Is it really that much of a suprise that immigrants stick to the cities? Drive an hour in any direction away from the city and I guarantee you it's 99% white people.

they don't have Faustian souls

not the case where i live
live in a suburb like place and there are Indians, muslims, blacks, Asians in big numbers

Is this really true? Seems incredibly depressing. I guess that's the fruits of Empire.

This guy gets it.

OP is a Brisvegas faggot who doesn’t realise that Australia has waves of immigration that won’t stop. Whites -> Gold Rush Chinese -> WW2 Euros -> Koreans -> Vietnamese -> Cambodians -> Lebanese -> Afghani -> Iraqi -> Iranian.

Who's next

not mexicans, hopefully

Whichever country the US invades next.

Wow, what a fucking cunt