You will never explore downtown toronto with your cute girlfriend at night before dining at a nice restaurant and then...

>you will never explore downtown toronto with your cute girlfriend at night before dining at a nice restaurant and then taking her back to your highrise apartment/condo for a sensual night of fucking

>all this because you were born an indian/paki
>when if you were born as literally anything else you had chad potential

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look at this walking skin cancer bag

>tfw white but still dont know this feel

>he makes another fucking thread
>exploring cities with women

Would not be seen in public with anyone who dresses like that

cope, you and 99% of mexico would kill their own mothers just to have her as their gf


because you haven't gone outside at all, women dress like that downtown on friday/saturday nights, maybe leave your basement

the GTA is the worst part of Ontario

ya for people who dont leave their basements

downtown toronto is the best place you could live, so much to do, its normie paradise

It's pretty sad that even your dream girl is a whore

I know shes a porn star but her picture capitvates the intent of my thraed and the emotions I feel

then go to a fucking whorehouse, most girls aren't actually sluts despite what they want you to believe and what Cred Forums wants you to believe

So that skin cancer slut is a 10/10 in Canada?
Sorry homie, didn't realize you had it that bad, don't even feel like making fun of you now.

>i want to walk around a crowded city with a half naked white woman on my arm

This is why your sort fail

I will buy escorts when I get money, I want love though not sex

she is like a 6.5/10 appearance wise I'd say

it's clear you're some nigger or indian

you will not find love in the way you're looking for it, maybe never at all if you do not change
it's not one of the things you should ever look for either because i'm not sure it really exists in the way people think it does

You're not looking for love you're looking for a trophy

Move to the USA you status obsessed subhuman

this really sounds shit desu, unironically. a boring/irritating night for some medicore sex with a walking skelly

Why are pakis always really good shitposters?

Fuck off cancerous faggot.

lots of hiking trails in the down town? where can I take my snowmobile in the winter? Got some good routes to take my roadbike for a spin? How about mountain bike trails? I can at least camp out for a bit and see the stars, surely

how about have a soccer game with my friensd in my backyard? or play fetch with my dog? or have a bonfire and sing campfire songs without annoying my neighbours. How about listening to silence, can I do that downtown?

you can literally go outside of toronto for those within 30 minutes

plenty of soccer fields retard

"Lets vacation in Toronto!" Said no one ever.

this is a really easily obtainable feel besides the "highrise apartment" bit tho I think that's debatable too

She like Sam Harris, ad that Really turns me off.I can't even watch her vids anymore.

>this place is so good you can leave it to do anything worth doing

Rasheed, I....

>exploring toronto


i want to start a metal band one day and i want to learn how to dance like this because it would be metal as fuck with the right tempo, cuts, and clothes, fuck the heels but it would be TRIPPY

why dont leaves like toronto?

I went to Quebec City with a fat chick and stayed at a cheap hotel. Is that close enough?

inferiority complex
toronto is one of the cleanest, safest, most industrial, best places to live on the planet, there's always something to do, it's normie paradise, there's a reason why everyone wants to live in toronto in canada, only neet white retard basement dwellers dnt want to

>But it's not just the ratty part of town. The upper class Toronto is that way. The G20, which I attend from time to time — it is the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine, with that Toronto crowd. I can't shake hands with anybody from Toronto
- Stephen Harper

Cred Forums plz go, asians are invading king country rn, we've all got that problem

aside from demographics reasons, are white canadians cool in toronto,i guess? like if i lived there i'd probably be in the toronto equivalent of like surrey or langley or some shit

The only white Canadians in Toronto are (((white))) Canadians

>that image
woah... really makes me think
would've been better if it was the muslim telling the white guy "go back to europe" or something like that

i am going to make it simple for you leaf
white americans are kind of different where you go in the states, like white people from WA are passive aggressive freaks, and white people from Montana are just montana, can't describe that, and white people from denver act all macho and shit but they're kind of fags, and white people from the south actually know how to talk to black people and aren't obviously low-key afraid or anxious around black people

is canada the same way? will a white dude from toronto and a white dude from like idk lethbridge be drastically different people?

There is no culture in Toronto. You can't generalize like that.

there's no culture in vancouver either but it's got more of a culture than denver

Riley Reid is so attractive to me wtf


I'd rather explore her asshole with my cock.


Daily reminder any somewhat cute grill can take dick for money and retire by 25.
>being male in 2018

>ywn have your benis explode in your gfs bagina in the middle of the street in broad day light

Ehh, no worries. I get to explore this if I want.

Some parts of Toronto can be pretty comfy. Most of it is shit though just like the majority of mega cities. If you didn’t grow up here you just wouldn’t know where to go.

Not like there is a better place to spend time in Ontario during the winter unless you’re a countryfag with a lot of land.

sounds like i would like toronto, van was like a 1000x nicer seattle, and toronto sounds like canada's version of midwest/east coast metropoli which seattle pales in comparison to fuck seattle


>indians are ug-


You should be a faggot like everybody else.
Shame on you.

why is malta such a beautiful cunt?

We're blessed, I guess?

This girl is not that great, but this doesn't mean he's not right. Damn, I love being white and walking along Vitosha Street with my lovely white girlfriend.

Shit, that niggas fabulous.

Canada seems more cucked than us desu

God, this shit is pathetic. Real racists literally won't give a fuck about it, meanwhile it makes life awkward for everyone else. It is unironically better to ignore race.