Hey Cred Forums I ever tell you how much I love Adderall?

Hey Cred Forums I ever tell you how much I love Adderall?

It's great. It's also the ideal drug for neets: Makes you more talkative and social, makes you lose weight, makes you want to go out and do stuff, etc

This is the pill they give to autists, no?

Exactly. When I was scripted Adderall my life was so much better. I'm naturally a very shy person so amphetamine was a godsend for me. I've tried meth a few times but that stuff is more fun than functional.

Attention autists yeah. Although probably about 90% of university students in the US are on it

I never took adderall

Not sure if they have it in South America. I know it's not very popular in Europe because speed is avaliable

In argentina adderal is ilegal they use ritalin

How does it affect your mood? I become a total hot head after a cup of coffee. I'm scared to try actual stimulants.

Depends on the person. It just makes me really happy and social

How long have you been taking it? It's like this in the beginning, but after a year on dexedrine it would just wake me up and make me irritated during the comedown.

I've taken Bupropion which is apparently related? What would be the best way to get Adderall ask my doc or ask my drug dealer?

Isn't speed just a name for a mixture of amphetamines?

>Isn't speed just a name for a mixture of amphetamines?
Speed is normally 50/50 levoamphetamine/dexamphetamine. Adderall is 25/75 so would be somewhat stronger and less physical.
Sometimes exceptionally good speed can turn out to be meth powder though.

I have never tried adderall, I am in love with tramadol and fentanyl

My favorite drug by far, though I prefer D-amp only pills. As a uni student I basically read a differential equation textbook front to back and had a lovely time. Both productive and fun, love the stuff at live music events.I haven't had a source since Spring sadly....uhh

I really only use it recreationally. I use Modafinil everyday though

Good idea honestly. Modafinil and nicotine are my favourite functional stimulants.

Thanks lad, you seem to be somewhat informed with organic chemistry. Im not an expert of speed only had it mixed with coke.

How do you take your fentanyl?

How do you take your nicotine?

>Makes you more talkative and social
Literally this. I dropped anti-depressives and anxiolytics for Ritalin and first thing I did was create a family group in a chatting app and tell them how well I was felling because of medication. They scorned me.
Today I function drinking like 3 or 4 cups of coffee a day since I'm too poor to pay for a prescription and meds.

It made me really angry, and it didn't feel like a natural focus. It was more like a drug induced attention.

would you recomend nicotine patches or chewing tobbaco? my grandma smoked pipes her whole life but now was forced to stop so she only chews it. She has indian blood too.

tramadol is decent because for me it lasts like 11 hours and just puts you in a good mood, but how can you compare it to something like fent? Those are the weakest and strongest opioids, you would think tram did nothing to you after using fent

>How do you take your nicotine?
Patch. It's the cheapest way here. Occasional use with gum or something is probably better (more noticeable when you need it) but I'm kind of medicating with it so something that lasts 24/7 is best for me.

Chewing if you want an occasional boost, patches if you have ADD or similar but don't want to take amphetamines. Cut the strongest ones in half or thirds initially or you might feel sick.