More than 250 skulls found, Mexico’s largest

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2. Is it the Aztec blood?

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>The mass grave found in Veracruz state could be the largest in Mexico, state attorney general Jorge Winckler told CNN affiliate Televisa.

>Veracruz is "one big mass grave," Winckler told the affiliate Tuesday.

>Martha González, who's part of the group, said she will finally get closure.

>"They give us just the bones, but at least I can have them, I can keep it some place where it won't be rained on, where I can put a flower on it," she told CNN en Español.

>"And I can know that they are really there and resting."

Any thoughts? Is this now normal in Mexico?


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Todos tus amigos ahora son muertos

Most of them were likely related to criminals or do bad things, we Mexicans are bad people anyway.

Bad things happen to bad people.

Mexicans are PERFECTLY okay with this

Despite everything Mexico still manages to be a savage shithole, so race certainly has something to do with it.

If they're part Aztec, then yes it's at least partly the Aztec blood. But high crime rates and savagery at this age is common to all the inferior races of Earth.

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Case in pointIf they are not upper class or in their towns, these people are not considered worthy of concern.

Mexicans do not care about their countrymen. Only about the next day.

Just like Brazilians. Or our politicians and Cred Forumstards.

and burgers will claim they have nothing to do with this, and they are not the cause of the problem, as usual

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What does that make Brazilians? =^]

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We have some blame

But Mexicans carry most of the blame for policing their own nation.

What is even sadder is the fact that none of the political parties care to fix the issue.
PRI - same shit
PAN/PRD - army and civil war
Amlo - peace but more narcos

>Bad things happen to bad people.
Bad things happen to good people.
Good things happen to bad people.
The world is senseless. Do not look for justice; you will not find it.

You want a new one?

Please stop entering my nation.

Every week a new one

Shouldn't you be doing something about the school shootings and gun laws mutto?

50,000+ officially missing
Unofficially? Lol

You’ll never find most of the people who go missing in Mexico.

My cousin ended up in multiple bags on my front porch in 2011. Never returning to Mexico again

Shouldn’t you stop 30,000 people getting “officially” killed in your country each year?

We have our problems. But Mexico is ruining the USA and spilling its plague on us.

Stop giving weapons to cartels and buying their drugs.

What's mexico doing to he US? I ve never heard shit like this going in your country

Stop arguing with the proxy.
He is the same guy that is obsessed with latinos. And makes tons of troll threads.

The hell did your cousin do?

Caring about what's happening in other parts of the world is like escapism to forget about my worthless life.

We have to deport thousands of your cartel members annually

My family is from Monterrey. The family business is/was big and used to form a part of the city’s business group there.

My uncle collaborated with the Calderón crackdown in 2009-2011 and his second son paid the price. They kidnapped him right out of the van and held my aunt at gunpoint. It was a horrible year for Monterrey.

Even narcos have morals I guess.

My side of the family moved to San Antonio. We have some family members here who run an imp/exp business.

*in the sense that they didn’t rape my aunt or kill the kids.

It was clearly a threat towards the entire family though. That may be why they left her alive so she could tell us. I rather not go into the specifics about my connections since I still have some family there.

>My family is from Monterrey.
and you are certainly from reddit, so I didnt read a word since I check your spacing, fuck off