It is the white mans destiny to rule over planet Earth

it is the white mans destiny to rule over planet Earth.
(and planets not yet discovered)

lmao no
you can't even stop your own extintion

prove it


the proof is all around you

whites are obsolete, china will carry the torch of civilization

they do not have fustian souls

umm no sweetie, it is the Jews destiny to rule over planet Earth

they are doomed to their Semitic ways
only the white man has the correct fustian soul needed to dominate the lesser races

thread is antisemitic


Why do you even care about wh*tes? Brits shouldn't fall for the wh*te menace.

the white Anglo Saxon protestant is the logical conclusion of the white man

white mans only destiny is to bow to the cock of the black bulls


your vulgarity only proves my point
such a beast can not control anything let alone himself

Not incompatible with op at all
Like it or not jews are white and are the aristocracy of the west, and Israel is the vanguard of democracy and the free world and it is white and based, thank you






According to your logic Indians and Arabs are whites

Which indians and arabs look like this again?

he's mixed, average Jewish people looks like Arabs

trips of truth