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Fuck Drumpf

been awhile since a lain thread
not sure where my lain images are so have this

the last thread was a lain thread my friend

It has been discovered that a team of archeologists dug up some what appears to be fossils of Caucasian dating all the way back to the early Trump era.

f*ck wh*Te "people"

fuck niggers and mexicans




It's been so long since I last saw my big brother, I miss him so. I can't wait to see him again

>proxy leaf detected


Hey man Vegeta got a bunch of character development so who's the real winner here? Also he took that ass whooping like a champ. If anything Frieza has been getting raped left and right.


What should I watch on Netflix?

Get out

If you have small wrists, don't even bother reproducing. The world doesn't need any more "people" like you.

I love that movie

How I fucked your mother XD

If you are wh*Te, don't even bother reproducing. The world doesn't need any more "people" like you.

what if i have big forearms

stop watcing netflix

>tfw like that movie
>search for it
y u do this

Frog Pride World Wide

how about 56% white people?

i'm going to have 10 white children

well i wouldn't know that, i only have claro video...
we're ok


dont even pretend to know what mexican netflix has
im watching rambo on netflix


Watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Good show

I'm going to have to ask you to leave, nobody that feels depressed has the right to complain

thoughts on Japanese starbucks?

What's the difference?

it's in Japan

Why do I like Mexican posters so much?

I don't know, why do you prefer brown meat over white meat

you're not wh*Te

I'm sure there's no difference except for probably some weird over priced Japanese gimmick

because mexico is an amazing country full of great people

Just look at this monstrosity. How can you even function in life when a simple glass of water will make your hand start shaking? Absolutely disgusting.


how long have you been in /cum/?

1 week

What is Lain holding in her hands?

Sorry I broke your heart not sorry

a handheld navi

Oh, look, the dutch are here.

if you've been browsing cum for more than a year than you are a loser with no chance of redemption

Is she a hiker?

Good morning user

If you're the same Dutchie from earlier I hope you got some sleep


I'm this guy

>Hey man Vegeta got a bunch of character development so who's the real winner here? Also he took that ass whooping like a champ. If anything Frieza has been getting raped left and right.

Remember! No matter how bad life is, at least you have a big penis!


ya bud

also jihyo is a SLUT


I prefer Ryan's danish alter ego



Thanks for the (You)

No but I don't mind

they could be sucking your penis

go to japan for fun not vagina

Why is Japan so lewd?!

and i cried myself to sleep last night...

is your birthday soon?

What exactly makes you think it will be fun past the tourist stage?

it's in july why?

just curious

life is fun, working with kids isnt so bad. have you ever tried it?



i cant tell whats more damaging, flat earth or common core


why are you using ryan's image
I made that just for him

i forgot my redditname bb

favorite popcorn topping?


>Asian "people"

why are there so many JF's in this /brit/



woops meant to link these
was wondering why you weren't using the new

imagine no gf

I don't eat popcorn

flat earthers easily

never had a gf


i'm not a n*gger

when I was in highschool I did mocktrial
one time one of our lawyers (female) pissed herself while doing a direct
easily within the top 5 moments of my life

common earth with them

Idk never really liked it same with chips. Only chips I'll est occasionally are kettle cooked jalapeño or salt and vinegar and maybe some pringles also banana and baked sweet potato chips.

i dont feel safe traveling to USA anymore

I remember a girl setting her hair on fire with a bunsen burner at school

What's your opinion on this as a brit?

Valuable Singaporean culture


how long did it take to put out
in home ec some girl swallowed a needle


too many brit "people" ITT

can't remember but she was bald in one place


im actually american

i FUCKING hate banana, sweet potato and any non-normal potato chips desu, they either don't taste like anything or taste bizarringly sweet

i no longer eat any type of chips, though, but my favorite ones were:

*sabritas adobadas
*and fritos


yeah, and im an anglo
likely story cunt.

mine too and lots of lime juice

that was relaxing

most americans are anglo

its true
im an american living in the UK


the memes disprove that, cunt.
even if we were you dont like us anyways so why would we want to be?


Rancheritos are ok

I like churritos and regular fritos too also bbq flavored ones

i--i like you

i like the sal y limon and chile y limon ones desu


Statistically impossible

paula is best mother girl


i've never had churritos

plurality of america is anglo when you add british and american in census responses

Stupid janitor why am I not banned yet



The car that was on my driveway broke down and that bitch and her lame dad couldn't get it to start


>bernie sanders
>gay porn
what did he mean by this



thank you I need to get off this shit website

>got 750ml of vodka for tonight
>already somewhat close to done it and want to go get more



outstanding thread

white crackers

brown bread

green eggs and ham

Moral decay.
Need to get banned sorey.

America is

Never had those flavors of fritos before

Wish I went to school in america so I could be prom king and date cheerleaders

what are the requirements to be prom king and prom queen?

Chad and Stacey

1: be white

2: be over 5'7

As you would expect it is rare find such a being in america

>be white

The prom king in my school was black and the prom queen was a white girl

How american

drove to the liquor store
ended up coming back with 40oz instead of just 26oz
lol jdimsa

>white roastie
why no BLK queen?

Very few blacks could afford to go to my high school

t. blue-pilled irish soynigga

Primarily anglo white girl

as it should be


You need jesus.

nipples are hard, ready to go


but jesus needs me first

>Dies the hair
>Trying hard to be European
Typical complexed teenager



need a thot

i can't understand this anime well.
but lain is one of my favourite animes

Is this now the typical school prom in your cunt?



I felt like I was doped every time I watched this crazy anime

how many of these you have saved?

fuck off tyrone

boys are nice


boys are whores



you too

Not true



i'm a white nationalist

Stop replying to yourself zando you're not fooling anyone


You were saying?

>edited image

hit my ____


you got me

I need a man, oh baby

Don't you guys have anything better to do?


join the flag circlejerk already

everybody wanna act pro-black


¿para qué, carnal?


I mostly mobile post


>doesnt know how to get flags on mobile

thotposter is a chi?

Stop replying to yourself, Zando. If you're that bored, pick up a girl, keyboard, or ps4, faggot.


this is the ideal hair length for women



uhm excuse me??

Mein bruder


short hair girls look like boys


I'm not

Also my PS4 broke

>look like boys
this kind of bs is going too far

that's a lot of makeup


ever since I finished high school and started community college i've just felt tired and dissociated I feel really confused with my sexuality and I feel like a girl sometimes


Why don't you work out, /cum/? Unless you're a manlet you have zero excuses. It's one of the simplest ways of objectively improving your life.

exercise, seek a counselor, go out on dates with girls

>didn't eat dinner at the cafeteria because i slept through it


tfw no BBC bf to watch black panther with

that dude died

working out so i can beat the shit out of lanklets


We all die, friend.

I am not.

Took out the hardrive

dammit, is that Five Guys and Fries?
I'm making myself very hungry now.

i was talking about the american flag not you

>all that makeup

he could've lived another 50 years if it werent for the roids


nire arbasoen ))

Atleast i dont die in a sauna haha. That place was probably more like some swedish homo bath tho.

>he could've lived another 50 years if it werent for the roids

>have heart problems
>go in a sauna

He had CHD. A horrible situation honestly. StillN he experienced more in those short years than most of the people on this website will experience in a life time.

what was his life like

He looked happy


I'm the one and only thotposter

o rly?

thot and kot

no youre the only one with taste here

you are not significant


>muh big tiddies!!!


That's not even what my posts have in common at all.


>brainlet posting
>in 2018
nu-Cred Forums at its finest.

went to a dive bar for the first time ever

>>brainlet posting
>>in 2018
>nu-Cred Forums at its finest.

post anime girls

did you end up homosex?

>mother 3 was good

no still straight afaik

keep me updated


>unironically using the soyboy meme

>>unironically using the soyboy meme

tfw no soygirl gf

There's too much of that already.

>tfw you were soyposting before it was cool

>using the soyboi meme
truly the worst state.

stop spamming wojack
literally WTF, son?™

>truly the worst state.

>muttsylvania is assmad

lotsa soyboys in this itt

post thots, u fags

>in this itt





Thotposting is subhuman

are Canadian chinks the perfect women?

Haven't gotten any new content lately

It's been 20 minutes and she hasn't answered yet.


t. subhuman

shes sucha fucking weeaboo

>eurotrash enters the tread

not 2D!

I dated one ten years ago. Fine woman. She was very, very fond of me, too, but I was still hung up about an ex from three years earlier.

time to kys yourself

it's funny because the real eurotrash fled Europe to go to America
Your ancestors were the real eurotrash (assuming you're white)

fuck off eurotrash

hey friend

>the eurotrash is assmad that no one wants him
germs just cant get the message, can they?

European education system


>people who flee surpass you while 2 massive wars break out back on autismland

is this true?

you should go to bed friend! it's late


Don't leave out Napoleon's conquest. That's three over-the-top wars, not including other smaller conflicts breaking out all over the place.

>eurotrash is still here
didnt he get the message in '45?

*kisses you on the forehead*
good night

What was he trying to accomplish by posting this?

the accomplishment of posting his bulge


wow *-*
who is this?

>unironically using emoticons
truly the worst continent.

>>eurotrash is still here
>didnt he get the message in '45?

Yes. I fell greened out from drinking too much weed in my anus and I respawned in my closest Tim Hortons. Nice guys to let you be able to do that honestly.

cut that out already


No, really, what's his end game?

>muttsylvania siding with a g*rm
he probably thinks he likes him.
when in fact, no one like Pennsylvania

he survived. free healthcare is cool

take it to Cred Forums or Cred Forums, goblino

because hes a cockroach.

She's very cute desu

It was a dare

>Cred Forumsfag telling someone to go back to Cred Forums

i dare you to have sex with me

Eating fried chicken, drinking beer, and now feel like drinkin' a gallon of turpentine and pissing on a brush fire
Is this what it's like to be /dixie/?

I don't know about that. You posted quite a few of these images. A dare tends to be a one-off thing.

welcome to the world of love welcome everybody


go be a dixienigger somewhere else



sucking a dick

>Cred Forumsfag being cancerous

Fuck you, I'm a yankee through and through.
I have tintypes to prove it.

>calling anyone cancerous
it would be funny if it wasnt so pathetic.


Just a bit of banter with the buds mate, all for laughs haha




Oh, and you're also a pathetic Cred Forumsermin.
Damn, man, you need to kill yourself.
Have some more moe before you go.

regret pushing this shitty meme when it started on sci

Wew, did any of you lads see homeland?

Why are you posting in the ded thread?

I dare you to become my gf