Is there a more shameful nation and culture on this planet today?

is there a more shameful nation and culture on this planet today?

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*Nglo Canada

our history isn't full of shame and wrongdoings and was mostly didn't have a history since it's intertwined with Anglo empire, speaking of which it's quite shameful you couldn't even save your own people from them
so try again

ching chang chong

yeah but at least we don't say shit like "peoplekind" lmao

epic argument my fellow island monkey
go back to your 2chan website and do not come back
this is an englishman website not meant for gross people like you
you too
leave forever and go be one with your Algerian friends

>I'm an Englishman

>I'm an(?) Frenchman

Prove me wrong

ching chang ching chang ching chang chong
go back your own shithole country

this is my country
are you mad you do not live in a sane first world country Nip?

>I am incapable of making an argument so I will make retarded insults so I can pretend I won


it is the mind of a Japanese
he cannot be reasoned with and any hatred he perceives towards himself will automatically make him assume that his opponent is Chinese

what does each color on the map mean desu?

just administrative regions pretty sure

t. John Kim Park Gook

fuck off

Gook diaspora in full damage control mode today, I see.

not him but where's the argument?

Region desu :3

Hokaido region
北海道 地方

Tohoku region
東北 地方

Shinshu region
信州 地方

Kanto region
関東 地方

Tokai region
東海 地方

Hokuriku region
北陸 地方

Kinki region
近畿 地方

Tyubu region
中部 地方

Kyushu region
九州 地方

You don't know a single thing about Japan, fuck off.

what does each color mean?

There are too many ching chang people in Canada and NZ


>everyone who is against me is Chinese or Kim
you're no different from them
as a matter of a fact you probably are a Japanese diaspora with even worse genes from natives in the jungle
you piss off
can you read monkeyman?
look at the op
and now look at the responses
you might perceive op as an insult but it's a genuine question
t. english teacher
and if not why don't you fuck off to 2chan?
prove it


Nah it's just a bullshit map made by some North American brainlet.


I don't need to prove.
true story

I just mean you deserved ching chong insults at best

>accuse me of being ching chong
>speak ching chong language on English imageboard
indeed, because Japanese do not have any arguments
their argument is "you are a Chinese lol we do not listen to you Chinese we kill the Chinese die Chinese"



He's still the president your people chose


I see thank you

Stop being baited by this chink. He's notorious 50 cent army blatantly make this kind of threads all the time.

Canada, your prime minister is a cuck

>"you are a japanese lol we do not listen to you japanese we kill the japanese die japanese"
see? it totally fits here

you can get what you deserve

yes go call your master Hiro, without him you people would be settled and done with in less than a week guaranteed
and if you hate it that much then why don't you just go back to 2chan? oh right, you won't get deprived gaijins attention if you go there, my bad
look at my reaction image, Japan btfo!! we're sure showing eachother who's boss!!!!!!!!
prove it
why don't you come and remove him then?
>Japanese flag
why wouldn't I assume you are a Japanese? are you an English teacher? and I had an argument in OP but tiny Jap mind respond with "ching chang chong lol"

forgot reply
not like you'd want it

You're genuinely paranoid. Get some help.

>I had an argument in OP but tiny Jap mind respond with "ching chang chong lol"
but we call that a ching chong argument



nice argument

why bother? I love reading how laughable Canadians are now

>being this new
There was an exact same thiread on this board two weeks ago.

have you lost your mind?!....
fulfill your dreams of Manifest Destiny
not like your countries much better though under the Drumpf administration

Get some help.

he is easily a recognizable poster on Cred Forums

But oh how do we wish for things to be ashamed of

Sorry but you're absolutely pointless.


I know Canada is irrelevant but come on Pierre-kun

>calling someone absolutely pointless
speaking of which saging this thread is absolutely pointless when someone else is going to reply to you, so thanks for the free bumps $$$$

>in every Cred Forums thread
>there is at least one japanese post calling someone korean or chinese

Japs are sick.

>>in every Cred Forums thread
lurk moar
>>there is at least one japanese post calling someone korean or chinese
he didn't hide that he's a chinese canadian

Yes, you are right.
He(Chinese live in Canada) said himself.

>>there is at least one japanese post calling someone korean or chinese
We have a plenty of idiots from translate blogs driting into here, so there is no surprise.

Where in this thread, did he reveal that he is indeed a Chinese diaspora?

Sometimes he said himself.
In another threads.

His texts are characteristic,
so some Japanese flags asked him.


paranoia is unhealthy.

you don't use luxembourg proxy today?

What are the specific examples of giveaways that it's the same guy?
Unless you show them, most people would assume you are schizo desu.

Chinese flag lol
They are Chinese to their's remotest descendants....

>paranoia is unhealthy.
lol yeah 100% agree

Korea is better than Japan in every way

not him and I don't care if you don't believe but he's really recognizable

>you don't use luxembourg proxy today?


I think you are the recognizable schizo poster kek.

>What are the specific examples of giveaways that it's the same guy?

Same writing / shitposting patterns.

I don't think so, my friend. why don't you try to find out yourself?

He's a famous spammer tho.

t. zainichi

Nanjing massacre is the best day Japanese history. chinks = roaches

but Nanking is supposed to be a hoax right??

Netouyokus have to learn that they are disrespected not because of chinnese/ korean conspiracy, but simply thanks to their own terrible behavior. 自業自得

Barbequing japs with a-bombs is also quite engrossing.


If they can see themselves objectively, they would never end up being Netouyo in the first place.

lmao weeb

OP is a chink?

Chinese are cannibals.

>barbecued human
Your favorite food.

He is


You are great! ( ̄ー ̄)b
How did you find it?

I just remember his previous post

Oooo-- (´・∀・)(・∀・`)
Your brain is excellent!

I'm pretty sure this "Canadian" guy is just trolling. bitch thinks he's "Canadian" because he was born there when his parents illegally immigrated so that he didn't have to work in a factory from his 4th year. he's probably just a cuck who gets off by insulting the first country he can think of on Cred Forums, then claims how it's an English board every time someone writes something in a different language, because he's jealous he only knows how to speak 1, and children from 40% of the world know English as well as him + their native language. also it's clearly stared in Cred Forums rules that it's encouraged to talk in other languages.

I support Japan against chinks and anglos.

>but itch a schithole!! chanada is better *loud breathing*

Thank you, Fin-chan
I love you

I am Canadian
fuck off you're a Serb
you have no position in this thread to be speaking
maybe once you give back Kosovo to based Albania you can partake in this serious discussion
evil Finn
you won't be saying that once China becomes #1 superpower 10 years from now

>I am Canadian
Yes you are, and what's your ethnicity then

But if your flag is China,
there won't be anything strange about you.

racist Jap cannot remove his image of me being Chinese from his head
are you obsessed with Chinese? What did Chinese do to you? Chinese want to be your friend and you make us eternal enemy forever
please love us Japan....

>he doesn't know what ethnicity means
OK, let's make the question simple.
Where were your parents born and grownup? What does your face look like?

my parents are grown up in Canadian
my face is Canadian
I am Canadian

OK, is your face european? Answer with yes or no

Relax David-kun he is Chinese. With English syntax and grammatical mistakes in his posts I doubt English was his first language.

It does I guess because Canada is descended from European settler??

>please love us Japan....

When I wrote "I love you" in another thread a while ago,
I was abused by a Canadian flag very much.

So I will never write it to you! >:(

All the "anglo" Aus/NZ/Can flags hating Japan are chinks. We're all infested.

>run away from CCP
>still delayed chink mentality

so miserable

t. weeb

I know he's an ethnic chinese m8. Just curious how he'd make a laughable post
Answer with yes or no

please Japan.... we don't need to become enemies anymore
China is a peaceful country and want to spread harminous living to other country, like my country Canada
but evil people in your country will see us as enemies forever.... Sad........
I am not miserable
it is you who is miserable person
you are in a dying nation and refuse to seek help from your fellow Asian countries who want to help you
your nation is like a madman in a shack in the woods slowly going insane, until he is soon not sane at all and is dead forever....
yes!!!! I am in a European country!!!!!! which means I am European!!!!!! which means I am Canadian!!!!!!!!!!!!
here is proof of the racist netouyo at work; one Jap who has transcended beyond insanity has shown his true colours
and here is more proof of angry weeb janitor deleting my truthful messages for he doesn't have the power to ban me
looks like my sacrifices towards improving this website are going to die in vain.... shame........

r u retarded? i asked if ur face is european, not asking if you are european by ur definition.

i ask you again. are your, and your parents' faces european? answer with yes or no

Why do you think he is Chinese?

well if I am European then my face is European, duh silly Nip
but I know what you are trying to do
you are trying to cajole me into posting my face here
hah.... like I would be a target practice for your netouyo group
you can try forever to unveil my face and secret location but it is obsolete and simply won't work for I know your tricks

No, just answer with yes or no. are your, and your parents' faces european?

>China is a peaceful country and want to spread harminous living to other country

China invades Japanese airspace and territorial waters almost every day.
And China has military trouble in the Spratly Islands.

>but evil people in your country will see us as enemies forever.... Sad........

It seems like you are aggressive.
I'm attacked in / int / every day, so I'm painful.

I'm insulted, even if I am not criticizing or abusing.
Cred Forums is better than hundreds of the current Cred Forums.

You can just simply post your Nose or eyes to prove that you're not chinese.
u don't have to post your whole face :p

what the hell qualifies for a "European face"
European is not an ethnicity and lot's of people look differently
it is only because you are attacking this website
I do not doubt that you guys plan raid on the 2chan to take over our international board, and that is the only reason you are here (that or getting attention from Gaijin as I posted above)
you will probably figure out my whole face from that or something
Japs will probably place the photo in a research lab to try and find out who I am so they can track me down

You aren't willing to answer my question in any case, huh? OK are your, and your parents' faces like mongoloids? Answer with yes or no

> you guys plan raid on the 2chan to take over our international board,

You should cure a mental disease.

Is there an answer you want me to say?
I was born here, shouldn't that be enough to make me Canadian?
really? which one!?


It is pretty crazy thought
"I do not doubt that you guys plan raid on the 2chan to take over our international board"

No i'm asking you if you and your parents are mongoloids. Answer with yes or no. All you have to do is just type 3 letters or 2 letters. I don't give a shit about your "nationality". Just type "yes" or "no"

yea but you are saying I can cure a mental disease
what mental disease can I cure?? are you saying that there is a specific mental disease exclusively featuring me!?!?
yes, I guess since I have family that move out of China
I don't really know what that proves though since I was born here