Have you ever met a rape victim in your country?

Have you ever met a rape victim in your country?

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No, but I had a female classmate that told me her mother was abused as a kid

My boss' ex-gf was raped while on vacation in Italy when she was a teen.



Sister claimed she got raped but that was during her town bike phase so don't think that was legit

She got her male friends to beat that dude up but never went to the police over it

Apparently, all my liberal arts college colleagues were raped.

The only rape commited in Somalia is by Amisom and other foreigners.

most men in Somalia don't have sex until marraige. We are a Cushitic society and men can be unmarried if they are not virgins.

Nonetheless, I can tell this picture was made by an American because of the meme-belief and bullshit.


Are there post-refugee maps?

>men can be unmarried if they are not virgins
i don't get this part

Amisom usually preys on IDPs who are predominately Bantu, the rates will drop since the IDPs we’re kicked out of xamar

what is amisom, idp's and xamar?


Only the ones I've made.



Not all cases of rapes are reported.

Pretty sure this map is extremely inaccurate.
No way Brazil is that low.

Fake and gay. There is no way there are fewer rapes per capita here than in Chile or Costa Rica.


India has lower rates of rape per crapita even after taking into account predicted nonreporting.

Its just thry have lots of rapes because there is lots of em

go home, sanjeet

> Cuba

>town bike phase
what the fuck is that?

Yes. One of my highschool classmates was raped when she was small.

Basically the state your women are in through their whole lives

It's where everyone gets a ride.

every women between age 17-25

My Aunt, she was raped a long time ago when she was in the UK.

yes, a girl i dated in highschool told me. it was really sad.

Is this map seriously claiming it's safer for women in Sudan over Canada?

> it's another regret sex is rape map!

There was a girl back in high school. We were at someone's birthday party and playing truth or dare after drinking a bit. Some taboo subject that I can't remember came up and it somehow ended up with her mentioning that her uncle raped her when she was little. Everyone paused a bit but she just said to drop it and we didn't question her on it. Didn't find out much more about it, dude from my class said it was real and that her uncle is in prison.

>get smashed with a girl I used to work with
>would have passed out in a gutter if not for the speed
>go back to her place for a smoke
>sits on top of me
>eyes glaze over
>starts talking like a little girl
Anyway, I saw her for a little while after that. Turns out she grew up in some cult religion and her dad raped her.


Also she was about 30, older than me.

didn't know western euros were so rapey

I was raped by my neighbour when I was a 5 years old kid (she was 15 years old I think) I demand her to do it again and again
Best moment of my life desu senpai

>5 years old kid
i don't think it would ahve been much pleasurable at that age!

I can't even explain hows it feels like back then
But I liked it


not a greentext but basically she asked for my mom permission to bring me to her house when it's empty

was she hot for a teenager or a pimple ridden fatso?


kind of 7.5/10 back then but she's becoming an ugly fatso now

In Russia it's easy to get consent.

ironic how south america (colombia, brazil especially) is green but USA/Canada is yellow

maybe it's attributed to false reporting?
i've talked to girls who have been like chased by guys before (like rapey chased) but never raped

A friend of mine was raped in a summer camp by older guys.

>Half of ex-Yu worse than Albania.

Long time ago I got raped by my english teacher when i was only 17, she was 30

she got married recently and my heart broke

Looks like someone resurrected this thread
AMISOM=african union mission in Somalia
Zookeepers, meant to fight against al shabaab. Sounds noble on paper but don’t appear as angelic as they used to. Proof that Bantus can’t fight
IDP=Internally Displaced People
Refugees in their own country
Xamar is an informal Somali term for the city of Mogadishu, kind of like how Americans call New York ‘the big apple’

Full on rape? No, I've met a false accuser though.

Red & Green are accurate, yellow is overreported and should be dark green instead.


>Half of North Af better than half of EU and the entity of NA even thought it has more AFRICANS

Explain thyself my white friends




no I don't think rape is common here

It is difficult to compare rape rates between countries because they often collect rape statistics in different ways. Accoring to your map, rape is more prevalent in Northwestern Europe than in Latin America and the Arab world, which is obviously not true. Sweden has the widest definition of rape in the world and they document rape more meticulously than anyone else, which is many people get the wrong impression that Sweden is the rape capital of Europe.

Rape culture, wh*toids invented it.

Serves her right for going to shitaly

All of these countries are just better at documenting instances of rape than Italy, they don’t actually have a higher level of rape.

why is it rape so common in serbia lol ?


>More rapes in Canada than India

yeah. my friend was raped as a 13 year old child by a man in his late 20s. she later became a prostitute and had three children with three separate dads. It really does mess people up.

A few factors:
1. Women in Africa often don't report rape out of shame or fear.
2. African police almost universally lie about their crime rates.
3. The definition of rape is broader in the west.

Two that I know of. One was raped twice on separate occasions.

There are certainly more I don't know about though. Something like half the women in the country will be raped at least once in their life.

no I have never heard

... Grim.

Would you consider having children there, is your area safe?

I'd even say 35

Yellow is probably accurate, green is under-reporting by shithole countries, red is probably accurate but obviously just a guess as there are no reliable figures from these countries.

One friend of mine was raped when she was on holiday. Another friend's mother was raped as a child. I remember being at a festival where someone I kind of knew tried to rape a sleeping girl. There's probably more that I can't remember

Definitely not. I'm leaving as soon as I can. The best possible outcome here over the next 20 years is that things get slightly better.

No, just higher amounts of third world savages than most countries.

All girls I meet seem to be damaged goods.
>b-but my old boyfriend mistreated me

I'm sure they all had the same ex-boyfriend.

Italians are third world savages themselves, so it’s not that.

Yes sort of, my wife when she was 17

How easy will it be to leave, where will you go?
I am assuming an English speaking country. We have a lot of Saffas here that did not want to stay after the shit hit the fan. Went to school with a few

No. We have a low rape rate I think

Nope, or not that I know of.

So Portuguese girls are unsuspecting?...


Nah, it's probably just a lower bar to both what constitute as rape (I believe rape inside marriage still don't count as such in many countries) and, more importantly, how often they're reported. So if your boss were to rape you in, say, India, reporting it might only get you fired.

So these kind of maps are kind of pointless, because the data doesn't match between first and third world.

Well i never head about indian rape whistle

>a whistle only Indians can hear
Why are Canadians so mean?

>rape country tries to rationalize high rape rates
How about you just stop raping poor women?

every evening in my basement

I only rape rich women, loser.

ok rape u next weak

Austrian flag would be better for such post


>t. "it's not rape, if the victim can't say no"

I met my ex a few months after we broke up and asked how she'd been and she said she got raped. The reason I originally broke up with her (after literally a week lmao) is because she was way too into partying and blackout drinking all the time, so as shitty as it is I wasn't surprised.
Funnily enough, I ended up being the first guy to fuck her after that. Haven't talked since.

One of my closest friends is a rape victim, actually