Do you feel safe in your country?

Do you feel safe in your country?

only in the good parts


not really, my town is infested by niggers and arabs who roam at night.

Yes, but I almost never leave my room tbqh

Why is East Asia so safe?

I didn’t get harassed even once when I was walking around in China. Not even at night.
Although the men would stare at me on the trains.

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tbqh I was sexually harassed more in South Korea than I was in other western countries. Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong were all super safe for me as a chick to solo travel through though. Only time I felt uncomfortable in Japan was when African club guys would keep trying to get you to go to their clubs.

Only in some parts.


No, sometimes not even at home.


Not as I wish

Yes Korea was dangerous
It felt like Japan in the 1990s. Back then there were a lot of desperate men I guess.

I am a bit older than most of the people here, if you didn’t notice.

China was surprisingly safe though.


outside of montevideo the country is really safe. I live in the most evenly populated department so all localities are in that comfy point of 100k. Small enough to be safe everywhere all the time and populated enough for them not being complete ghost towns

I think I used the symbols wrong, fug

Yes, nothing happens in this city.

low testosterone

Not with all these fucking earthquakes

During the day and if i don't leave the city itself yes.


not in the inner city at night, im afraid of gypsies and chads. i feel safe around my neighborhood tho

Perhaps Chink is reporting counterfeit data

Lots of drunks wandering the streets at night.

this is racist

A bit. Wh*te countries just fake their stats to appear safer than they really are.

More or less, most of the murders involve niggers/white trash in the southeast